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My eyes are playing tricks on me...?

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My eyes are playing tricks on me...?

Postby Jericho » Sat Aug 13, 2011 5:46 am

I was sitting outside at 2:30AM with my cousin, watching the meteor shower. We just came back from a party. I sighted 21 meteors while she saw 10. The thing is, after a while of stargazing I saw stationary stars starting to move in circles and loops, but staying in their area, if you can get what I mean. The only star that didn't move was Jupiter (I can identify Jupiter on the night sky because it's so freaking bright lol). I got a bit freaked out, but I continued to stargaze. I was wearing my glasses, so it might haveve been a lighting trick of some sort.

But, in addition to the moving stars, I started to stare into the night sky, and suddenly, I thought I saw thousands and thousands of invisible meteors were shooting in different directions. They looked transparent. I thought it was another trick of the glasses. I also saw meteors moving in a direction for a good 5-10 seconds until they disappeared.

I don't know whether this is a natural occurrence, or something psychic, because this was my first meteor shower that I have witnessed.

Any answers are welcome. :)
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