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Getting Started

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Getting Started

Postby SpiritTalker » Tue Feb 07, 2017 3:37 pm

First off, welcome - and the obligatory disclaimer :D . These are just my personal opinions & suggestions that I think might help get a solitaire new comer started in their practice. At times I'll use a Wiccan structure as a starting place when it's convenient for learning the working methods; there is no one right way to practice the Craft. There are preferred methods that have been shown over time to bring results for people working within Natural laws. The Craft works with Nature & not against it. At all times you are free to work in ways that make sense to you. It's your practice. No one can tell you how to "witch" because in doing something we love we carve our own path based on our own intuitive relationship with natural forces. The Individual has to patch that together for him/herself. And that being said, much of witchcraft as a practice is gently altering consciousness in repeatable ways. Please understand that you are free to maintain your personal beliefs. Practicing witchcraft doesn't mean we forget how to think for ourselves and rather insists that we do.

I'd urge you to get a plain, cheap notebook you aren't afraid to blot & scribble in. Jotting things down can help you to organize your thoughts & speeds learning. (See "Journal Prompts" pg. 3). You don't have to write volumes. Make lists. Catch the thoughts. Make short notes about what you feel is workable for your situation & where you'd read it from so you can find it again.


PAGE ONE - the basics
PAGE TWO - supplies & spells
PAGE THREE - journaling prompts
PAGE FOUR - some rituals & Quick Tips

Nine basic operations to help start your practice are given below, broken down into three sets, and each will be described further along in the article.

Personal Energy - Grounding balances our magic. Centering focusses & guides our magic. Shielding protects our magic. They're the foundation. (And a tip: working magic just expands on the same 3 principles :? ). If you can call to mind where to find your favorite foods at your regular grocery store or plan your outfit for the day, you can visualize well enough.

- Grounding visualization & physical tips
- Centering visualization
- Shielding visualization

Sacred Space - makes a positive area for practice, keeps out contaminating vibes & reinforces our efforts, & sets the scene for rituals and spell casting.

- Cleansing space (expands on grounding)
- Sensing & Raising energy (expands on centering)
- Creating sacred space (expands on shielding)

Setting Intent - encoding or programming energy to conform to our purpose tells the power how to behave.

- Directing energy with intent ... (related to grounding)
- Psychically charging items ... (related to centering)
- Consecrating tools ... (related to shielding)

Religious Considerations - won't be detailed here as others have posted relavent topics.
See the-god-and-goddess-t27417.html

Nature is generally perceived as divine. Wicca has two deities: The Goddess and The God that represent Nature & they go by 1000 names. The most popular forms are the Tripple Moon Goddess & Horned God of death & rebirth. Deities can be viewed as being nature itself in terms of dual energies, as aspects the the Goddess & God, and as Beings all at the same time. Many get distracted by diverse pagan pantheons & lose sight of the basics.

Wicca perceives both a Goddess and a God force, not either/or. How do you feel about this duality? Can you reconcile it to your present beliefs?

You don't need to be Wiccan to work with an exclusive deity personality - it's an option of many magical practices & isn't necessarily a religious devotion. Persons of any religion can do magic. Working with a god-form means to immerse yourself in their resonance, corresponding themes & symbols as a means to self-realization so we flow together in partnership with the god-form.

Meanwhile, in your "spare time" - think about your current ideas on what a spiritual path means to you. What do you want from a spiritual practice? How do you define witchcraft? What do you want from your witchcraft practice? A spiritual path attracts us through what we want to learn more than by what we already know.

If you know what you are seeking then break your research down by your interests to better direct your efforts & time:
Do you simply want to walk closer to Nature? Then natural & green witchcraft may be helpful.
Do you want to learn spell-crafting how-to's? Read spell books & design your own spells.
Do you seek an Earth-centered spiritual experience? Then look into shamanic witchcraft.
Do you seek an understanding of your place in the Universe? Then look into spirituality & meditation practices within & outside of the Craft. It's all to the Good.

What blocks you? Can you fit your interest into your current life, or are changes needed, & what changes? Can you "pencil" out a plan within your means to adapt the situation? Can you be out in the open about your interest? If not, see "Broom Closet" page 2.

There are many downloadable e-books on-line. Check the EUTM media section in book reviews. An Internet sacred text archive can be found at http://www.sacred-texts.com/ .

Some tips:

CIRCLE CASTING CAN BE A SHORT CUT. It provides grounding, centering, shielding & energy manipulation practice all in one package.

OBSERVE YOUR LOCALE. Make it a point to know your geographic location's history - How many generations ago was the area farmed or first inhabited? Know the lay of the land and it's feel - What are it's energetic boundaries? What does the "spirit of the place" feel like (as land-spirits or as the energy imprint) at dawn, noon, dusk & midnight?

MAKE DAILY PRACTICE CONVENIENT. Practice grounding, centering and shielding in free-time when standing in line at the grocery store or under the shower. It sets you up to succeed. Keep your gear where it will be easily in reach & thus more likely to be used. Reserve a area for an altar/working space.

WHEN YOU'VE RAISED ENERGY GIVE IT A PURPOSE OR GROUND IT. This protects you from accumulating stagnant energy.

CLOSE WHAT YOU OPEN. Whether it's a pasture gate, an invitation to friendly spirits or Deity, a spell or circle, Thank and release what you summon or invite. Break the connection -It prevents energy draining.

CLEAN UP AFTER YOURSELF. Respect the Earth. She is your Mother.

KEEP YOUR PERSONAL ENERGY BALANCED. When you observe you have too much or too little energy, you can restore balance by adding energy to the element that is the weaker of the pair: (-)Earth with (+)Air and (-)Water with (+)Fire. Opposites are by polarity, not by position on the wheel. Be aware of your ups 'n downs that depict the elemental forces within your body. If your mouth is dry &'you're too warm then you've too much Fire & need Water. When you giggle too much or are Air-headed then you have too much Air &' need Earthing. When you're down and a sluggish stick-in-the-mud you need Air & deep breathing will restore you. If your emotions are over whelming your reasoning ability then you have too much Water energy and need some Fiery warm-up exercise to restore elemental balance.
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Re: Getting Started

Postby smogie_michele » Tue Feb 07, 2017 3:41 pm

I wish I had this advice when I first started practicing :)
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Re: Getting Started

Postby Bychan Wulf » Tue Feb 07, 2017 3:54 pm

It's awesome that new members can have it all in one place now. :-) It took me a few weeks to discover all these hehe
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Re: Getting Started

Postby moonraingirl » Wed Feb 08, 2017 5:57 am

This is a great post, ST. Very informative and simple are the same time
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Re: Getting Started

Postby SpiritTalker » Wed Feb 08, 2017 11:45 am

Thanks for your comments.:) I hope newbies will find it helps control the information overload swirling around in their heads so it's more fun.

WHAT DOES ENERGY FEEL LIKE? People feel it different ways, as tingling & goose-bumps, or heat, a pressure or tickling on the skin, a cool touch; or see it visually like mist, light, smoke or sparks. Some people mention hearing it rather like white noise too, or that it smells like ozone, like thunder & lightening. Some folks get jittery. So the body's senses do pick it up.

