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Dream signs?

Dreams, dream interpretation, sleep paralysis, night terrors, hearing voices, vibrations, etc.

Dream signs?

Postby Bruhdelaire » Fri May 17, 2019 12:20 pm

Hi all!

I'm back today to clear my mind from this recent experience - and maybe ask for counsel/opinions on it. As I am still learning - and slowly dedicating myself, I haven't done much in terms of ritual. I did celebrate Beltaine (and rather felt like a disappointment to myself) but I usually keep to daily prayers/thanks at my altar.

Yesterday, as I was falling asleep, I had the strangest of vision/dream. My last words, when possible, are to the Gods and Goddess, and I think one of them visited me.

I saw this hooded figure, where her face was made of wood , the knots of the vines like a body and an old, old face. She was becoming me closer and closer, her wooden hand moving and so inviting and when I reached her, her face became youthful again - and still made of wood. She embraced me without saying a word, and as she turned away, she seemed to follow this glowing orb, not unlike the sun, and the whole world turned black, and I had no other vision left.

My eyes seem to be warm, like I was still seeing for a few moments afterwards. I can't really remember the details of the face I saw, but I can sense that there was a third eye carved onto the wood of the older woman's face.

It is truly my first vision/dream that I can associate with my path - like I mentioned in another topic, I lack the focus for visualisation or grounding exercises usually.

I do feel like it is a good omen, what do you think about it? I want to take it as I am welcomed and righteous in the path I am starting to walk in, but maybe there are nuances I am missing.

(I also don't want to name this figure just yet in fear of doing wrong to the Goddesses I work with - but i do feel like there could be a strong connection between this figure and the Morrigan. But I feel like she isn't one people usually work with this early in a path)

If you have any ideas to offer, I am all ears. Thank you again x
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Re: Dream signs?

Postby SpiritTalker » Fri May 17, 2019 4:39 pm

My 1st impression was Crone/Maid duality or a female equivalent to Janus/Janu dual male statues. & the old time statues were wooden carvings of course. And I think it's a favorable image of salutation & welcome. I wouldn't worry about insulting one goddess form by naming another. She has shown herself in this way &' i think it's right to recognize Her on her own terms. I get it that you don't want to mix. I'm wondering if the form you presently honor is a mother-form since this was crone & maid?
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