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Hamish's Book of Prayers, Songs, and Rituals

Start your own thread named "[Name's] Book of Shadows" and add spells, rituals, correspondences, music, videos, etc. that you would like to keep for future use or share with others. Use as many posts as you'd like. It's not private, but at least your family won't see it. You can also get ideas from other people's Books of Shadows.

Hamish's Book of Prayers, Songs, and Rituals

Postby Hamish » Fri May 15, 2015 12:10 am

None of this will be done in any particular order of importance, mainly it is a place to list things before they are given any sort of writing. Think of it as an overly elaborate art project. XD

Also, NOVICE ALERT! :lol:

A lot of this is inspired by historical rituals, my obsessive love of stories, and heavy inspiration and ideas borrowed from Celtic Lore & Spellcraft of the Dark Goddess, as the primary patron it seems is the Phantom Queen the Morrigan and her aspects.


Deas-ghnath de Morrigan

Proclaim! This chant is to be done at the start of the invocation.

Morrigan, Banrion Scath
Macha, Anu, agus Badb
Ta tu an chuid is mo urramach!

Use: a Red, a White and a Black candle(s). Placed in a triangle pattern on the alter with the tip pointing back at you. In the center a small offering bowl/cup. Ignite each candle proclaiming each of three names.

Speak: "Gabh le mo cuireadh"

Pour: Offer up a bottle of whisky, and pour a shot's worth into a the offering bowl/cup. Pour a second one for yourself. Raise the glass to the night sky and give thanks for the audience. Announcing your name as well.

Request then that she have a drink with you. Consume the whisky and relax into a meditative period lasting a few minutes. Read a story, be it mythological, comedic, news, and meditate further, seeking lessons or perhaps sharing information. If you have no story to tell simply meditate and allow the Phantom Queen a nice drink, and be open to hear what she has to say.

Conclude the ritual by extinguishing (Not blowing out) the candles and offer the whisky into the earth, perhaps at the roots a tree if at all possible. Give thanks and all is concluded.

Notes: Simple and the first I've ever crafted. It may not be ornate, it may not be perfect, but.... Eh, It gave me an excuse to practice my language projects so wonderful and it was fun to craft. In essence its a simple invitation for ones God(dess) to sit and have a drink. Whisky is chosen because its both my favorite and Ireland produces a lot of it. Tullymore is a personal favorite.
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