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Dreams that are generated from my tarot

Dreams, dream interpretation, sleep paralysis, night terrors, hearing voices, vibrations, etc.

Dreams that are generated from my tarot

Postby Aceso » Sat Jan 26, 2019 9:30 am

Blessings to you all.
I have decided to get more connected with my green witch tarot deck. So I have started to pull a card out by random and put it under my pillow. Before I fall off to sleep I something like "goddess thank you for the blessing of the day. Please allow the message to come through for the tarot."
I fell asleep but it was not peaceful. It was definitely uncomfortable and when I finally went to sleep I dreamt of fire but it was not burning anything and a man. He was tall shaggy/dusty brown hair. He was wearing black cloths and I woke up. Now get this My husband had a dream about the house was on fire.
The card I pulled was the Ace of Wands. connection with new beginning, career, new project. Also it is associated by fire.
Any thoughts on who the man could be?
So this is the path I have set my self on to connect with my tarot and open up more spiritually. As I am writing this my I feel pressure around my crown.
I would love to continue telling all of you about my experiences. Not sure this is the right forum I put this in. I ask for guidance in where to place this.
Thank you all. Blessed be :flyingwitch:
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