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Is fate in her hands? Savior? Praise light?

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Is fate in her hands? Savior? Praise light?

Postby descarember » Thu Apr 10, 2014 1:02 pm

I've posted to a lot of different forums in hopes of finding proper help. No one seems to believe these events to be anything other than coincidence and ill health.

I have the black outs, where I sort of become another person. She claims to be the soul living within myself. Not like I am possessed, more like it's just my soul showing itself. Sometimes the black outs occur when I try to meditate. Other times, like today, I seem to slip away from reality, pass out. When I come to I'm in a strange place that I'm unaware of how I got there, my phone has been wiped clean, sometimes she leaves me notes or pictures on my computer. She even texts my boyfriend as herself.

I thought all of these events were just a weird mental health issue. I've sought medical treatment, they put on schizo meds which never made anything stop. I've had CAT scans and everything always came out just fine. I assumed I was just crazy... Until I met a small group of people who shared these problems and said that they were a part of some bigger picture. Destiny, fate, a war. I'm not sure what to call everything.

This is only half the story, I wouldn't know where to begin with anything else. Witchcraft and Wicca has always spoke to my heart. I used to practice but when these things started happening my faith took a back seat, which I supposed is the precise opposite of what should have happened. Either way I'm reaching out to my fellow Witches/Wiccans. Or really to anyone who believes what I have said.

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By the way, the friends who have had the same events say that this one young lady is 'The Light.' and long before I ever met these people my other self referred to herself as 'The Bringer of Light' or Serenity.

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Re: Is fate in her hands? Savior? Praise light?

Postby Starwitch » Thu Apr 10, 2014 2:35 pm

What sorts of things does she do when she takes over? Is she messing around with your love life and causing you problems? Leaving you in strange places and wiping your cell phone clean is obviously a problem, and I don't think a loving, helpful entity would do that to you.

All spirits are made of light. The Bible says that even “Satan disguises himself as an angel of light,” in order to deceive the faithful. In Latin, Lucifer means “Light Bringer”. I'm no Christian, of course, but I just think it's helpful to understand how even negative entities can appear positive to those of us on the physical plane. We have to judge them based on their actions, not their words. A spirit who cares about you isn't going to do things that result in you being medicated for schizophrenia.

So my first assumption is that, if there's an entity influencing you, it's a negative one who is leaching off your energy and using your body as a way to experience the physical pleasures that she can no longer experience as a non-physical being. If you're going to deal with this problem on a spiritual level, you could locate a shaman who is experienced in removing entities and also replacing parts of your own soul that may be missing due to traumas and stresses you've suffered.

Any spirit who takes over your physical body without your permission doesn't have your best interests at heart.
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Re: Is fate in her hands? Savior? Praise light?

Postby WillowMoon » Thu Apr 10, 2014 3:36 pm

I do agree firmly with what has been stated above. The first lesson one which I learned in many ways is always control when doing spirit work and setting up boundaries where you work with spirit that respect your energy aura fields, but they are not present in your own body as you are in control of that or at least in my experience, if they overthrow your control then there is a way which I found very useful for battening the hatches and learning control so to speak with terms of negative entities and you have to know you're in control of yourself person, mind, soul and heart to be able to do this.

The method is 'By Universal Law if you are of the negative intentions and do not have my best interests at heart then I command you to step back and by universal law you must respect my command as it is duly meant to be and I ask or command you to step back into the light and go forth peacefully'. That way the hold she has over you would be broken and you are firmly in control.

This is how I managed to disperse many voices in my mind that were malicious so I know it does work which was connected to an entity that was not working for my greater good. In my mind of minds now though it is as silent as anything and it also works for mind chatter too. This method does take a great deal of strength though to use if ever in doubt. Its like you need to really believe and know that you're in control of you, and there isn't anything that she can do about it. Tell or Show her whose boss basically...and if she doesn't like that then ask/demand/request her to leave you alone/leave you in peace and step back into the light. And know that she ought to respect your wishes.

I then protected up and surrounded myself in love and light and protection energies along with Archangel Michael and thanked him too for the extra much needed protection. It worked for me but if it works for you I am glad. If not it might be advisable to seek help to locate a shaman or someone who can help you.

It helps to ask them influencing you to step back and leave your energy aura fields so they do not interfere with your life if they are not invited to. It sounds like it could be a clingy energy that could be clinging onto your energy in some way too but as star has already mentioned above.
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