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My experience and ask for advice

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My experience and ask for advice

Postby BalticWic » Thu Nov 19, 2015 2:17 pm

Hey Group!

I've been putting Tarot on and off for a while, mostly off though. So today, I felt really like clear and decided to pull some cards.

I've always considered the cards to "lie" to me, or I just couldn't understand them the way I needed to. I did a reading today (just pulled 3 cards) on what future will bring, got some general info, nothing in particular.

Then I chose to pull a card about myself... I just thought I'll pull a card and see who am I really. I shuffeled the deck and out came Queen of Cups -- I did a research about that card and felt that it was everything I am... though not male, but I am cancerian and I have all of the traits.

I did a reading, now using a little bit more complex spread to get all the energies into place too. At first I didn't understand a thing and discarded it quick. I went to do a little research again and voila the cards then seemed to make sense.

I then thought to pull a card again.. about myself just like to be fool-proof and then came the chariot -- WHOOHOO! I knew that it was all random blubish.. then I again did some research :lol: and found that it corresponds to the card I got about myself earlier.. So now I see some of the mistakes I did.

1) Not enough research
2) Taking few "divinatory" meanings and then discarding them
3) Not being open enough.

I see that with Tarot you really have to be open.. if it doesn't fit you, then discard it doesn't work. It makes you really analyze it.

What could you recommend me to do for further practise?
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Re: My experience and ask for advice

Postby FranMirren » Thu Nov 19, 2015 4:02 pm

I started reading the Tarot over twenty years ago. Before even starting a reading, I read and learned. I was advised at the time to start with the Rider-Waite deck. I bought the deck and the companion book and studied the cards and their meanings. After that I started to really study the cards and see what kind of feeling I got from each one. I'd pull one card each day with no intention and just see how I felt or what came to mind. I kept a journal and did my homework religiously, so to speak, because I wanted to really be successful.

My big problem was that I never really connected to the Rider-Waite deck. It took months for me to learn from that companion book. I knew each meaning by heart but when I'd pull a card, I felt something completely different all the time so I was convinced I was doing something wrong. I continued to read the cards daily, doing various spreads, but I was never happy with my results.

When I was at the Magick shop, one deck really called out to me, the Fairy Tale Tarot. I bought it and connected with it immediately. I rarely looked at the companion book for meanings because the cards themselves gave me everything I needed to know. I suddenly felt like I could actually read the cards and get objective insight and advice.

Learning the meanings helped me a lot despite not feeling a connection to my first deck. So I'd say learn and practice until you feel like you know the meanings of each card. You're right that not being open enough will shade your abilities into only seeing what you want to see. If you go into a reading thinking it's bull, then all you'll get from the reading is bull you know? I don't read the cards to get answers I want to hear, I read them for objectivity, but also for fun! Also do research on different decks because you might connect with one more than another.

For me, letting go of using the book meanings strictly for interpretation helped me to open up and use my own senses to gain meaning. I'm not a traditional type of Tarot reader, and I only do readings for myself and my best friend. If you plan to read for a living, others might have more sound advice. Good luck!
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Re: My experience and ask for advice

Postby Becks » Thu Nov 19, 2015 8:12 pm

Hey BalticWic-I just want to compliment you on your perseverance and self exploration. I think that it's kept working on it and exploring your own path with the tarot bides really well for your studies in the field of "witchy-ness"...or whatever you call your skill development. I do think that says a lot about you and I feel like this really is how it's done. While people can tell you things exploring on your own is so much more powerful.
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Re: My experience and ask for advice

Postby Vesca » Sun Nov 22, 2015 8:07 am

The Chariot is often associated with Cancerians as well. Hello fellow Cancerian! :)

I feel like with the Tarot, as well as other divinatory methods, we need to be able to reflect within ourselves and look at things beyond the immediately obvious. It takes some work, it takes a lot of "letting go" to relax enough to let your mind wander those paths, and for people with literal minds (like myself) it can be hard to let those seemingly strict definitions slide a little into unfamiliar territory (which is often where I find the accurate interpretations).

Keep at it. Keep reflecting, meditating, reading, and your understanding and connection with your cards will increase.
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