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Getting Started

Feel free to copy this information to your Book of Shadows.

Re: Getting Started

Postby Katrinkah » Sun Mar 05, 2017 8:59 pm

Great thread!
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Re: Getting Started

Postby smogie_michele » Tue Mar 07, 2017 12:31 pm

I agree, this is a wonderful thread. It will be very helpful to everyone starting out.
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Feel free to pm me if you have any questions! I am here to help.
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Re: Getting Started

Postby SpiritTalker » Tue Mar 07, 2017 2:28 pm

Thanks. I think (hope) I'm done tweaking and editing and slaughtering typos.

Edit - that was said in March. it's Aug and I'm still adding bits. Sigh.
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Re: Getting Started

Postby Shannon » Wed Mar 08, 2017 1:47 pm

This is excellent. I am new and frankly..new to anything spiritual to be honest so trust me when I say I haven't been trying to jump the gun by any means. I've begun meditation and have collected a few crystals so i think I'm right where I should be. This will make a very nice reference for some time to come. Thank you.
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Re: Getting Started

Postby SpiritTalker » Wed Mar 08, 2017 3:32 pm

You're welcome, and You've made my day. :)
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Re: Getting Started

Postby firebirdflys » Wed Mar 08, 2017 5:26 pm

Deserving of a sticky! :fairy: voi-la'
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Re: Getting Started

Postby SpiritTalker » Wed Mar 08, 2017 5:32 pm

O.M.G. (gulp)
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Re: Getting Started

Postby SpiritTalker » Fri Mar 10, 2017 12:59 am


Fill up your notebook with information about you and your Craft. Write about the things that teach you about your path. Some ideas were inspired by Molly Roberts, Herspeak YouTube channel. The Wicca 101 forum section has a huge list of magical correspondences.

What does your given name mean? Does it suit you?

The Ogham alphabet symbol names are trees, and associated with the calendar. Look it up. Which tree is associated with your birthday?

What is your birthdate? Your sun sign, moon and rising sign? What day of the week were you born? And what can you find about possible meanings of these astrological details? Look up both standard astrology and Chinese astrology if you want.

What's the element associated with your birth sign? Do you resonate to it?

Look up & record the current year's Full Moon dates, and write them on your calendar, or enter in your phone or computer's pop up appointment reminder.

What in your beliefs makes Wicca an Earth-based religion?

How does dark night time make you feel? How does sun light make you feel? How about a rainy day?

What ways can you think of to use the liminal, between hours of dawn, noon, dusk and midnight?

Are you familiar with The Charge of the Goddess? The original form was recorded in Aradia by folklorist Charles Leland, and it was reworked by Doreen Valiente. Does it bestir you?

What do you feel is the purpose of your magical practice? Why do you do it?

What ways do you use to get your "Witchy on"?

Does witchcraft stir your imagination? do you love what your do?

List five questions on the subject of Wicca or the Craft that you want answers to.

What 3 things do you want to learn first/next? And what are your resources?

Describe some of the archetypes of the God of Wicca: Child of Promise, lord of the Hunt, Lord of the Forest, Horned One, Hoofed One, Lord of the Underworld, Sacrifice, Corn King, Hero, Green Man, Consort of the Goddess, Oak King-Holly King.

Describe some of the Archetypes of the Goddess of Wicca: Forest Mother, Moon Maid-Mother-Crone, Earth Maiden, Earth Mother, Queen of Elphame, Star Goddess, Night Huntress, Queen of the Night.

Describe an encounter you've had with the Fae, or a fairy.

Tell your story: how did you you come to this path?

Do you practice a type of divination? What? Or which do you want to learn?

How do you magically use wind? Did you know a stiff breeze can cleanse your aura?

Look up The Rede of the Wicce poem by Gwen Thompson. It has been used as a popular guideline, but is not universally accepted, and came into use in the 1970's, 30 years after Gardnerian Wicca was begun. What's your feeling on it?

What's your favorite story of creation?