Scott Cunningham suggests in "Wicca-A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner" to rub the hands together, then hold them with palms facing each other. Slowly separate the hands and move them together again a few times. You should feel a subtle resistance. That's the energy of your body. You can play around with it, make an energy ball & then push it into your stomach, which is a way to ground it. Grounding un-directed energy keeps us from mis-firing.

WHERE DOES THIS ENERGY COME FROM? It comes from the Earth itself. It's all around us, emanating from everything that occupies space and is caused by the relationship between everything. It has many names: prana, manna, chi, & orgone are a few.

HOW DO WE CONNECT WITH THIS FREE ENERGY? We connect with thought, because energy follows thought. Thoughts begin in our consciousness as light; energy in motion acquires mass & manifests if enough mass is attained. We use our force of will, our desire. We use the gift of our imagination to visualize it. And we use words, which are the sounds of thoughts, to strengthen the link. Repetition adds strength. We think it, we feel it, we say it.

EARTH ENERGY is our power source. It comes from the molten core and the spin of the Earth & Sun; It functions as the planet's nervous system & is geo-electro-magnetic. Lines of energy that traverse below the surface form a network & wherever they cross the power is magnified. Many sacred places are built at the intersections that also coincide with underground springs. I believe animals use this magnetic highway for migration navigation. We direct this power when we cast the circle to erect the temple/compass.
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Re: Getting Started

Postby Ashrend » Thu Feb 09, 2017 8:59 am

Thank you for this list. Its really helpful, feel like i skipped ahead a little so getting the basics done will really help

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Re: Getting Started

Postby SpiritTalker » Thu Feb 09, 2017 12:15 pm

Thanks. I've got some more...

We hear lots of recommendations to meditate, and beginners may not have a clue what this involves. And how does someone start taming their hamster-on-a-wheel thoughts? It starts with breathing The breath carries the power. Since everybody does this, it's not that hard. Honest.

BREATH carries the the power.

The easiest breathing is slow, rhythmic in-and-out at a comfortable speed. Focussing on breathing is a simple way to alter consciousness. Inhale & hold, exhale & hold counting: in-2-3-4, hold-2-3-4, out-2-3-4, hold-2-3-4, repeat for a few minutes. Don't strain at it because straining is counter-productive. 4-count breathe as you gaze at a candle flame, seeing the motion & colors until that's all you're aware of. When you wool gather return your attention to the flame.

A hand gesture (mudra) of holding the tip of the thumb to the tip of the index finger, like an OK sign, is known to aid concentration.


There are various schools of thought that depict a multi-layered model of the construction of the body-mind-soul, but most agree on at least 3 components of a dense physical body, inter mingled with a less dense energy body and still lesser dense spirit body. There are many descriptions with more levels. The way I was shown it was that the energy-body connects at the solar plexus (belly) in our physical-body, and the spiritual-body connects with the physical- & energy-bodies at the forehead & crown. It's OK if you work with a different understanding.


Grounding is a term that refers to Earthing the energy body to stabilize us. Grounding is basic maintenance as it connects us to the main energy-source we channel for our work. It's being in touch with the pulse of Earth. While you're doing the four-count breathing is a good time to be grounding. Sit with your back straight. Imagine your tail-bone extending into the Earth like a tap root on a tree, sinking into the ground to absorb nutrients and vitality on the inhales, as well as to carry away distress and anxiety on the exhales. If it's easier to see a rod of light then do it. You control your visualization.

Some physical ways to aid grounding are to touch the Earth with your bare feet or lay flat on the bare Earth; hold & stroke any palm-sized stone with your thumb; eat root vegetables raw or roasted.

To aid grounding, use the hand gesture of holding the tip of your thumb to the tip of your ring finger. If you make the hand gesture every time you ground, you will quickly train yourself to automatically ground whenever you make the thumb to ring finger gesture.

CENTERING. :serpentrune:

Centering is pulling your energy into your gut on the breath, inhaling & holding, slowly exhaling. One way to picture centering is like locking in your position in space & time in the Here & Now like the Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) mapping triangulates to pin down your physical location. Imagine the vertical line of the energy body extending along the spine reaching both as high as it is deep. This automatically combines grounding with centering in the same exercise. Then imagine a horizontal latitude line going left-to-right intersecting the 1st in the belly. Then add a longitude line passing through the others going front-to-back. All 3 lines connect at your center and move around with you. This positioning helps us to hold our power &' also aids returning from meditative states.

Experiences vary. You might experience your connection at the abdomen or the chest. You are already familiar with this location. Recall a time when you've been startled suddenly and felt like you dropped into your gut or felt punched in the chest. You momentarily have all your senses on defense alert. You've instinctively pulled your power within you. That's where your energy body connects to the physical counterpart. In meditation we can work from within the same space. When we're not startled we know it as a quiet, still space within ourselves. We naturally pull our power into ourselves when we center. Trance-states can be safely entered into from our center. :flyingwitch:

A hand gesture to aid centering is to hold the tip of the thumb to the tip of the middle finger. If you do this gesture whenever you meditate, you will train yourself to center whenever you make the gesture.


This is a two-part breath work. Inhale into the belly so your lower abdomen inflates, then complete the inhale by breathing into your chest so the upper chest inflates. Then exhale. Use the four-count method again. Keep it comfortable and rhythmic. Counting doesn't have to be perfect, just rhythmic

Inhale to raise the belly-1-2, then raise the chest-3-4, hold-2-3-4, exhale-2-3-4, hold-2-3-4. Repeat until it comes naturally. As long as you get the rhythm and stay comfortable, and focus your attention on your abdomen you will get the centering effect.

We can use the center breathing to deeper meditation, prayer, visualization, and connecting to deity, to our higher mind, guardian spirit and to other realms because when we center, we are linked from the Mundane Center to both the Underworld Center and to the Cosmic Center.

For start-up, use the belly-button as a general location on which to focus, and you can refine it as you feel more awareness. Focus your attention on yours. You want to breathe into your belly. It sounds weird but think of this exercise as building inner sacred space. When we center, we pull our power into ourselves. You know you're "getting it" when you are gently aware of being you, without letting physical/body sensations distract you. You know your body is there but it's not the focus of who you are at the moment.


Shielding is basic psychic protection from negative thoughts and energy-sucking people. Ground your tap root. Breathe into the belly. Imagine a golden glow radiating out from the belly to completely surround you and out-line your body. Every breath strengthens the shield. It stays in place and reinforces itself as you belly-breathe. To seal the aura, briefly see it hardened like bullet-proof security glass. Blue is also a good spiritual protection color.


Stray thoughts will wander in. Don't make an issue of it or give them energy. Just return to the breath. You decide if your meditation is worth interrupting. You flow out on the thought from the belly and you return through the belly. You'll always find your way back this way. No sweat.

What does it mean if you feel a warm tingle? It means you have allowed your bodily sensations to distract you. Nothing more. Focus on your rhythmic breathing again, and forge onward. Returning to the belly keeps us from going topsy-turvey. It pairs with grounding and that stabilizes us. The woo-woo factor is whacky enough so stability helps a lot to keep our wits about us.


