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Freaky Tarot Experiences

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Freaky Tarot Experiences

Postby The_Reclining_Reader » Sat Oct 18, 2014 1:31 pm

I want to read about some odd Tarot experiences. I'll start.

About a year ago I'd gathered together with some other Wiccans (being a solitary myself, it doesn't happen often.) I was sitting at a table, chatting about the ritual we were about to perform (it was Ostara), and I was shuffling my cards. Some of the people I was talking to had never seen the Thoth deck before, and had been interested in viewing them. I'd already done a couple of reading. Anyway, as I was shuffling, the cards slipped out of my hands. That hadn't happened in quite a while, and I was quite surprised. All of the cards landed face down except for one. Most of us being Tarot readers, we stared at the card in shock before I quickly scooped them back up.

The card facing up was The Moon. Mwhahahahaha!
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Re: Freaky Tarot Experiences

Postby Sakura Blossom » Sun Oct 19, 2014 12:32 am

That's amusing. (:

I use my cards to communicate directly with my deities, one of which is Loki. After awhile of working with him, I found I really loved the way his name was spelled out in runes and was considering getting it as a tattoo. I decided to ask His opinion, just for fun, but the card I pulled was "The Devil" which as you know, one of the main keywords for it is 'bondage' and the card from that deck was... Incredibly sexual, which if you know the stories surrounding Loki, totally fits.

Then another instance, is I was asking about whether or not someone was playing tricks and I pulled a card that was literally him running away with Sif's golden hair in his hand.

Those are the two big ones I can think of right off the top of my head. The first is what really sticks with me, though. Haha.
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