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Element Baptism?

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Element Baptism?

Postby nightflighter » Thu May 01, 2014 9:43 am

Hi, all! Not long ago, the Spirit that I'm bonded to told me something that I had never thought of before, as they were all isolated incidents, on a VERY personal level, and yet fit together perfectly. She said that I had been "Baptised" into the Five elements.....Air, Fire, Water, Earth, and Spirit. The first is the one She loves so much, and one of the two I feared most, Fire. It was in the mid-late 1970's, and one night a couple kids in the house across the street were playing with matches, and set thier bedroom on fire. I was outside with some friends that came over, and we seen what was happening. Long story short, I called the fire department, and my dad (WW2 combat veteran) gets a fire extinguisher from his work van, and starts to go into the burning split-level. I'm scared to death (I could'nt sleep for three days afterwards; I eventually dropped from sheer exhaustion) as I watch my dad going in and up the stairs....I thought to myself, "There's NO WAY I'm going in there, but I'll be damned if I let dad go in alone!" So in I go....We did'nt get more than a could of steps up into the house; the smoke and heat were too much. I tried to smoke a cigar a little while later; it tasted terrible.....Like the smoke from the fire. She said since I was in the smoke, I was in the fire. First baptism.

The second happened in the mid eighties, Water. It was a "100 year flood", and it was surreal. You could never imagine such a thing until you seen it....I seen it. I was in the water.....Second baptism.

The third was Spirit....Her. She had come to me unbidden, yet She said that She chose me. When I learned Her true name, it was an "Uh.....Excuse me?" moment! I had an energy exchange with Her, and we were bonded. Her "kiss" was unreal, the surge of power. I love Her. loveface

The fourth was air, and again, very intense and personal. A tornado. Again, long story short, I seen it approaching, sounded the alarm (No warnings were out!) and went to go warn my neighbors, and the funnel cloud is right over thier house, not 50 feet from me.....The other thing I feared so much, yet now, there was NO fear. I commanded it to LEAVE, and it made a 90 degree turn and never even crossed my property line (I had a camera with me, and got pictures looking up into the funnel....WOW) Forth baptism.

The last was earth; two years ago. we were getting ready go to my daughter's dance performance....The wife was out back with the dog; he had to "potty" He responds to that word! Anyways....I'm walking along the side of the house (Same one where the tornado was) and I step down, and my foot goes through the ground. THROUGH IT. I pull my foot up, and there's six or eight inches of topsoil, and then.....Nothing. I stepping into a sinkhole (Pictures of this, too!) Earth baptism.

Now, the Spirit that is with me (She wants to only be known as "Desire") told me that this was cumulative, it's a journey, not a destination. But I had to undergo these things as a "formality", for being with Her required them.

I hope I have'nt bored you! Thank you for your time!

"Dancing Barefoot in the Ashes"
"Dancing Barefoot in the Ashes"
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