This kind of breathing into an area works elsewhere as well, such as the heart and third eye areas, or crown at the top of the head by being aware in the other areas as we belly-breathe. Each area has it's usefulness, but that's not the starting place.

If you want to ponder a specific matter, breathe into the belly to center, then hold your position & ponder the matter from center. Pose a question. Breathe. Wait for a response from within center. Listen to the voice of your soul & ignore mental chatter. Remain as non-judgemental as you can & evaluate the thoughts afterwards so as not to interrupt the process. Then, when you've returned to mundane awareness, question if the data received is reasonable. Do not just assume you've connected to divine wisdom until it's proven itself reliable over time. Write things down because mundane memory fluctuates. The mental and ego-centered realm speaks to us in symbols that tell stories & are best evaluated as you would interpret a dream, whereas communion with your Divine Source is a relationship outside the ego's craving for recognition.


The Heart Temple is an astral realm thought-construct to develop visualization skills and psychic sensitivity. It forges a path to communicate with your true-will aka "higher self" consciousness. The will expresses through the heart center & via visualization thru the 3rd eye, so it aids these as well. The symbolism is meaningful to the subconscious. The temple is you. The flame is your heart-of-being. Nine is a number related to the triple moon )O( and psychic sensitivity. Don't worry if the whole visualization doesn't flow. It takes repetition to succeed. Sometimes you can't get all 9 steps. Just Keep Going. Sometimes the flame won't budge. Stick with it. Aim for the ideal. Practice.

The temple can be any style you want. Your imagination will provide the images. You can put as much detail into it as you like such as texture & color variations, light and shadow plays. Your imagination gets involved.

Relax and deep breathe for a few minutes. Then visualize ascending nine steps to enter a temple. The only furnishing is a flame. Your imagination will design it. Go along with it.

Focus your imaginary gaze on the flame, and will it to raise higher and lower on command.

Do this nine times. Then return the flame to it's maintenance level.

Depart the temple by descending the nine steps. Return to your ordinary surroundings and ground your energy.

I've found that the Heart Temple will remain with you for your life, always available & always beneficially effective.
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Re: Getting Started

Postby SpiritTalker » Thu Feb 09, 2017 1:37 pm


What's allowed - A Wiccan altar has symbols of both Goddess & God plus the 4 physical elements - land, sea, sky & fire. How we do this is flexible. There is no rule that altars have to copy the stately, ceremonial-magic's appearance. Use any candle as "luminary" altar lights: pillars, tapers, votives or tea lights & battery-powered are all OK. It's OK to replace incense smoke with a "like" symbol such as aerosol mist or reed oil diffuser. It's Ok to substitute some other pointer for a knife or wand like a laser-pointer or to use your hands to guide & direct energy instead.

Do we need an altar, tools & ritual to worship & make magic happen? Realistically, of course not. We can respectfully worship anyplace and the same with magic. There are benefits to their use. Ritual & altars use symbols to direct our thoughts to connect to Nature. Just holding a pointer in the hand makes the mind-eye-hand-energy connection. Aromas deliver messages quickly to the brain. Magic works with Nature so we really can't neglect that recognition. When we symbolize the elements we connect with Nature. Grounding energy & centering energy drawn from earth & sky are acts of communing with Nature. Nature's forms of matter are Air-vapor, Fire-plasma, Water-liquids, Earth-solids.

. Ritual tools represent the elemental forms of Nature: wand-air, blade-fire, cup-water, pentacle-earth
. Supplies: incense or aerosol - candle & oil - water & libation - salt & herbs represent air-fire-water-earth
. Start-up gear: Heat-safe incense/burning-bowl, candle holders, libation cup/dish rep air, fire, water, earth

Where do we get magical tools? Gear does not need to come from specialty "Witch" shops. Many witches make their own tools & repurpose Nature-finds & household items, or shop thrift & sporting goods, as well as new-age stores or on-line sites, or attend local Pagan fairs.

What can be used for an altar &' what size should it be? In ceremonial magic the table dimensions measure equal to the size of two stacked cubes about waist high, symbolizing earth & cosmos. In folk-magic we use what we have so any furniture with built-in storage space is useful; or spread a cloth over a box or on the floor. Out-doors the Earth itself is sacred & working right on the ground is appropriate; tree stumps & flat rocks are convenient.

Where should the altar be placed? - Place the altar in the center of your ritual space or along the edge if it's more convenient. A circle can be cast around it. When reasonably possible the Crafter faces north across their altar toward either the star Polaris & the sky-hole around which the stars revolve or toward the east where Sol returns each day at dawn. Both are considered spiritual gateways.

Preparation: Cleanse & bless the altar before initially setting up by wiping down the surface with lightly salted water & fuming with smoke. Anoint with dabs of olive oil at the corners & center then spread it around with a cloth & wipe dry. Magnetize the altar by holding your hands above the surface & projecting power to charge it with your energy. The altar is said to exist in both the physical & etheric realms. Tools can be similarly consecrated as acquired.

Suggestions for Symbols:
Air - wand, incense smoke, aerosol mist, or aromatic oil diffuser, fan, feather, flute, yellow/white
Fire - blade, laser-pointer, candle, burning bowl, oil, guitar, volcanic obsidian, red/orange
Water - chalice, bowl, cauldron, fluid libation, H2O, seashell, mirror, jingle bells, rattle, blue/gray
Earth - pentacle, mortar & pestle, plants, stones, salt, drum, green/black
Goddess - the Moon, Earth, silver, flowers, cornucopia, weaving, horse, bear, reindeer, wheat, cup, cauldron
God - the Sun, gold, pine cones, oak acorns, grapes, wheat, plow, foliate mask, reindeer, wolf, athame, wand

Other items: We can include devotional & holiday decor, spell materials, our Book & divination tools. A working altar is for ritual use & spell work & only needs to be left in place for the duration of the task. If the table isn't needed you can leave it permanently. Tools can be used outdoors without re-dedicating. Protect flame from wind.

Benefits of different arrangements is to shape, focus & direct energy. Altar arrangements support our tasks when we match our layout to our purpose.

The polarity altar model adopted from Ceremonial Magic by G.B.Gardner as guidelines for Wica balances energy polarity with a Goddess candle, passive earth & water items on the left; a God candle, active Air & Fire items to the right. Workspace is in-between polarities & between is magical & aids spells.

The sun-wheel (an X in a circle) is a popular arrangement with the elemental symbols placed at their corresponding true compass directions in the X instead of by polarity. North in the wheel's table arrangement should actually be at the real compass North to align with the planet's energy flow no matter what direfction the Crafter faces across the table (so if you face east across your altar then north is on your left). The wheel aids healing & self-realization.

The pentagram layout is arranged with elemental associations placed at their assigned point of the 5-pt star. The top-most point reps aether/spirit & then moving to the left arm and onward counter-clockwise in alphabetical order: air, earth, fire, water. The pentacle is recognized as a protective symbol.

The intuitive eclectic layout expresses the emotional energy of the Crafter & uses their gut-feeling in placing devotional, ritual & decorative items. It's a way to participate directly in a spell of personal transformation in that laying out the altar arrangement itself becomes an active working rite, expressing the Crafter's energy & prompting changes within the Crafter's environment. A healing theme could be used, for example, to manifest good health, or a prosperity theme for attracting good fortune, etc. The eclectic layout can be used by default without making use of it's energy-shaping potential, just "because it feels right" at the moment.

