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Dreaming of a rainbow dragon

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Dreaming of a rainbow dragon

Postby stormofwind » Mon Sep 30, 2019 1:02 pm

So in the dream I was walking home in the rain .
got home the rain cleared looking at up sky the rain had stopped
from the side the house where the door is .
I seen a dark object it had wings it came closer to me it was dragon
I was somewhat scared . as it got closer it was rainbow colored.
it had most of it was covered with beautifully colored feathers.
It looked like chinese dragon I looked up called hong.?
As it got closer it looked at me it only a couple feet from me .
It had alot power. it didn't say anything.
but telepathically it said you are strong and you are on right path.
It slowly took off .
thats all I remember.
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