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Essential oils vs Fragrance oils

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Re: Essential oils vs Fragrance oils

Postby firebirdflys » Fri Jan 04, 2019 8:44 pm

Hey, you're welcome Xiao, I do see this question come up very frequently.
Just because something says it is Lavender (for instance) doesn't mean it really is.
I knew of a vendor who had his little sign up over the oils saying "essential" I stood there and made a huge stink about the fact they were all fragrance oils, and he insisted they were essential, I think enough people in the shop heard me challenge him and the next time I visited he had changed the sign. Thank god, how many people took those home thinking they had something that could be potentially taken within, what if they did? I don't even know what would happen.

I have run into a few OK smelling fragrance oils but that's what I use them for ...perfuming the body. I use essential oil more frequently though, it just has a different vibration. The energy in essential oils is what you are looking for when using in a spell, fragrance oils contain little if any energy of the plant it claim to be mimicking.
OldSoul7 wrote:Young Living and DoTERRA brands are both fine for this.
I am unfamiliar with Young living brand, but DoTERRA has a pretty good oil, just overpriced as heck. I also am disenchanted with their multi level marketing ploys.

Investigate some well known aromatherapy books or institutes and see what brands they recommend or do not. ..or go to a health food store and smell some...the ones I mentioned in the original post are good but I am really not here to endorse, or debunk any brand.

blessings, FF
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