A devotional altar is an arrangement that focuses on honoring & expressing the Crafter's relationship with their deities, guardian or ancestors. It might include a perpetual light, incense, food/drink or flowers as offerings (which get changed out before going bad), an image or other artistic symbols associated with your deity(s) or guardian spirit or ancestral family mementos & any devotional texts or chants, prayer beads or musical aid to meditation. Devotional, ancestor & household spirit or saint shrines are often a permanent household feature but once setup they can be redone as wanted. Seasonal decor is appropriate.

An Elemental working altar can be a temporary feature that would be dedicated to working focussed on a single element & can be set up when the Moon is astrologically in a sign associated with the desired element; & it is placed at the corresponding direction of your working space. The Crafter uses colors & any single element-specific correspondences that appeal to them. A word of caution: include one item (or color) which is of the (-/+) polar opposite energy from the element you're focussing on. Too much of one energy can have unexpected results by tipping the balance out of alignment. Nature has to correct the imbalance.

There are also terra-form models that mimic the night sky & draw power from layouts of seasonal constellations & the zodiac to the task being done. In times past whole villages & landscapes have been laid out to mimic the sky. Workings for The Bigger Picture can benefit from this layout. Spirals & crystal grids work well in these arrangements. In the Northern Hemisphere Polaris is presently the north celestial pole star; but the south celestial pole coincides with no fixed star so the Southern Cross & stars in the constellation Centaurus are used to estimate the south celestial pole.

The Stang (forked staff) serves as the altar in shamanic crafting; the horns represent male deity & the staff reps the three realms: celestial-above, physical-mundane & unseen-world below. It is used to draw a circle & stands upright for rituals. Seasonal decor is appropriate & it sometimes holds a light between the horns. It's the ridden broomstick that represents spirit-flight.

Whichever model you choose to use for any personal practice, i feel it's best to be consistent & not mix signals within an individual ritual or spell casting; so avoid mixing the polarity model with the wheel &/or eclectic layouts; but devotional & seasonal motifs can surely be added to all working spaces if wanted. Secular Crafters needn't feel compelled to include deity images. It's your expression. Altars absorb our energy &'become stronger over time. They can become our sanctuary where we go to connect to the depths of our selves & Nature.


The tools vary by path & personal choice as well. In the Western Occult model tools are elemental symbols & extensions of the Crafter. The standard tools are cup, blade, wand, pentacle, candle & incense holders, bell, cloth covering, measure-cord and a ritual scourge (largely done away with). Aside from the ritual uses already mentioned there are a few other things worth noting.

The altar table represents the Cosmic realm & Earth. A simple altar cloth symbolizes the etheric plane above earth & on which our magical energy performs. A decorated cloth can convey powerful sigils into the ethers. A cup accumulates & shapes both fluid & etheric energy. A pentacle is used for protection but also balances elemental energy to charge/empower spells; a bell's sound clears and opens ritual space.

The wand is used to direct magical energy & to summon when the blade would be too aggressive. Held in the dominant hand, a wand both invokes and projects energy whereas the athame commands & separates. Gardnerian tradition prefers a 2-edged blade to cut both ways without clumsily turning the hand. In Wiccan practice the blade is reserved to cut only etheric energy such as cutting a door in the cast circle & severing energy attachments. It does not need to be razor sharp. It never draws blood. A black handle is preferred to absorb & channel your energy. A white handle is used on a separate blade that's reserved for physical cutting (herbs & cords) & to tell them apart in candlelight. Black and White symbolize balanced duality (the pillars of the Cosmos). These are flexible preferences & guides. In truth any knife may be used at the Crafter's choice, or simply use two pointing fingers to symbolize a dual-edge blade.

The Measure is a braided cord of any 3 colors (often white, red, & black of the Tripple Moon) & is as long as the Crafter is tall. It's worn during rituals & spell work to reinforce the Crafter's magical identity. A beginning knot is tied & then the cord is measured from the bridge of the nose, over the crown of the head & down the back to the heel, & an ending knot is tied to capture the essence. Then measure around the head, chest & hips, & tie knots to separate each section. They represent the Crafter's visionary 3rd eye, will & procreative energy. Therefore a measure cord holds the Wiccan's personal psychic & creative energy signature & it can stand-in for the Crafter. The cord should be safely stored when not being worn. It also serves as a belt for a robe. The robe is optional in private practice. Putting on the ritual robe symbolizes donning the ritual attitude and magical persona.
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Re: Getting Started

Postby SpiritTalker » Thu Feb 09, 2017 2:37 pm


It's helpful to work one's magic in an energy-neutral area to reduce psychic conflicts, so we clear ourselves (with a wash) and our ritual space (of clutter) before casting. In Wicca a Guide for the Solitary Practitioner Scott Cunningham suggests the folk magic method of sweeping a circular space in a (<~)widdershins direction with a broom or air-sweeping with a twig & herb whisk. The circle is then cast deosil(~>). The Western Occult tradition of walking deosil(~>) while sprinkling with salt-water followed by incense fuming was GB Gardner's way to cleanse sacred space. Among Wiccans today the American-Indian custom of fuming with fanned smoke from a white-sage smudging bundle is popular. Other plants like cedar, pine or rosemary are often added. Placing a Himalayan pink salt lamp in our space can maintain a positive energy. The pink coloring is from iron dioxide & iron protects. Sharp sounds like clapping & bell ringing can also chase negativity from a space.

There are 3 steps to cleansing a space: clear, bless, seal. Clearing the negativity leaves an energy void that should immediately be refilled by projecting positive, in-flowing energy, which is usually incense. Then seal the energy with an air-drawn pentacle, & for rituals then cast the circle to hold the good energy.

NOTE: While we're on the subject of cleansing, soaking crystals in salt-water can erode soft stones like angelite, turquoise & selenite. Lengthy exposure to sun might fade the colored quartz stones. Placing crystals in full, unobstructed MOONLIGHT on a bed of dry salt & herbs is a safe method for cleansing any stone. Amber, kyanite, selenite, shungite & tourmaline are self-cleansing and can also be used to clear other stones by laying them around the grimy one over night.


Energy's all around us & it's free, abundant, inexhaustible and responsive to our thoughts. We connect with the Earth's energy by grounding & breath-work & use physical exercise or simple visualization to raise the energy through our bodies.

Physically raising energy: Use a simple Ti Chi exercise. Swing the arms fore & aft, clapping both in front & behind you with every swing. Do this for a minute. Then bring the energy within by placing your flat palms against 3 chakra areas of groin, belly &'chest. Move upwards in sequential order to raise the energy. Just breathe the chi in as you rest your hands at each location. Next rub your palms in circles across your hips, abdomen & chest moving upward to spread & mix the chi around. This exercise takes about 5 minutes & improves well being which in turn reduces anxiety & depression so common amongst empaths. Win-win.

