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Gypsy Potential Lover's Divination

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Gypsy Potential Lover's Divination

Postby Aura_Guru » Tue Sep 11, 2012 4:02 pm

This spread is capable of thoroughly examining the potential for a relationship, new or ongoing.Emphasis should be given to the "potential" part.No reading and especialy this one is binding.
This spread uses ordinary playing cards not the tarot.Begin by shuffling & cutting as normal (receiving hand).Deal out the cards in a number of piles equal to the letters in the love intrest's name (the most used birth name-no nicknames).When the last card is placed is any pile, that pile is dealt out to the reast from the start(left to right).You should end up with a single pile.Lay out the cards one by one until you encounter a double with no intervening cards.Remove them and place them aside-visible.If you encounter a double with 1 intervening card place all 3 aside as well( but not visible) in a pile.If more than one cards intervene place them aside in a distinct pile.Once no more cards are left, select one random card for each double(no intervening cards) and 4 placed for left to right with 1 additional-placed horizontaly.The doubles refear to general developments while the triplets(doubles with 1 intervening card) matter only in number.Each triplet refears to a thought per day (the qualities of the cards are irrelevant). The 4 cards selected last -from left to right- refear to the self,the love intrest,the enviroment(friends etc),fate and lastly the two of you as a couple.The meanings (suits are irrelevant) are given in the tale below:

3:A suprise(unexpected event)
4:Fight(not bickering-genuine fights)
5:A relationship
6:Somatic Contact(anything from kissing to sex)
10:liking (As a person not erotic)
J:A guy
Q:A girl
We know that:
1:Nothing is impossible
2:Its worthwhile, trying the impossible
Therefore from (1),(2) we conclude that:
Its not worth it trying for anything :)
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