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Drawing more positive cards but unsure how positive

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Drawing more positive cards but unsure how positive

Postby ErisDysnomia » Fri Feb 24, 2017 8:11 am

So I posted a while ago about drawing negative cards especially surrounding relationships.

I changed how I interacted with people and instead of being shy and scared I started being more outgoing and taking the initiative. Especially in the dating world - so far it has yet to work out.

I've periodically do reading between me and a friend that I have known for a very long time. This is a person I think could possibly be my twin flame. We have the same initials, mine and his fathers birthday are a day apart, we have been through similar life trauma at almost the same points in our lives. Over the years we just keep coming back to each other no matter how long we have been apart.

My first few readings were positive, drawing the 4 of Wands as a final card in a romance spread (back in Sept 2016). Then I drew swords signifying the death of the relationship (Nov 2016)... which actually happened.

I left him a lone for a few months then after I couldn't tolerate how he hurt me I eventually took the route of confronting him about how I felt about everything that happened. He apologized, and said he would make it up to me.

I did a number of readings last night because I'm very unhappy with my love life (my first few questions non-specific to my friend) I worry about if I will ever be married, or have children at this rate it definitely seems like a losing battle but the cards were very positive to point to a good outcome.

I asked a few yes or no questions like if I already knew the person I would marry. Yes. Will I be in a relationship in the next year. No. 8 of Swords boo. Will I be in a relationship in the next 5. The card was a maybe card, which sucks for me because that is roughly the time frame doctors gave me to get into a relationship and get pregnant or I become sterile thanks to endometriosis.

Then I asked is my friend and I would get married. My three cards were Justice, Page of Wands, and 6 of Cups. I learned that the 6 of Cups does have multiple meaning though... some say it's a sign of innocent love, some say it's the card of soul mates, and others says it's a short term fling type card. It's meaning is generally taken from the cards around it and I'm not sure of the effect the other cards I drew on this card in particular.

Have any of you experienced this kind of back and forth of events in periodic readings?
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