Visualizing Raising Energy: we channel or direct energy with the will, gently holding our intention in mind. Ground and center. Bring the energy into your body by imagining the spine's tap root pulling up Earth Light into your belly. Pull up on the soles of your feet by rocking on your heels to physically reinforce the thought. Then imagine you pull Cosmic Light through the crown at the top of your head and down from the sky. Pull down by dropping your shoulders to reinforce the thought. Breathe this light into your belly. Feel the energies pool, swirling together & ignite In the belly. As you exhale, PUSH up from the belly and out your arm, through your extended Index & middle fingers. (When experimenting, you should point at a glass of tap water & think of light filling the water..) It's safest to put the energy into something & not just fire off at random. Energy is real.

TIP: Look where you point to focus your thoughts on directing the flow of power. In order to be used energy must be instructed in a few words to accomplish a desired goal. The Witch's almighty fierce gaze is known to harness & direct power.

Every time you raise energy be sure to ground yourself when you've finished so as to end & break the connection. Otherwise you'll be spacey, head-achey & bait for energy-feeders.


We psychically activate the intent of our spells by drawing power to center and pushing energy through the palms of the hands & and focused gaze into the item that will hold the spell. We must KNOW the goal is accomplished. To-Know is an altered state of consciousness like an intuitive hunch. We can reinforce the intent with our words in positive, present-tense phrases. In plain English, think about what you want, feel it ignite in your gut, say it is done to seal it, and push the power into something you are using to hold the spell (an object, petition or sigil.)

TIP: Rub a bit of olive oil on the item first. A living substance like olive oil will hold a psychic charge better than the naked item because chi or orgone energy is attracted to living substances. That's one reason why spell herbs and oils are used...to hold the charge.
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Re: Getting Started

Postby SpiritTalker » Thu Feb 09, 2017 3:54 pm

(Creating sacred space or Building the temple)

What does it mean to cast a circle and how do you do it?

Essentially, casting a circle connects us to the Earth. A circle can also symbolize the Cosmos & the Earth with multiple meanings - to create sacred space set apart from mundane concerns; to unite the 3-realms of cosmic-above, mundane-here/now & unseen-below; to symbolize the functional Universe to stage fulfillment of a goal.

The basic idea is load, aim & shoot energy to form a circular foundation & build a symbolic temple within it. Within the Temple we are in touch with invisiable forces. Ritual acts-out or mimes temple construction from the base materials of Nature. We use ritual to ground ourselves into the power source of earth energy. We raise that energy through our body & shape it with our thoughts to achieve goals.

The 4 elements are called in sequence by density - (E,S,W,N) moving from least to most dense: Air, Fire, Water, Earth to move the temple from the thought-plane & into the physical realm. The same Creation theme is enacted in the same sequence over & over; we just keep repeating the same formula with our circles, altar arrangements & spell casting.

First lay a foundation:
. Cleanse space by sprinkling combined salt & water which also introduces passive (-) Earth & Water.
. Bless with smoldering incense which also introduces active (+) Air & Fire.
. Raise & project Earth's energy on the ground in a circular form.

And then construct the Temple:
. Set the temple's corners by calling the powers of east-Air, south-Fire, west-Water & north-Earth.
. Infill the temple with sacred presence by inviting the Triple Goddess & Horned God of nature.

Do what you came for:
. As needed, work in partnership with these (or other invited spirits) to spell craft.
. Honor Nature by observing full moons & seasonal holidays; & honor the partnership with a shared meal offering.

Wrap-up & finish:
. Farewell the deities & release the 4 powers in reverse order to dissolve the links.
. Dissipate or ground residual energy.

Should we always cast a circle?

A circle connects us to the Earth, our power-source & supports magical efforts. You can decide when it's to your benefit to use it.

Do we "let in any bad energy" by not casting? A circle keeps out contaminants, which in our case are those natural frequencies & random emotional energies that might conflict with our intention like interfering radio waves crossing a station & scrambling the message. We live with these natural energies daily & don't want them skewing our magical pitch. Repeating this same procedure reinforces the psychic image over time.

A circle forms the base for a Cone of Power. This cone is shaped like a witch's hat with the brim intersecting the ground & pointy-end above. It's a revolving spiral of energy. The cone gets charged with intent in the same way a spell is charged & released to impact a target. Thus the circle aids both our ritual and magical workings. A nine-foot diameter circle is standard but realistically you work with the space you've got. Energy passes through furniture so they are not obstacles except to our own mobility. Note: When the energy is nicely balanced we tend to feel at-ease with a quiet assurance. When the circle energy is off-balance we can feel tipsy or buzzed.

We should have all the necessary spell items present & set up the altar before casting circle. It interrupts the continuity to break the circle to retrieve forgotten items but, when needed, we can cut a door in the circle with the athame or lay wand/staff/broom as a threshold to step across so the circle isn't broken. OK - so that's the what's & why's; now to the how's. Simple wording let's you focus on the actions, but feel free to use your own phrases.


. Wash up & don your ritual garb.
. Remove clutter & debris.
. Set up the altar.

. Ground & Center with belly breathing.
. Draw energy from the Earth (or pump-up through physical movement)
. Light the altar candle(s). Bless the salt, water & incense (see "making holy water" below).

Note: You can repeat any phrases as often as needed until you walk all the way around your space. Usually Wiccans walk the circumference clockwise (deosil->) to increase energy.

Make Sacred Space - Walk the circumference -> and:

1. Purify by sprinkling (-) Earth & Water symbols of salt-water as you make the 1st circuit. You might repeat Doreen Valiente's words as you go "Round, around 'n round about. All good in & all bad out.".

2. Bless by wafting the (+) Air & Fire symbols of smoldering incense smoke around the rim to make the 2nd circuit. Steps 1 & 2 together will introduce the 4 physical elements.

3. Cast circle in a 3rd pass by projecting Earth energy through 2-fingers (index + middle), wand or blade; direct the power to charge the border repeating: "As I walk the circle is cast, guarding all and holding fast."

4. Simply greet Deity &' state the reason you have come so the Powers will be informed.

That is all there is to the casting of a simple circle. You can stop there if you want. The (-/+) elemental polarity balance exists. When using only the simple circle casting as in steps 1-4 above, just walking through the circle afterwards will dissipate it & re-grounding yourself is sufficient to disconnect from the links. A simple circle can be used for spells, divinations, meditation & trance. A formal ritual for religious & deeper ceremonial magical use continues building the temple by adding layers as described below.


Many Wiccans combine the circle casting rite with their rites for calling of four directions' elemental powers and Deities to their aid to reinforce the circle. After the circle is cast you can place (or just show) a lighted candle at each direction. Start at the East.

Calling Quarters. Face each direction in turn & illuminate it to open a door. Address the applicable quarter as you invite them in. At East say " I call Air for power to Know; (S) I call Fire for power to Go; (W) I call Water for power to Flow; (N) I call Earth for power to Grow; (center) I call AEther to make it So. As above, so below."

Note: if you prefer to address the "dread Lords and mighty Powers of the Watchtowers" feel free to use your own words.

