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Free card reading

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Free card reading

Postby theFeeLion » Thu Jun 14, 2018 6:58 pm

Hi lovely people!

I would like to offer a card reading to someone willing to give decent feedback. I’ve been getting to know my Thoth deck lately with the help of my Froud Faeries Oracle, and would like your help giving my intuitive muscles a workout. I’ve done a few readings for friends but would like to try with someone I’m unfamiliar with this time. I’m still new at specific card meanings for the Thoth so please be gentle with me ;)

I will use either one or both decks for you reading and may or may not use a spread depending on what I feel is appropriate at the time. My cards can have a mind of their own sometimes lol so I generally let them have their way, I’ve found my readings are much more successful then!

I am happy to do the reading with or without a question, but please be aware I am usually uncomfortable doing readings regarding the future (too many things can get it the way to change the outcome), health, legal matters or prying into other people’s business without their permission. Also, occasionally I find that a question will be ignored when there is more pertinent information to get across so my apologies in advance if that happens! I will also apologise now in case the cards decide to used brick-through-a-window tactics!

I will post your reading here once it is done however you are welcome to send me a pm if you feel more comfortable to do it that way.

If you would like to know more about how I go about my readings please ask away :)
Come faeries take me out of this dull world. For I would ride with you upon the wind and dance upon the mountains like a flame. - W B Yeats
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Re: Free card reading

Postby theFeeLion » Sat Jun 16, 2018 4:10 am

Ok Karma Khaos here’s you’re reading! Hopefully I don’t have too many typos in here coz I’m doing it all on my phone lol.


Not the best pic but oh well. It’s also missing the final card which decided it wanted to be pulled after I had taken the photo!

So as I said told you I came up with a bit of a spread, luckily the cards decided to cooperate with me this time (well, mostly anyway lol).

(That’s probably about as clear as mud lol)

1. This is your current job - 4 of Swords (aka Truce)
2. This is the side business you’d like to start - Adjustment
3. What’s holding you back - Ace of Disks reversed and Ffaff the Ffooter
4. How to overcome your block - Abundance reversed
5. Where this could take you - Knight of Cups

Extra cards:
Centre - Something you need to do before going forward - the Lady of the Harvest
Lower right - Faeries of the Future
Upper left (not in pic) - this is you - Queen of Wands

Let’s start at the start shall we? Oh, just before I begin, I tend to use metaphors to help me explain things especially when I don’t know much about a person or their situation so if things don’t make sense then let me know.

Your current job
The 4 of Swords in the Thoth in called Truce but I kept getting stalemate instead. Your current job seems to be the kind that does exactly that it says on the tin so to speak. I feel it’s not fulfilling you in the way you need, it keeps you mind working but that’s about it.

What’s holding you back from going ahead with your side business
here you have two cards. After a had pulled (I say pulled but they actually all jumped out) the Thoth cards I started shuffling the Faeries and Ffaff ffell (oops lol) out right on top of the reversed Ace of Disks. Ffaff is all about being grounded and you, my lovely, are not. You see how the Ace, such an earthy card, has its feet in the air? Ffaff says you need to do something about planting those feet back on the ground before you float away. He also said “A tree cannot grow with its roots in the air” and “a tree cannot grow without being firmly rooted in the ground” at kinda the same time lol

Something you need to do before moving forward
The Lady of the Harvest is here to tell you it’s time to do some harvesting of your own. Take a look at what is growing in your metaphorical garden. Clear out the weeds and dig up anything that is no longer of use to you. Doing this will make room and till the soil for the new that you want to bring in to your life.

How to overcome your block
My first impression of the reversed 3 of Cups when I saw it was that you don’t need money in order to go forward. This card is also another reminder to ground yourself. See the flowers on the card? They’re lotus flowers which have their feet deep in the soggy earth. These flower need a different kind of earth to grow and it’s probably a different kind than what you’re used to but, it’s no less important to prepare for (refer to Lady H about how).

Your side business
Adjustment is showing here that this side business has the potential to bring great balance to your life.

Where this could take you
This was a tricky one for me to interpret... I feel that this Knight could be a person that will give perfect balance to you (remember you’re the Queen of Wands in this reading, and when you look at these two cards they are the Firey part of Water and Watery part of Fire, together one brings balance to the other,) but I also feel this card is reiterating what Adjustment said just a little stronger. This side business really looks like it could be the force that balances out you life. A very powerful balancing force!

Finally, you have the Faeries of the Future standing on their heads. They seem to be looking up at Lady H while simultaneously looking forward. I think they wanted to underline the importance of doing that mental (and not so mental) harvesting and gardening, ideally before you take those first steps down this exciting path. Dig out your copy of the book and have a little read up about Lady H, I think you’ll find there are a few extra snippets in there that will help you out.

There a couple of other things I will add at the end here...
Within this reading you have all four elements/suits, all four card types (major, minor, ace, court), the relationship between the Knight and Queen, and Adjustment... all of things practically scream of balance. This side business you have in mind has the definite possibility to make you feel very balanced, happy and content!

Well I hope that all makes sense for you! Let me know how I did and if you have any questions I’ll do my best to answer them :)

Faerie blessings!
Come faeries take me out of this dull world. For I would ride with you upon the wind and dance upon the mountains like a flame. - W B Yeats
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Re: Free card reading

Postby Karma Khaos » Sat Jun 16, 2018 2:35 pm

Awesome! All makes perfect sense (although I will definitely be looking up the Fae to get a better grip of exactly what they're getting at.) Thanks!

Just one thing... the numbers? What was that all about? lol
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