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My girlfriend sent me a dream she had, what does this mean?

Dreams, dream interpretation, sleep paralysis, night terrors, hearing voices, vibrations, etc.

My girlfriend sent me a dream she had, what does this mean?

Postby Onlybeentenminutes » Sat Feb 09, 2019 8:24 pm

So I'm going to just copy and paste what she sent me, to make it easier. She's really unnerved by the whole things, and I am too? I was wondering if anyone could help interpret it.

Pt. 1) "So the really bad part I forgot about? I was driving home and suddenly, it got really foggy and the fog was blue and it was hailing super hard and I lost control of my vehicle and got flung out the front windshield.

For whatever reason this didn't stop me or hurt me, it just scared me. So I got back in and kept trying to drive and kept nearly killing myself in crashes. At one point I'm pretty sure there was someone in the fog who tried to get me."

Pt. 2) "After that I met up with you in Walmart
You wanted to take a picture with me and then you were like "What the hell.... What is that? What's wrong with you?"

And I was like "What do you mean?"

You asked me to go look in a mirror and sure enough there was demon following me. Anytime I'd try and take a picture or look in a mirror, a hand would be there and it would cover up my face and try and grab at me a little... It was unnerving
Sometimes I would see the demons face and it was like... A pale woman? Dark hair - she had a kid with her. Augh."

Pt. 3) "So I kinda - yeah idk if it's like... A demon or w/e that's just the first spooky thing I thought of? Spirit I guess maybe. Something y'know? Anywho, it was still terrifying. And either way, I *cannot* get the image or the stupid hand trying to cover my face out of my hand. Hate it..."

I'm not sure what to make of this and very clearly neither is she. Anything would help.
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Re: My girlfriend sent me a dream she had, what does this me

Postby firebirdflys » Sat Feb 09, 2019 11:47 pm

Usually if some thing is behind one following or chasing, there is an issue at hand that is too frightening or difficult to face. If she can assess what is really scaring her in her waking hours she can be rid of the scary dream.
wall Mart, hummm. now that is scary.

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Re: My girlfriend sent me a dream she had, what does this me

Postby SpiritTalker » Sun Feb 10, 2019 1:15 am

The in-&-out of the vehicle may be normal yo-yo-ing by the energy body that we all do in our sleep every night & don't even notice. The vehicle is the body. We're just in an altered level of awareness. That someone tried to get at her in the fog seems to start the attachment theme.

The pale, dark-haired woman & child annoyingly getting her attention from behind could be some nagging obligation that's been overlooked (a subconscious attachment); like FBF said something she doesn't want to look at.

She said a demon was the 1st spooky thing she thought of (after waking?) so she's scaring herself. There was nothing in her discription to suggest the woman was more than just annoying. Her dream-self's reaction to the annoying woman is over stated. The subconscious often exaggerates to make a point. So what point is the subconscious making? Why is it trying to get her attention? A hand over her face means she's being stopped from seeing something (or doesn't want to see something) so maybe an intruding rival for your attention? It interfered with the picture taking with you. & she was disturbed by it.

Meeting up with you at walmart does not equate with being in the lower level of the astral realm & the annoying woman doesn't mean she'd picked up an attached hitch hiker unless she'd been doing something in her daily life to suggest this meaning, & nothing like that was mentioned, yet that's how your friend herself thought of it. What hitch hiking attachment is annoying her? It just comes back to something's nagging at her.
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Re: My girlfriend sent me a dream she had, what does this me

Postby Mordinna86 » Wed May 22, 2019 7:09 pm

Looking in the mirror would mean coming face to face with divine knowledge, which the 'demon' is simply trying to protect her from. There are a lot of spirit 'warriors' going round atm with half baked ideas, off their faces on drugs. They are sadistic, virtue signalling psychos believing they know everything an elder does by the time they're 20, or just tough shit, because they're the illuminati and taking over regardless. Waking up their friends or enemies on the other side to run with them in the other side, and implying their dark guardians are depressing them, holding them hostage, are monsters or spiders you must kill or clean away. Old religious bigots supressing your true self. They really think they're something else but they're thick, and cruel. In a perfect world women should be able to look at their dreams without fear, it's a natural thing to want but easily exploited. Do that sort of thing in a group, with a mentor if you can. Keep good wolf guardians and angels near you in dreams. If you can ditch fashion magazines, scrutinizing in the mirror. All of that is rotting people's minds.

It's a hard fight, they want to kill the christian God, who apparently hurts us, by acting even worse, it's...not nice, and quite extensive so I'll shuttup going on too much but they are seeing the world in a digital- binary way, having been weaned on it, while manipulating you with headlines and arguments about diversity which they have been taught to understand in an inverse way, and to pass on to you in that way. They're arrogantly materialistic and play at war. They are missing something fundamental to applying binary logic to reality, joining the 2 hemispheres.

It's a trap, they know you'll try to examine your dreams, feel special, or guilty like perhaps you must pass some sort of test, prove your worth to become the mother. It's nonsense, like gypsy talk designed to talk you out of yourself using your insecurities and weaknesses against you and saying when you graduate you'll be a better person. These people were abused themselves but don't understand because it happened when they were so young. You don't have to be whipped through a maze to become a mother. That's hardly progress.

and spread the word, as so many ppl are having these dreams. Don't persecute people of faith anymore if you do, popular figures they will always twist everything so you feel terrible protecting the good and like your only remaining option is to go bad. Noone should learn of mysteries if they don't choose to or be forced to travel. Spend as much time as possible outdoors, away from your phones and tv. Try and get her to ignore her dreams, ignore all the dark and depressing entertainment, the paranormal. Tire yourselves out, and raise your happiness. It's the best protection.
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