Calling Deity: Then greet, do not summon, the Deities at the circle's center, saying "Hail and be welcome here Lady and Lord of Nature." (use names if known)

Seasonal Observance: Thereafter the Sabbat's theme is observed (see Days of Power further below). Some preparation ahead of time is needed. It is a time to reflect on the passing of the seasons and to review your path's mythology; to attune to the cycles of the Earth &/or commune with your Deity. Write in your journal.

At full Moon Esbats Draw Down the Moon (an example of a solitaire style DDM is on page 4), meditate and commune with Lunar forces to develop your psychism or do divination & spell work as needed. Record in your journal.

Cone of Power - an option in spell casting is using the circle's energy to carry a spell into the Ethers. Just as you would set your intention into any spell materials you would load the cone with intent. Feel it from the gut & send the Cone of Power to fulfill the task: "Aid friends and vanquish foes. I command you now to GO." Push! Trust the system. Rest.

You will need to sit and catch your breath after any spell casting & may welcome some food & drink so logically the Cakes & Ale rite of the meal follows.

Blessing the Meal: Bless food & drink with a simple phrase, "In the names of the Lady and Lord of Nature, and with a grateful heart I bless this offering to bring good cheer, & thank you for this bread & beer." Lay 1/2 directly on the earth (or place it in a bowl to distribute outside later) & eat the other 1/2.

Option Note: not less than twice in a year (at Beltane', May 1st and Samhain, Oct 31st) the Great Rite is symbolically honored just prior to the ritual blessing of the meal. Some prefer to do this at all 8 holidays to symbolically enact Divine Union wherein the athame is lowered into the offering cup & you would say, "As the blade is to the man and the cup is to the woman, let them now be joined for the joy of both and the Great Mystery that is Life"; then the regular meal blessing given above is said.

[Or a gender-free alternative might be substituted: "I walk the Land that cradles the Sea, through which Life came forth and the Sky encompasses me. All that I see is Divinity. I welcome Life in joy, peace & harmony." Ring a bell thrice in salute. Then the regular meal blessing would follow.]

Farewell what was Called: You must also release all who were invited. Deity is thanked not dismissed "Lady and Lord, accept my thanks for your kindness here. If go thee must, be it in love &'trust." Address each direction in reverse order thus ritually closing the doors you had opened. "Powers of the (N-W-S-E) with my thanks now go in peace. The rite is ended." Snuff any candles as you go.

Re-Set: you dissipate any residue of the charged circle that remains by walking the circumference in reverse & brushing it away. Your rite has concluded. Ground yourself when you're finished and clean up. If you worked out doors it's courteous to leave no sign of your activity behind.
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Re: Getting Started

Postby SpiritTalker » Thu Feb 09, 2017 6:32 pm


Consecrating is to reserve and dedicate something for sacred use, such as the altar and working tools. This is done within a cast circle when the altar is first established, or any time a new tool is added or one is replaced. The expendable spell materials do not need consecrating because they are transformed when used up. Re-usable items should be spritzed with salt-water &'wiped down to remove energy from random handling & to give you a "clean slate" to be infused with your own magnetism & given it's purpose; then it's put in contact with it's own element. The basic working tools for this example are easily found: a wand, flame, vessel and the offering. In mundane terms, that's a stick, candle, bowl, and bread. For this example just the wand needs consecrating; the candle flame is the element of Fire so the candle only needs wiping down. The incense-holder, candle-holder & bowl are likewise wiped down & the bread & libation will be formally blessed when a meal is shared.

You can infuse each tool with the energy of the element it represents by putting it in direct contact with that one element, and then balance with the others by showing the tool to all 4 directions. You also magnetize the tool with your own energy signature.

For this example i'm associating the wand to Air; so you'd thrice bless it with Air by 1st blowing on it with the breath of life, 2nd by passing it thru incense smoke & 3rd by vigorously wafting it around in the air. You could say - "Wand of Wood, you now serve my hand, my heart and my honor to direct my thoughts to my goals. So shall you grow in power with each use by my hand alone." Then present it to the four-directions saying "Fellows of East or S,W,N this is my wand." Hold the wand out to each direction in sequence around the Circle & repeat. Hold the tool in your mighty witch's gaze & your hands to magnetize it with your personal energy signature by pushing power into it.

Supposing that as a beginner you don't have any other ritual tools, you could stop there.

You can consecrate tools as you acquire them by repeating the rite. The cup can be filled with it's element of Water, then emptied & refilled twice more. Say something similar for the cup "Cup of glass you now serve my hand, my heart & my honor to give form to fluid energy. So shall you grow in power with each use by my hand alone. Obviously if the vessel is another material then you would say so. Present it to the four ways. If a blade is used then the athame is instructed to direct the force of your magical will-power & would be passed thrice quickly thru a candle flame & presented to the 4-ways. A Pentacle might be thrice dusted with clean potting soil, herbs & salt to make the Earth contact, instructed to balance & nurture your magical intent, & then presented to all 4 directions. You can - if you prefer a more formal approach - also cleanse each &' every candle holder and incense holder & bless in the same way; state function & present each to the quarters. Candles should be wiped down before use to remove former handling cooties.


Holy water is used for any cleansing and before consecrating. The salt is known to neutralize psychic energy clinging to things as well as to symbolize life. Anything that symbolizes life-force has power to protect from death. First bless the salt, then the water, and then add them together. Trace a pentacle sign above the mixture. Words of blessing are spoken with the "boss-voice" of authority. Use your own words or something such as:

Creature of Salt, you are a source of purity and life. I bless you in the names of the Primordial Mother and of Her son, the Horned Lord of Nature.

Creature of Water, you are life giving and cleansing. I bless you thrice in the names of the Triple Lady of the Moon
, i.e., maid, mother crone.

1-3 pinches of salt is then added to about a half cup of water, and stirred to dissolve the salt.

If you don't work with deities, then substitute Earth and Moon as forces of Nature.

The blessed water can be made ahead of time & stored in a bottle or jar. The water itself can be tap water or from a living source. You can infuse water with moonlight and add a quartz crystal.

Blessing holy oil - Pour 1 teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil into a bowl. Add a pinch of salt. EVOO comes from the first press of the fruit & therefore contains the most life essence. Add 5-7 drops of scented oil if you want. "I bless this holy oil in the names of the Primordial Mother and of Her son, the Horned Lord of Nature, that all life shall be nurtured & sustained through it's touch." Charge it with energy. Draw a pentagram in the air above the oil, then store the oil in a small jar or bottle. Add a tiny blessed quartz crystal to the jar if you have one. If you don't want to make your own sacred oil you can buy "altar oil" from a specialty shop. Pharmacies carry a blend of olive & almond oils called sweet oil that is unscented & not sticky.

In rituals you can charge & use a similar Lady and Lord blessing for the incense. "Creature of transforming Fire and Air, I bless you in the names of the Lady and the Lord of Nature."

A thanksgiving token meal can likewise be blessed with a simple phrase, "In the names of the Lady and Lord of Nature, and with a grateful heart, I bless this offering to bring good cheer, and thank you for this bread and beer."


