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Eclipes tonight

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Eclipes tonight

Postby kaliys » Tue May 04, 2004 11:42 am

:D Its the eclipes tonight and i have heard that while watching the eclipes if you wish someone or something out of your life it will banish them. I don't know if it works but i have been told by other witches that it does. But even if it doesnt it'll be nice to watch the eclipes; clouds permitting ofcourse. goodnevil
Blessed be

I've just realised that i'm in london/United Kingdom and near enough everyone else is in the USA. Hello everyone :D

Postby Dancing_Moon_Child » Tue May 04, 2004 12:30 pm

It doesn't matter where you are........we love all our British members' accents. A friend just sent me this thru email....thought I'd pass it on to you. I have 5 planets in Cancer (hence the name Dancing Moon Child) so any anomaly pertaining to the moon affects me sometimes more than others. LOL...during eclipses and full moons I can hardly speak I'm so enamored with the lunar show.
Peace and Love,
Dancing Moon Child

FULL MOON / LUNAR ECLIPSE exact 3.33 pm cdt
> Tue May 4th, 2004 [14 deg 41' Scorpio]
> -----------------------------------------------------
> This Full Moon is in the sign of Scorpio, opposing the Sun in
> Taurus. This Full Moon period will be extremely passionate
> and physical; the Scorpio Moon opposing the Taurus Sun may
> require balancing emotional possessiveness with true inner
> power. The Scorpio/Taurus polarity represents holding on
> versus letting go, and is a predominant theme this Full
> Moon period.
> The challenge now is to allow the two sides to work together
> harmoniously; this can be tough, since emotional energy is
> usually quite heated around the Full Moon period, and many
> may be touchy and over-sensitive. Give everyone the benefit
> of the doubt, and use the intensity of this lunation to
> focus on productive matters pertaining to your sign.
> Since this lunation is also a lunar eclipse, matters ruled
> by the house it transits ise more emotionally significant
> now. All eclipses signify transformation - since this one is
> lunar, one is more likely to focus on emotional needs and
> whether they are being met. A good time for meditating on the
> themes of that house - ask yourself if you are being true to
> yourself now regarding matters ruled by that house. Remember,
> the theme is one of emotional growth and transformation, so
> be honest with yourself.
> -----------------------------------------------------
> Tue May 4th, 2004 [at 08 degrees 54' Virgo]
> -----------------------------------------------------
> Jupiter has been retrograde since Jan 3rd 2004, and many
> have felt the frustration of not being able to move ahead
> [especially those with personal planets between 03 and 13
> degrees Virgo]. Be prepared to heave a big sigh of relief,
> we're almost in the clear; you can find great opportunities
> ahead for expanded growth and prosperity. This also signifies
> a time when spiritual experience is heightened, and inspiration
> abounds.
> When Jupiter was retrograde, it taught us what was needed for
> our internal balance and health. Jupiter's annual retrograde
> cycle is a time to contemplate our personal code of ethics.
> Sometimes whatever we may be removed from during the
> Jupiter
> retrograde cycle was somehow damaging to the ego's fullest
> expression according to its own measurement of
> appropriateness...
> basically, the higher self is on damage control!
> Use wisdom and higher guidance now to move forward on
> matters
> ruled by the house Jupiter is transiting in your personal
> chart now that Jupiter is direct [read the forecast that
> corresponds with your own birth chart]. Otherwise, your Sun
> sign forecast is determined using the Natural House system.
> ::coolglasses::
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Postby kaliys » Tue May 04, 2004 2:03 pm

Thanks for that, its very informative. :D

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