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My French Revolution dream.

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My French Revolution dream.

Postby Terga » Tue Jan 30, 2018 4:34 pm

In my life, I have had many different dreams, probably over a 100 i can vividly remember and I think I will tell a few of them on this forum, for fun. The following dream is from when I was around 10 years old.

In my dream I was walking in a city, tied and with guards around me, and a big crowd was around me. The people were spitting, throwing spoiled vegetables and screaming towards me. The people were wearing medieveal looking clothes (robes, tailored clothing, etc). Eventually I reached a a "wooden stage" where I was forced to lay down under a guillotine. There were two men on the stage with me, one a priest (I think), the executioner and "someone with authority" The one with authority started to speak ill about me, I was a vile, greedy businessman with connection to the royalty etc. Honestly I didn't listen too much what he said because i already knew what was going to happen. I also saw my wife and children in the crowd, looking at me with sorrowful eyes. This scared me alot because I was afraid they would do something stupid and thus getting executed too. Seriosuly, I remember thinking, in the dream, praying that they wouldn't cry or scream so the others wouldn't find out they had any connections with me. Eventually the time had come, and I was going to get executed. Instead I felt a pain I had never felt before in my right leg. I was screaming and crying and the people around me were in shock. Somehow, the guillotine had snapped and instead of chopping off my head it chopped off my leg. The men who were holding the execution quickly talked to each other and came to a conclusion: Since the execution did happen I had technically already recieved punishment and as such, they would let me go.

The rest of my dream was about recovering and being with my family. Starting my business from the ground and move away from the city, to the coast. My children would grow up and I would live happily with my wife. The last thing I remember was thinking about my life, while sitting on a bench under a tree. it was a hot summer day and I was an old man. I was just sitting there, reminiscing about my life, until I woke up.

The crazy thing about this dream is that it felt so real and I was only around 10 years old. At the time I didn't really understand what happened, but as I grew up I understood the dream was about the french revolution. But the thing is, I don't think I had read or was taught about the french revolution at this age. Maybe I had seen a documentary about it on the tv? Furthermore, I even think it was in Paris since I have been there and visited the place where "my execution" were. Or so I think... For months after this dream I never slept with my legs outside my bed blankets, because it somehow reminded me of the "execution-that-went-wrong" in my dream.

Anyone got any ideas about this dream? Because it still amazes me to this day.
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Re: My French Revolution dream.

Postby planewalker » Tue Jan 30, 2018 5:40 pm

It could have been your subconscious mind relaying the information to your waking mind. You probably remember the smells that went with the things happening in the dream.

My guillotine joke. Three men were to be executed this day. Two of the men were of average intelligence and the third was, let's say, "logic impaired" to be nice.They had the choice of being brave and laying on their backs and watching the blade come down or cowards and do it the usual way. All 3 decided to be brave.
The first laid down, the executioner pulled the lever and the blade came rushing down and stopped two inches from his neck. He was set free. The same happened with the next prisoner. The logic impaired person laid down and before anything happened said "I see whats wrong".
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