I've chosen the wand, candle, bowl & offering as beginning tools because most people can find them & they are somewhat discreet. I've chosen the wand instead of the blade as some beginners might be under legal age so can't have a "weapon", & bread as symbolic of Earth instead of the pentacle which could raise some religious objections from others, & a bowl in place of a fancy stemmed chalice or iron cauldron that can likewise cause unwanted interest; but bowls can hold little trinkets when not being ritually used, & tea-light holders can be used as mini-bowls. That's useful if you want to keep your practice private.

Magical tools can represent the creative and balanced (-/+) forces of Nature, passive/lunar and active/solar. The Moon's light is reflected sun light & is considered passive (-) whereas sunlight is generated by the Sun itself & considered active (+). Two symbols of these forces of flux and reflux are the containing vessel/bowl which is likened to the female womb, is receptive, passive (-) & used for holding & shaping energy; the rod/wand is phallic, projective, active (+) & used for moving energy, for both summoning & directing energy. A third creative principle is union out of the dark void from which the two opposing forces originate. This transformative force can be symbolized by the flame amidst the night darkness.

Tools serve as symbols to trigger these creative associations within our minds, and thus stimulate and strengthen the focus of the magical will. Tools are symbols of the seen and unseen. They focus power but have no power in themselves (except what we give them) and you may freely choose not to use them. Tools do not define the witch. The witch defines the tool.


Sometimes having tools just makes us feel more like we belong, and a wand is fairly simple to do. Go for a walk after a storm to find a recently fallen branch about as thick as your index finger. Leave an offering of a few strands of your hair or pieces of bread. Use a saw to trim your wand to the length of your elbow to finger tips (staffs can be as tall as you are.) Snip off any twigs as close to the surface as possible. You can leave the bark on or trim it off with a vegetable peeler or utility blade. Sand the surface with a coarse-grade of sand paper, then again with a fine-grade. Paint or wood-burn any design you planned. Dab with a small amount of beeswax, furniture polish or linseed oil & rub the oil in with a cloth to seal & protect the wood. Save the shavings to burn & use the ash for making a banishing black salt & charging assorted Spell powders.

If you want a live branch then appeal to the tree's living spirit for permission and wait for the response. If you don't receive it, move on. Cut in a cold season at dusk/dawn so the sap is not running, or the tree will bleed; traditionally this might be done during the "Ember Days" between Yule (Dec. 21st) and Epiphany (Jan. 6th). Cut cleanly with a pruning saw. Bury an offering of corn meal amidst the roots.
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Re: Getting Started

Postby SpiritTalker » Fri Feb 10, 2017 3:42 pm


The 6-sided structure of Quartz holds an electrical charge that can be coded to radiate healing energy, influence an intention or to transmit information. Different minerals are associated with specific benefits. The simplest way to use a stone is by it's color. The 7 rainbow colors of the visible light spectrum relate to the 7 vital energy centers of the body (called chakras) that relate to various intentions. A stone of the appropriate color can be programmed to influence the chakra of the same color & purpose. The stone is placed at the chakra area, worn as jewelry or carried in a pocket or held during meditation.

To program a crystal it should be held in your hands & stroked to stir the energy. Think of the intent using only a few words to convey the instruction. As with setting intent into a spell you know it in your gut & push this knowing into the stone. Any stone will hold this "charge" until something else pushes it out.

We can clear stones of their prior programming before re-use by simply placing them on the ground, or on a bed of cleansing herbs like mixed sage, rosemary & dry salt, or holding stones in flowing water. Soft stones like selenite & kyanite can be damaged by water, & iron rusts, so be careful. Stones with high copper (malachite) or mercury (cinnabar) content can be toxic so avoid them in stone elixirs.

Elixirs are one way to take the energy within yourself. Place a stone of the desired influence in a glass of water & set it in sun- or moon-light at least 15 minutes. Remove the stone before drinking the water. :shock:

To use stones for meditation - sit quietly while stroking the stone or laying down with the stone resting on the relevant chakra. Placing 7 stones at the 7 chakras in color sequence would align our energy body with the physical body for healings.

Combining stones with herbs in pouches, & placing crystals in geometric grid layouts can be used for spell crafting. Crystals & stones can be rolled like dice & the combinations can be read for divination by using their metaphysical properties as guidelines.

Crystal Color Uses
(Ref. Inner Light Resources, Crystal chart)

Crown -White or Violet - apophyllite, danburite, quartz, kunzite - Divine connection, higher self
Brow - Purple - amethyst, charoite, purple fluorite - psychic vision, spirituality
Throat - Blue - lapis, turquoise, sodalite - communication, all body areas
Heart - Green - aventurine, bloodstone, jade - abundance, life-giving, love (also rose quartz)
Stomach - Yellow - calcite, citrine, yellow jasper, gold tigers eye - mental clarity, self-confidence
Belly button - Orange - aragonite, carnelian, gold-stone - rejuvination, tenacity, passions
Groin - Red - blood-stone, garnet, jasper - sex, stamina, grounding (also hematite)

Pet Peeve Warning!

There has been much fictional pop-culture romanticism on these subjects that has lead to fanciful misperceptions. Concepts of animal spirit guides come from the reconstructed paths of indigenous cultures. They are not pets.

The concept of familiar spirits comes from witchcraft trial records from the mid-1300-1800s. They were either the Fae (possibly shape-shifted) working on the witch's behalf or were ancestral deceased spirits handed down over generations through a family. They are not pets.

Historical reports of animal shapes were likely to have been the visible astral-shapes taken by the witch themselves during out-of-body travel & the shapes most often recorded were described as resembling a hare or mouse. Toads were kept for their hallucinogenic secretions used in flying ointment. Cats are naturally stealthy hunters so controlled vermin and made good pets. Dogs herded stock animals, protected their home &'made good pets. Crows & magpies are very intelligent & could mimic words &'made good pets. Studies of historical records of familiars can be found in the writings of anthropologists Carlo Ginzburg & Emma Wilby.

Animals can truly sense different energies like a human's chemical changes & incoming weather changes which is more than a human can do. Our domestic pet buddies will naturally be interested in the energies we manipulate & we're wise to observe their behaviors that forecast changes. This doesn't make them familiars in the historical meaning of the word. If life were a Disney movie then every beloved household pet would qualify as a familiar. There are many true stories of family pets alerting their human companions to danger that saved lives.
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Re: Getting Started

Postby SpiritTalker » Fri Feb 10, 2017 3:46 pm

(traditional but non-Wiccan)

There are folkloric Witchcraft methods to prepare a liminal area (a place between) in which to work, and I think beginners should know multiple ways of doing things. I've borrowed some procedures from Peter Paddon's Modern Cunningman's Grimoire.

Work out doors. There is no consecration as the Land itself is sacred. There are no words to say or table to set up, but have a bottle of water, some bread & a fire-pot with kindling & lighter set in the middle of your space. (Another tradition replaces open flame with a hearth stone). The broom handle, walking-stick or forked Stang is used to trace the compass (circle). Walk WIDDERSHINS (<- counter-clockwise) to stir & summon the earth energy. This is energy of the planet right underfoot & is drawn through the staff as a go-between Earth & body. As with any circle, you are uniting the realms of cosmic-above, mid-earth and under-world below in a sacred space between.