Describe the Lord and Lady's story throughout the wheel of the year that appeals to you.

What is the most, and the least, empowering moon phase that you feel?

What's your witchcraft style? Your personal "style" is the method of practice you are most comfortable using, and within your means. The intent here is to discover your day-to-day preferences. Do you see yourself as a kitchen-witch? Urban-City witch? Garden-witch? Forest-witch? Ceremonial-Ritual-witch? Stones-n'-Bones-witch? Minimalist-witch? Gothic-witch? Space-witch? Cyber-witch? Pop-culture witch? Sea-witch? Shaman? Mentalist? (These are styles of craft practice, not spiritual paths.)

Look up the 13 Goals of the Witch. What do you agree/disagree with?

What sparked your interest in the Craft?

Write about your experiences of grounding, centering and shielding. What are your favorite methods? How have you done each?

How would you make magical use of dirt from significant locations? Ex.,from a school yard, from a bank, from a cemetery, from a footprint?

Pick up any stone that interests you, & wash it off. Hold it and see what it says to you or what you feel.

Make a book list. In one section list the ones you've read and what you found useful to your path, or disagreed with. In another section list books you'd like to read and why. You can download free books. Not all books have to be Witchy ones.

Google the magical properties of amethyst, rose quartz and clear quartz and handle some specimens. Do your senses agree/differ with the books?

How do you define fate, chance, & destiny?

How do Wiccans really use black candles? (not what fictional movies say).

Have your fortune told or palm read, and write about the experience.

Look around where you are right now and choose three random objects. Can you find ways to describe them as spiritual tools or as symbols of the Divine?

How do you use water for your magic? Did you know all water has memory of where it's been, and absorbs our emotions?

Try 3 different incense aromas, whether loose on coals, stick or cone. Which scent do you like best? Dislike? How does each affect you?

List any five minerals (rocks), crops (plants) or critters (furred, scaled, finned or feathered)known to be unique to your locality. What are their magical properties? What can you use their associations for in your path?

Which do you prefer (if either) for cartomancy, a Tarot deck or an ordinary gaming deck? What's your favorite deck?

If you crochet, knit, tat, macramé, weave or quilt, write about it as an imagined cord spell.

What five things about your path excite you? Be as serious or frivolous as you truly feel.

What 3 things about your path scare you? Give yourself extra credit for honest responses.

List the standard magical associations of colors. If you feel any of the properties should be different for your own use, make note.

Write about the magical properties of 3 cooking herbs or spices sitting in your kitchen today. What's your favorite seasoning?

Write about 3 different kinds of trees. Write whatever you like.

Design a magical sprinkling powder or potion recipe. Include all instructions for mixing, moon phase, empowering and use. What name will you give it?

Research 3 different signs or symbols, any kind at all, and what they mean.

Create a symbol that represents you, your personal logo, and write about what it means.

How do you use Fire? Did you know you can write on the wind with a burning stick?

Do you have a favorite place that you go to for thinking? Describe it and how you found it.

Go on a specimen hunt to a park, or even along an alley. Then write about the treasures you've found and how you plan to use them. Record the directions to the location.

Go berry picking, peach, pumpkin or apple picking, or whatever is in your area in season. Record where you went, and find a recipe to use for your produce. If you want, buy a grocery store pumpkin for Samhain & honor your Craft with oven dried seeds & pie.

What 5 aromas or scents most appeal to you? What stinks? How can you magically use that?

How do you use coins in your spells, or the images imprinted on them?

How do storms make you feel? Catch rain/storm water to use for potions. Write about how you have used it.

Trees have magical properties. Which would you want to have for your wand or staff?

Find out if there are any local area natural springs, rock formations or lore about locations that feature names like fairy's ring or devil's bowl or similar. Are fairies reported there, and what's their history? Write directions to get there and visit. Record your observations and sensations. Bring some candy to leave as an offering when you visit.

Pick a special day or event. What would you do to celebrate it?

