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To free yourself from another

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To free yourself from another

Postby p3nathan » Thu Jun 06, 2013 8:01 am

Sometimes our happiness can become dependent on one person and there are times when this can be unhealthy. This spell helps to break their influence on you and does so by working on your own personal power.

Light two candles of your favourite colour; a colour that you feel reflects you and empowers you.

Take a few minutes to mediate on the person you want freedom from, what they do, how they make you feel, why you want to be free from them.

Then, try to stay as calm as possible for the next bit. Say the following:
Healing light run through my veins,
Reveal to me my personal chains.

See the emotional chains you are in as literal chains binding you. Around your arms, your body, the amount of chains depends on just how bound by this person you feel. I say stay calm for this part, because you shouldn't be surprised if you actually feel a sensation as if the chains are tightening around you. Stay grounded and in control, know that you are in your space and this is your spell.

Take a few deep breaths before chanting the following for the first of three times:
I cast these words through time and space,
So that my heart will soon embrace,
A freedom granted by myself,
To break the chains of someone else.

Feel the chains start to loosen. Then say the above a second time and imagine a few of the chains starting to completely unwind and drop off you, the chains begin to glow with the heat of your own power, focus your energy onto them and let them burn away. Say the spell for a third and final time and imagine all the chains melting away, turning to ash. The ash floats around you now, you are completely unbound and you may celebrate this freedom by throwing your arms skywards, sending the glowing ashes up into the air and as far away from you as possible.

Meditate for a while, appreciating how much strength is within you and how much freedom you are capable of having.
I hope people have success with this spell :)
Blessed be.
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Re: To free yourself from another

Postby Kassandra » Thu Jun 06, 2013 3:11 pm


Nice ritual contribution, p3nathan. Thank you for posting it.

:fairy: bling ~ Have a magical day, now ~

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