getting started (help)

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getting started (help)

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how do you get started in the art of wicca and things in relation? im really new to this but i would like to learn at least some basic guidelines.

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Re: getting started (help)

Post by SpiritTalker »

This old Q was never replied to. So, better late than ignored IMO.

Beginner books under $12: Thea Sabin's Wicca for Beginners: Fundamentals of Philosophy & Practice, and
Lisa Chamberlain's Wiccan Book of Spells.
Cunningham's popular Wicca, a Guide for Solitary Practitioner.
is free as a pdf.

Wicca in brief
1. Gerald Gardner & Doreen Valiente's prose gave a structure to autonomous regional witchcraft coven practices that were thought to be dying out in the mid-20th C.
2. There is no ultimate authority in Wica. Basic study is mythology & lore. Some texts to look up: Wiccan Rede, Witch's Creed, Witch's Rune, Charge of the Goddess, and Legend of the Descent of the Goddess.
3. Wicca generally guides the experience of Deity-in-Nature through ritual observance of seasonal cycles at Samhain, Imbolc, Beltane & Lammas, Equinoxes & Solstices (Sabbats) & at full moons (Esbats).
. Casting a ritual circle, the use of the altar and ritual tools, and spell-craft are part of Wicca.
4. Nature is generally perceived as divine with two forces: The Goddess and The God that go by many names. Deities are viewed as being Nature itself & as aspects of The Goddess & God, & as Beings all at the same time.
. Goddess titles: Primordial Star Goddess, Triple Moon Maid-Mother-Crone, Mother Earth, Lady o/t Sea, Mother Goose.
. God titles: Horned Lord of Death & Rebirth, Forest King-the Elder/Corn King-the Younger, Green Man, Santa Claus

Teach yourself to focus
. Gaze at a candle flame, observe it's colors & movement until that's all you see. If you wool gather just return your attention to the flame. Add comfortable 4-count breathing: inhale, hold, exhale, hold, repeat. Ask for guidance but stay focused on the flame. Do daily for 10-15 min.
. Practice feeling energy with the palms of your hands facing & not touching.Push energy from the belly to the hands & notice feelings like spongy resistance Or tingling heat as you move your hands. This is projecting.

Honoring Nature
. Extend subtle senses to surroundings to greet the "spirit of the place" where you are. Leave an offering.
. At full moons cast a circle & moon-gaze. Drink a cup of moon-charged water to aid intuition; leave offering.
. At Samhain, Imbolc, Beltane & Lammas cast circle & greet the spirit of the season; share cakes & ale offering.

Simple Circle - (Ref S.Cunningham & D.Valiente)
. Put the gear you will use inside the planned circle area.
. Start at north & complete each pass where you started.
1. Cleanse ritual space by sweeping the circumference <~widdershins with a broom to banish stagnant energy. Repeat: "'Round, around & 'round about. All good in & all bad out."
2. Ground & draw power to belly; project power through hand as you walk around deosil~>. Point and project the circle. See it in your mind. Repeat: "As I walk the circle is cast, guarding all and holding fast."
3. Do what you came for - worship, spell, meditation, divination. You don't summon so there’s no need to dismiss.
4. Give thanks & ground yourself to end the rite. A simple circle dissipates by walking through it.
. You can add on the full ritual when you feel ready.

Tips on setting up an altar
. An altar has symbols of deities & natural elements land, sea, sky & fire; add devotional & seasonal decor as you like.
. It's OK to use household & natural items as tools; many witches make their own tools.
. Tools represent the Elements: wand-air, blade-fire, cup-water, pentacle-earth. A wand invites & blade commands; the cup & pentacle hold offerings & charge potions & spells.
. Supplies - heat-safe (incense) bowl, candles & oil, water, salt - represent air, fire, water, earth.
. Set-up: Goddess candle & Water & Earth to the left; God candle & Air & Fire to the right; workspace in-between

Tips for Spell-Crafting
. Select materials related to the goal by element, property, usage, color, scent, resemblance or symbolism.
. Know Your goal:to attract, repel, hold or empower; pull energy on the breath from earth & sky to the belly.
. Set intent: project focused energy from the belly & out your hands & into the spell.
. Speak spell intentions in positive, present-tense words "I have, It is." Don't speak what you don't want.
. Closing with "For the good of everyone, so now it is done" or similar words can help prevent misfires.

Starter Kit
. Test a few kitchen herbs; rub between fingers, smell & taste each. Does it attract or repel? Subdue or energize? Appealing herbs suggest uses in blessing & attraction while those you pull away from suggest repelling & banishing uses. Sage, rosemary and lavender are popular for cleansing.
. Collect stones from different locations. Look for markings & that each is easy to hold. Use water-smoothed stones for healing, single-banded stones for manifesting wishes, stones criss-crossed with map-like lines for path finding, hag-stones with holes clean thru for Sight & protection. Chant goal related phrases while swaying & stone-stroking to effect change.

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Re: getting started (help)

Post by BlackMirror »

If you have Amazon Prime they have a free Wicca and Witchcraft class. It's very basic starter and free. Just ask Alexa to search for it.

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