Draw your altar - just doodle it. Then draw seasonal decorations for the next upcoming

Make note of instructions to make your own candles. Do you want to try it?

List household items you have repurposed for your magical use. What requirements do you have for purchasing something? What qualities do you look for?

Write three chants as positive affirmations that could be used for spells.

Make note of a few ways to make your own incense. Are you interested in trying?

What is your most magical time of day or night?

What weather makes you feel the strongest, and most alive?

Write a spell. Go ahead, anything at all...let your imagination run. Then critique it and tweak it. Do you think it will work for real?

What do you think the underworld is, in spiritual, magical and practical terms?

Make note of how to make scented, herbal oils. Does it interest you?

At the full moon, charge some Moon Water. Write a moon drawing chant to empower the moment. Record your thoughts and experience. How do you use this special water?

On any moonlit night, go outside & let the moonlight flow about your head and shoulders like a hoodie of white, shimmering light (even if it's cloudy, the Moon is still there). Then pull the light into your center. Write about your experience. You can try this with sunlight as well.

Make a simple chart of your emotions and feelings for each moon phase.

Write a Full Moon ritual that you will actually do. Record your experience each month :D

Where do you feel most magical? Indoors like an attic or seated in a favorite chair? striding around the Mall? Or outdoors seated by a favorite tree? at the beach? at the park? Describe what about it that is special, or how it makes you feel.

List the seasonal changes you actually observe in your area. How do you know it's Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter right in your home location? And what preparations does each season call for? What seasonal activities do you look forward to, and which ones make you groan?

List any psychic abilities you may have and 3 experiences you've had. What are your feelings about it and your thoughts?

Do a knot spell to bring good luck. Use the tried and true "by knot one, the spell is begun; by knot two, it comes true; by knot three, so mote it be..." rhyme. (Look up the whole rhyme). Then tie the string around your left ankle until the spell is fulfilled, or for a month...one moon cycle. Record your spell when you do it, and later add the effect in a month's time.

Do you have a magical talisman or good luck charm you carry? Write about it.

Write a candle spell and include all details of intent, timing, prep work, number and placement of candles, specialty candles, any herbs, flowers, stones, incense, color, scent, tools, etc., & explain why each is part of your spell. Also give disposal instructions for after the spell is done.

How do you charge, activate or empower your spells?

Have you used sound in ritual or magic? What did you use and how did it feel?

Write about your circle casting experiences.

Psychometricize an heirloom. Write down five impressions. See if you can verify your feelings. If psychometry isn't your talent, use a pendulum and ask about the item's former history.

Who are your ancestors? Where and when did they live? Write about family lore, handed down stories, recipes, familiar quotes from a relative, funny stories. If you don't know who your ancestors are, and a good many of us don't, you can "adopt" someone who touched your life meaningfully. Or just choose to adopt if you want to honor a special person.

Where are your ancestors buried? Visit the cemetery if you like. Look up magical cemetery etiquette, such as leaving three coins at the gate to pay the Guardian. Write about what you feel and think of the experience. A spoonful of dirt from a relative's grave is a magical treasure. Bury a penny to pay for the dirt. Do not take anything else from any grave. Be respectful of others. Be respectful of your culture.

Design and/or doodle an ancestor altar. (You can substitute well known Craft Elders for ancestors -living or deceased- and print out photos. They are spiritually related to us all, if not biologically.)

Write about an experience with a ghost.

Write about something you've seen and couldn't explain or rationalize away. How could you verify it?

Write lyrics of a song that inspire you.

Describe your witch power.

What are your favorite magical stories? Books? Movies?

What in Nature is most magical to you?

Make a magical herb garden plan for your yard, or for pots and containers wherever they'll fit. List the plants you want and what to use them for.

What are your favorite dietary choices that assist your spirituality?

Trace your left foot, firmly planted in the Other Realm, and then fill it with your magical, Craft & spiritual goals for your path.

What truths does Wicca/witchcraft represent to you or have been revealed to you through your pracrice?

What do you do to relax?

What things are magically impossible?

