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Funny/weird house/landlord stories :)

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Funny/weird house/landlord stories :)

Postby YanaKhan » Tue May 15, 2018 3:34 am

Well, I have several changing houses stories, but I thought I'd share this one.
Several months ago we had to change houses, as the landlady had luggage from 3 apartments in the one we lived in and refused to move it, because "she had nowhere else to put them" (and I'm talking suitcases, tables, windows, clothes from previous occupant, from her husband who passed about 10 years ago, tyres from her husband's car, etc). So I'm looking for a new flat, because my daughter is allergic to household dust and due to the landlady's things in the flat, I can't even clean it properly.

I found this ad for a nice flat in the same neighbourhood, the price is very affordable and at a certain day, I'm there to look at the flat and meet the landlady. After I looked at the flat, I'm absolutely in love with it, so I sit with the landlady to talk the terms. And the conversation is as follows:
Landlady: Do you clean often?
Me (thinking she doesn't want anybody to trash the flat): Well, yes, I hoover if not every day, once every two days. My daughter is allergic to household dust and I need to keep the place clean.
She: That's going to be a problem!
Me: ???
She: Well, see, I live downstairs and the noise is going to bother me.
Me: OK, you can let me know when you are at work and I'll do the hoovering when you're not home.
She: I guess that's fine. But what solutions do you use when you clean up?
Me: I use bleach in the bathroom, a floor solution for the floors and carpet cleaning solution for the carpets.
She: No, this is not going to work.
Me: ???
She: I hate bleach.
Me: But see, you won't be living in the flat, so I don't really see the problem.
She: I'll be checking.
Me: Excuse me?
She: I like to check on the tenants to see if everything is in order.
Me: Well, I'm sorry, but that's not acceptable.
She: Why? Do you have anything to hide?
Me: No, I don't have anything to hide, but if I rent the apartment, it's going to be my home. Do you just let people in your home to check on you?
She: It's my flat.
Me: I know that, still, checking on us is not acceptable. What if we are in bed and you just drop in...
She: I only check during the day.
Me (already a little pissed): If you would like me to rent the flat, we need to agree on boundaries. Checking on us is NOT acceptable.
She: I checked on the previous tenants, they didn't say anything.
Me: Well, they must have been quite patient. I am not.
She: I don't see this working out. You seem to me like a crazy person who is obsessed with cleaning.
Me: I am not crazy, but it seems to me you have some mental issues. I'd rather not live here. Goodbye.
She: Well, I'm glad we talked. When are you moving in?

I'm like .... "Ah?" I'm not moving in, I just told you I'd rather not live here.
I told her I'll think about it and left.
After that, I found another place, a little further from my daughter's school, but my current landlord's idea of checking on us is "Please, let me know if you are doing any renovations, because they are going to be on the rent and I would like to know beforehand if I'm not going to get the rent."

Well... your turn :)
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