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Folk Magic Discussion Guidelines

American Folk Magick, Hoodoo, Appalachian Granny Magic, Ozark Mountain Magic, Pow-wow Magic, and other types of folk magick are discussed here.

Folk Magic Discussion Guidelines

Postby Kassandra » Fri May 02, 2014 11:54 am


Hi. Folk Magic is a very "earthy" type of magical path. It usually incorporates whatever materials the practitioner has at his/her disposal, which could include various "personal effects," shall we say. But let's try to balance this fact with the wishes of the owner of the board, as reflected in the rules she has posted here (one of which I quoted below): EUTM Forum Rules.

Consider it like being a guest in someone's house, for example, and say they have a rule where everyone must remove their shoes before entering. Would we be good guests if we say, "I will wear my shoes in the house anyway, and I don't care what the home owner has to say about it!" Neither should we disregard the board rules here, though we might totally disagree with them.

After all, each of us is always free to visit other message boards, or even open our own message boards or blogs elsewhere on the 'net, if we really want to discuss a topic prohibited on this board. I have seen long threads thrown out (in which I posted on, too), and/or accounts closed due to a member's inability to "respect the house rules." I don't want that to happen, especially since it was my idea to open this Folk Magic forum, and Starwitch was nice enough to accommodate all of us and create it for us. So, let's not abuse the privilege, eh? :wink:

With that in mind, this is just a friendly reminder to keep the following rule in mind when posting to this forum (or any other, really):

13. Discussion of certain topics is not allowed. Prohibited discussions include, but are not necessarily limited to, blood drinking, the use of bodily fluids in spells, sex magick, using magic for revenge, using animal parts in spells, invoking evil spirits to do your bidding... and other stuff related to dark arts. While we understand that you may wish to learn about these subjects, even if you don't intend to be involved with them, we don't want to attract certain types of people to our forum by showing up in Internet searches for those keywords. It's our experience that people who are into that sort of stuff usually behave badly and end up banned from the board.

Thanks, and enjoy!

:fairy: bling ~ Have a magical day, now ~

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