What ethical line do you refuse to cross in your craft?

Do you feel a witch has a responsibility to the Earth, and if so, in what way?

What are the names of your Deity/ies? Describe how they might look to you, and how they sound or how you feel their Presence?

What are 3 surprising facts about you?

Do you have an affinity with any non-human species? Animal, mineral, spirit, plant?

Which do you like better, domestic dogs or cats? Wild horses or wild lions? Explain why.

Describe your ideal sacred space.

Do you have a witch-name, and what does it mean?
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Re: Getting Started

Postby SpiritTalker » Sun Mar 12, 2017 12:44 pm


Generally, each point of the five-pointed star represents one of the 5 elements. The star in a circle is a feminine symbol, and the circle represents infinity. Here is just something kind of interesting, and I don't pretend to know the math. Have you ever wondered why a five pointed star is the symbol selected to represent the Wiccan path? This is one explanation I've stumbled over. Those musty ancient Greeks like Antipater and Pythagorus, who maybe got it from the Sumerians, probably considered it kids stuff. It gives me a headache.

The pentagram - five pointed, upright star within a circle - displays phi, the Golden Ratio (0.618). The number one divided by 0.618 is 1.618 (which is the same as adding one to it), and 1.618 times 1.618 equals 2.618, so it is sometimes written that way too. These relationships are found in the layout of a pentagram. The Golden Ratio is also found throughout organic lifeforms (the shape of shells, distribution of seeds in a flower, placement of leaves and branches, & on and on) and also is observed in the orbiting dance of planets of the inner solar system as well. That's the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Earth and our Moon, and Mars. Every 8 years Venus' orbit, seen from Earth, makes a five petaled flower design in the sky, formed by our nearest and furthest approaches to each other. So, in the organic designs and in the planetary distribution and motions, life exhibits the ratios depicted by the star-within-a-circle. Therefore, it is a symbol of life. And that to me, makes a good reason to honor the symbol.

Here's a video on phi: https://m.youtube.com/#/watch?v=keLN89CWZ-A

My source for the Golden Ratio is John Martineau's "Little Book of Coincidence in the Solar System", in which no references to Wicca occur whatsoever. Wiccans have made their own conclusions. The history of the pentagram could make another journaling prompt...
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Re: Getting Started

Postby WitchyWhitney » Mon Mar 13, 2017 6:02 pm

Thank you for this. I feel like I need a reminder on what you have said. The last portion I am actually printing out so I can see it every morning. A reminder :flyingwitch: THANK YOU!
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Re: Getting Started

Postby SpiritTalker » Tue Mar 14, 2017 4:59 pm

Goosebumps,all around. :)
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Re: Getting Started

Postby SpiritTalker » Fri Apr 14, 2017 1:27 pm


So by now you've read yourself cross-eyed, and have been absorbing some ideas. You might be asking how to begin a magical and/or a devotional practice. Frequent repetition makes something a "practice". Repetition moves ideas from the head into the day-to-day world at your finger tips.

Daily grounding, centering, shielding are basic. You have to make the effort and take the time to just do it. If the only time you can claim for yourself is in the privacy of the bathroom, shower time is fine for practicing. Really, use what you have and more will become available. It works that way. Also, if you're too stressed to take time for the basics, then now may not be the right time to be a witch. It may be best to wait a bit, and that's alright to do.

But if you can, then practice casting circle (& grounding unused energies) at a comfortable pace without creating drama. You don't need the negativity. Practice until you "get it" & the process flows. Do simple rituals on full moons and as many days of power as you can without stressing over it. When you can't do rituals, go for walks instead. Take time to be with the Earth and Her cycles and it will strengthen your connections. It will change you.

Make it a priority to meditate. Keep journaling. If you aren't meditating 10 minutes every day, try prayer beads and chants. And write about it. 2-3 pages of Stream-of-Comscioisness journaling is a form of meditation.

