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My Gemstone Experimentation

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My Gemstone Experimentation

Postby LoneWolf78 » Wed Aug 07, 2019 11:21 pm

Since this is in it's infancy (7-8-2019) I will date as I update entries to this original post rather than continually post a new reply every single time I have a new experiment to share with gemstones. Feel free to post your own experiences as well. Also, as some of my interest in gemstones centers around my own medical and physical needs, despite what claims I will be making, in no way should this be considered a substitute for medical advice. As always, for any medical issue, you should always consult a qualified health professional.

Black Agate: This was actually one of the first stones that caught my eye a couple of months ago. I saw it on a necklace that just looked really cool. I looked into the stone and what it meant and instantly understood my attraction. Having been depressed for a while and also being the recipient of a very bad ending of a social relationship without any clear reason as to why, I was grieving. Whenever I research anything, I always cross reference multiple sources. As soon as you find a repetition of the same information through various sources, I feel you are on solid ground. Every single source on black agate suggested that it was protective and helped through times of grief or bereavement; that it gives you strength to carry on and can even help keep the peace in negative households or environments.

So as you can see, I really didn't find this stone. It found me. When I received the necklace in the mail and put it on, I instantly felt it. Since having it, I have only taken it off on very few occasions and every time that I have, I felt as though I am missing something and put it back on and it works its Magick Again.

You will find that as a body piercing enthusiast, that a majority of the future stones that I will be talking about are in the form of flesh plugs for your ear lobes. I have each earlobe pierced twice. The top ones are an 8 gauge/3mm. The bottom ones are currently at a 14mm/9/16 of an inch (though I am considering jumping up to a 16mm or 5/8 of an inch). I find that this is an easy way for me to carry gemstones on me and have a very intimate connection to them.

In the top lobe piercing for the time being I have zeroed in on:

Blue Tigers Eye. With this one it is said to be protective, calming, soothing and to relieve stress and anxiety.

Since I figure that this is an all around good thing to have at all times, I wear this one in my top (and smaller) earlobe piercing. I really don't have plans of changing that at the moment. Since wearing this stone, I have actually found that I am less stressed and genuinely more happy.

My bottom earlobe piercing (the bigger one) I switch around depending on what quality I need at the moment or for the day. Today was:

Tigers Eye. This stone has many properties for healing and I recommend looking into them all. For my own purposes here is what I have found so far. Due to a medical condition that I have, I feel very fatigued a great deal of time. So, I got this stone in order to help with strength, will power, overcoming fatigue, and vitality.

One of the things that I have noticed since obtaining this stone, is that for me anyway, it is not a stone to wear if you want to rest and relax. I can feel that vibration in me like I need to be on the move doing something (which if you are trying to rest can be counterproductive). However, today, I was extremely tired. Yet I needed to take my son to physical therapy. Where I take him is air conditioned and has a space to walk in. My doctor has advised me that walking is the best form of exercise that I can do at the moment. In all honesty, I barely felt like taking my son for his physical therapy. At most, I thought, take him, sit, space out and go home. But I knew I wouldn't do that.

About an hour before we left, I put my tigers eye flesh plugs in. It took a while, but the fatigue did lift and boy did it.When we got there, once he was settled in for his physical therapy, I went upstairs to the walking area and did 12 laps in fifteen minutes. (12 laps equals a mile). When I went back downstairs, he wasn't done. But in no time at all, I was feeling revitalized again. After he was done, I took him to pick up a friend to bring over to the house, went out and did grocery shopping and have finally decided to lay down.

Now that I want to rest, I have taken my tigers eye flesh plugs out. For the moment tonight, I have decided to put in:

Lapradorite. This is probably the most interesting gemstone that I have come across thus far. It is good for opening up all of the charkas, protects the aura, it promotes telepathy and psychic abilities, it also can help with digestive issues and calm you from the events of the day. These are only a few things as this is a VERY powerful stone. One day I wore it without even thinking and my son's nurse said, "You are one of those connected people that always can bring the right people or things together. I can see that in your aura." It is also good for problem solving, deep relaxation and meditation.

At the moment, if I am not wearing Labradorite at night for relaxation I am wearing:

Zebra Jasper The appearance of this stone is that of a natural yin/yang. So instantly it is readable for one of it's properties: balance. It is also good with assistance to the astral plane and meditation. It is a calming and grounding stone. One of the main reasons that I use this, however, is that my condition causes me to have muscle spasms. Zebra stone is said to be very helpful with that and in my testing, I have found it to be true. Sometimes it is good for an overnighter, however, during the day if I feel a spasm come on, I put this stone in and within minutes feel relief.

So, this is my gemstone experiences so far. I will continue to update as I intend to continue on this path. I hope that others will also share their experiences and will find some useful information in mine.
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