Hold the staff in the left hand (left being the receptive hand & linked to the underworld and Sacred Land) which will put you outside the circle as it is drawn counter-clockwise. Start at North & walk widdershins; drag the staff pressing down lightly as if to plow a furrow into the EARTH. Visualize the staff stirring and drawing up the vibrant, serpent-like land forces as you make 3 passes to lay the compass.

Make a serpent's hissing sound to induce light trance as you walk, deep breathing to hiss AIR.

To enter the compass without breaking the circle, lay the staff cross-wise as a threshold to step across & then retrieve the staff. Stand it up in a prepared hole at the center of the compass to mark the place where the three worlds & the 4 compass directions meet at the "cross roads". The staff stands as the axis-mundi, the center of the world depicted by the "serpent-rune" symbol. :serpentrune:

Rinse your hands and face with some of the WATER you have prepared.

Light the FIRE in your fire pot in the center. (When open flame is not possible place the Hearth Stone at the foot of the staff.)

The compass is made. The elements are present. It's appropriate to call a familiar spirit & ancestor spirit to share the rite. Use your own words. The Old Ones are invited with chanting & dance.

Paddon's Welsh custom is to pay a token coin to the Land Spirits in exchange for the use of the Sacred Land. Just flip a coin of any denomination over your shoulder and leave it there. State the purpose for which you've laid down the compass & then proceed with that purpose.

Then, after you've completed what you came for, offer thanks by breaking bread. Eat & drink half. Place the rest of the bread & water directly on the ground for the earth-spirits.

When you are finished you ground the residual energy. If you invited anyone be sure to thank & farewell them. Leave the coin & food offerings on the earth. Gather up your belongings & walk away. It's polite to not look back so the land-spirits can have their share in peace.

The traditional tools are Stang for the Horned God, a libation cup for the Goddess, a fire pot or a stone for the Hearth & Ancestors, & your personal Measure cord is worn. The four direction's of the elemental associations vary by region. A common set are Air-White-North, Fire-red-East, Earth-black-South, Water-gray-West.

The concept of the "World Tree" divides the realms of our world. It is symbolized by a staff or broomstick. The top branches of a tree represents the upper cosmic realm home of Divinity and our links to the divine within ourselves. The tree trunk represents the middle realms of daily life, all Nature & earth beings. The roots represent the underworld, the dead, the Fae and unseen, serpentine Earth forces of life-essence. Witches ascend or descend the tree (fly their broomstick) between worlds as they navigate levels of consciousness that can manifest as spirit travel.


At Gobekli-Tepe in Turkey (ritual site with multiple stone circles dating back to about 11,000 BCE) the circle was oriented to the star Deneb in the constellation Cygnus, which was located in the "crotch" of a divide in an arm of our Milky Way galaxy & around which the night sky appeared to rotate. A holed-stone marked the northern altar & may have symbolized the birth channel of the Primordial Mother Goddess who birthed all that is, & through which souls pass in birth and death.

It could be said that our earliest perceptions of deity derive from man's observations of the sky & earth. During the ice age that followed a cataclysmic comet strike surviving mankind hunted by following the migrations of deer herds. Reindeer may be the earliest concept of a Horned God/dess. There are indications that the earliest forms of agriculture may have first developed at Gobekli Tepi as the site was built by hunter-gatherers & the long-term work force community & pilgrims had to be fed. At northern locations the re-emerging wild forest brought forth the Forest Lord (the Elder) and further development of agriculture brought the foliate Green Man (the Younger). Always ever-present has been the geo-centric life-force pulsing from the Earth's core & writhing serpent-like throughout the planet to chase the warmth of the Sun. These forces are recognized in witchcraft.
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Re: Getting Started

Postby SpiritTalker » Fri Feb 10, 2017 7:05 pm


The days of power vary by traditions. Not all standard 8 Sabbats have to be observed because we all live in environmentally different areas that effects the seasons. There's a heap of difference between seasonal patterns in the deserts, the tropics, the plains, mountains & arctic. We are free to choose to observe the dates that best enhance and express living in unity with our location & not rigidly follow a calendar. It is customary to cast a full ritual circle & to welcome the Powers as part of the observance, as well as feasting and song & dance. Solitaires might consider sharing their abundance with pets & wild life.

The so-called lesser days are when the seasonal power is beginning. These solar dates are the summer and winter solstices when the Sun appears as if it crosses the Earth's equator, lengthening and shortening daylight hours; and the spring and autumn equinoxes when day and night hours are equal. Sunrise & sunset are their liminal, magical times between one season and the next. Times of transition summon power. It takes a bit over 365 days for the Earth to circle the Sun so the dates vary from the 20th to 23rd of every December, March, June and September.

The greater days are when the season's energies crest. The more familiar themes are Celtic. The dates are October 31/November 1, February 1-2, April 30/May 1, July 31/August 1. Midnight is the magic hour, the crest of the wave when the natural force breaks free.

All-Hallows-November Eve is the end of the old year & beginning of the new. Time & space return to their primordial state "between" & await regeneration. The veil between worlds is thin. The Lord of the Wild Hunt rides the night. Death in the physical world is rebirth into the Otherworld. Imbolc or Candlemas is the February fire festival of light & renewal when the youthful Goddess emerges from winter retirement & the earth regenerates. Death in the Otherworld is rebirth into the physical world. Two main themes run through the Craft: the sacred marriage between Goddess and God on Beltane-May Eve which bestows fertility & abundance upon the Earth and hence upon the people; and the 1st harvest as a sacrifice of the God as Green Man (John Barleycorn) on Lammas-August Eve when bread loaves are baked & sacred mead is brewed. His death manifests the annual cycle of life-death-rebirth. Just 2 concepts: fertility and death. If you understand these in relationship to each other then you will understand the Wheel of the Year as everything dances around these two concepts.

Full Moons (Esbats) occur every 29.5 days; it takes the moon 28 days to go around the earth, and another day & a half to get out of the Earth's shadow (because the Earth moves too) whence the Earth can reflect the sunlight that fully illuminates the Moon. The Moon's pull affects ocean tides, sap rising and falling, female menstrual cycles & male testosterone. It is a very real force. There are 12 full Moon's annually & every 3rd year there will be 1 month that will hold 2 Full Moons within the same calendar month. The 2nd moon is popularly called a "blue moon" & is considered double-lunar power.

~ *~*~*~*~*~*~

That's pretty much the basics, enough to kick start a self-made path in witchcraft. Don't be afraid of making mistakes. They teach us. Most of us have set our sleeves on fire at least once. Wiccan rituals are not meant to be solemn dirges. They are celebrations of Life in which moving about, dancing, laughing & music making are welcome.

We can expect occasional dry seasons when we feel like everything we've studied is at odds with modern mechanical & electronic living, and we're ready to quit this nonsense. This is normal. We live in a different surface world than our ancestors did but our roots are the same. So get back to basics. Nature is cyclical & we are part of Nature. When one level of our learning cycle has concluded we await the next to begin. The doldrums pass as we make new connections & re-visit old concepts at deeper levels & new opportunities to learn arrive.

I have some odds 'n ends to add.
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Re: Getting Started

Postby Ashrend » Fri Feb 10, 2017 7:45 pm

A lot of information but very VERY useful, thank you for all the information.

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