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Fairies! What about the Fay folk?

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Postby akumaxkami » Sat May 22, 2010 11:00 am

Most often, the Irish refer to them as the Little People, the Wee Folk, the gentry, etc.

I really don't know where or when it sprung up that the faeries don't like being called faeries.

This could be an interesting question to ask if I ever encounter one during a meditation session.
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Re: Fairies! What about the Fay folk?

Postby koshka19 » Tue Mar 01, 2011 2:57 am

fairies are only people in astral form meaning that if you see a fairy it usually (but not always) is a real person here on earth somewhere but takes on that form within the astral plains themselves. Not to be confused with Faye (which are a life sized version of a fairy itself) Although there are many creatures that can be classified as Faye such as nymphs and sirens also fit within this category. (Yes I know its a bit confusing) most younger fairies are astral but can become physical as they get older. Where as Faye are generally very trusting and curious creatures because they feed off of life energy.( And yes to answer a previous statement on here Faye do have their own realm known as the Fayewilds)
fairies themselves are not particularly trusting and their personalities tend to be very flighty as they can be eaten and used as energy for their energy by larger creatures on the plains. So technically it makes allot of sense that in this form they often do not appear to humans particularly those who aren't conscious of what their astral form is. Yes there are different kinds of fairies, and Faye, some are light such as seelies, or dark example being unseelies, others are elemental such as dryads (earth Faye born from trees.) If you see things such as fairies or Faye it IS a good sign that you are now more aware or in tune with your spirituality. spirituality is about questioning yourself and the world around you in a religious sense (if you do not question you cannot grow) When you reach this stage it is very common to become more aware and be able to use your natural physic abilities and gifts but also to have questions, it may be a sign that you will become astral soon, however these things only happen if they are meant to meaning that no amount of money witchcraft or special product or website online can provide you with this information if you are not meant to see this information in this lifetime. I cannot stress this enough because many people out there who are greedy and wanna make money off these poor folks seeking answers so there is ALOT of misinformation going around that has to do with some idiots idea of a get rich quick scheme. If you want the honest truth all of the above and below is NOT common knowledge and you'd be hard pressed as to find it online. If you want to see more fairies or have more questions about astral creatures whatsoever or questions in general having to do with anything magical my best advice is to vision quest under the influence of guide or spiritual plants (yes be forewarned not all of these are legal plants) ((do as you wish or what you feel is right because I don't shun or condone either of it)) and or find a spiritual guide (shamans would generally be best for this type of work) to help guide you I did both and since doing so I have found out what I am on the astral plains and explored the plains themselves but also found both my deities and familiar and gotten myself on the life's path that I know I will flourish on. If you feel you are in need of a guide or would like one you can ask your specific deities the goddess or the lord and lady. When practicing magic or pagan rituals in general its best to go with your first instincts and it is very common to receive sings or instincts regarding your path or a magical solution to any problem (many, but not all pagans receive these signs) these things will only become more common as you get deeper into your spirituality.
If you have any questions feel free to pm me. If not best of luck to you.
, potts
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Postby Evanthe » Tue Mar 01, 2011 3:23 am

WiccanBoy94 wrote:Wait, so if faeries don't like to be called faeries what should one call them?

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