Consider a self-dedication and design your own ritual. Research first, of course. Get ideas. Pledge a time frame you can manage, from a month to a year and a day, and renew as guided. A good project for dedication is making and decorating your Measure cord. You can include charms that represent your goals, and add more as you go, to build a history of your path.

(Dedication is to make it your intent to observe and conform to a path, while Initiation is to complete an "ordeal" or obstacle course of tasks or quest related to a path.)

Every spiritual path has private devotions that are respected and quietly performed without huge displays or rigamarole. And in every religion the aspirant has to hunt for their own prayers and set aside daily time for reflection. There are a few pagan spiritual guides in print. Google some chants and use them when you rise, at mid-day and before sleep. Greet the spirits of trees, the sun and moon, the sky and the sacred Earth.

Do spells if/when you feel ready. Nobody is timing you. There is no quota to fill to qualify as a witch. And there is no better way to learn than to just do it.

Be aware of how you use the Earth, how you treat Her resources. Honor the Spirit of Nature where and when it makes itself known to you. Use your intuitive senses often. Stretch out. Touch and feel the life-essence within everything. Nod a greeting and share some energy back and forth. This crazy, darned planet has more kinds of life on it in one square yard than on any other planet in the solar system!

If you can garden, enjoy getting your hands dirty. Bury your chopped fruit peels to nurture the soil. Recycle spent or out dated herbs. Make a rock garden or use containers for small spaces. Grow your own herbs.

Treat yourself and others gently. Respect the Nature that you hold within you. When you are hurting (admit it, we all get hurt) touch a tree, a rock or the ground, and ask for healing of heart, spirit or body. Let the Earth Mother in. She's right there. If you don't feel that, let down the shield, release the drama, be yourself. No one has to know but you and the Mother of all life. And say a little "thanks". It makes you both happy. :wink2: And when life is good, share that too.

Balance the energy. Run an element-check on your physical body. Heart beat, blood flow, respiration, and your sense of the space you occupy. Your body temperature is fire, your breath is air, your bones and density are earth, and water is 60% of your body, as well as tears &'saliva.

Take a minute to energize the food you are going to eat. Think about where it came from and how it got to you. Animal or vegetable, it had life before it was processed into the form you hold. That life will join with you. Appreciate it. Try eating with magical intent associated with your food intake. See where it takes you. Eat vegan meals one day a week.

Have fun creating daily familiarity with symbolism. Look at a random object and describe it as a sacred symbol or in terms of it's being a representation of Deity. Eventually you can see the sacredness in all existence this way. It really vamps up the imagination.

Do a daily Tarot card or Rune draw and see how it is fulfilled. Observe. Relate. Feed birds and other wild life in winter. Recycle and repurpose. Clean up someone else's mess without griping as an Earth offering. Do something neighborly in secret to create good energy vibes. The world needs it. Smile for two consecutive minutes. (It's hard to do.) These are simple things to do to remind yourself that you have the freedom to choose to walk your spiritual path, from minute to minute.

Take the time to assess what Wicca and Crafting mean to you. Does it stir your witchy blood to recite the Charge of the Goddess or read mythology? Do you have an intuitive ability for spell making, & feel the way to make a spell if not the practical working know-how? Do you feel it in your bones when you raise power? It's a way of life. It's how we begin to think & relate to our surroundings.

Can you get in touch with the shamanic foundation on which the Western Occult framework appears to stand? It's something we work at little by little, and it can try our patience, because it simply cannot be rushed. We don't notice we've absorbed it until we become it. Then we're both human and witch as one. We awake and find it was always there.
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Re: Getting Started

Postby earthenergies » Sun Apr 16, 2017 6:15 am

THis is amazing! Thank you for taking the time to write all this wonderful info ST :)
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Re: Getting Started

Postby nightshroud » Wed Apr 19, 2017 11:11 am

thanks I learned a lot um I may not make daily practice available just depends on schedule.
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Re: Getting Started

Postby SpiritTalker » Wed Apr 19, 2017 3:43 pm

That's cool. Nobody's watching. You get to decide.
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