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Harry Potter & Pop Culture Magic -- Discussion Thread

Open discussion about how our beliefs have been affected by popular culture.

Re: Harry Potter & Pop Culture Magic -- Discussion Thread

Postby tourennatrix » Sat Jan 26, 2019 11:50 pm

I've been rekindling my love of Harry Potter by listening to the podcast "Harry Potter and the Sacred Text."

Oh my word is it good. During the week, they reread a chapter through the lense of a theme (forgiveness, optimism, duty, escape, etc) and then discuss where they found elements of the theme in the text. They also do a "sacred reading" where they pick a passage to dive deep into. The practices are abrahamic in tradition, but the way they do them (and the podcast as a whole) has not made me feel "othered" at any point so far. They do a great job of having a spiritual conversation without the religious specifics. In fact, both of the casters have been through chaplain school, but one of them was an athiest through most of her schooling! (An athiest Jew no less!) It's super fascinating, I would recommend the podcast to anyone who wants a good pondering.
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