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Dowsing with rods

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Re: Dowsing with rods

Postby kevin » Tue Mar 17, 2015 7:40 am

The equinox is a SWITCHING time that nature reacts to.
It's all about fields within fields within fields, then the field patterns been altered as each field symbiotically interacts with others.
The moon is the most reguler such , 52 times annually.
It then depends on where the sun is, mars is venus is , and how they affect each other field patterns.
The eclipse means the three most important relative to ourselves are well aligned.

The detectable flows are a kind of magnetic rivers, and they react as other fields are near .
The solstices and equinoxs are when the most reversals occur ( churning the milky way, as described in the bas reliefs of eastern temples)
The trees and most plants are reacting already by reversing their own personal fields so that they create a local reversal within them that the water is attracted upwards.
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Re: Dowsing with rods

Postby SnowCat » Tue Mar 17, 2015 10:10 pm

Now you have me thinking about the earthquake in the 1800's that temporarily reversed the flow of the Mississippi. I know it was the New Madrid fault, and Tecumseh had predicted it, but the details fog out on me beyond that.

Your description of the switching at the equinox has given me food for thought. I have some patterns specific to me that happen around the equinoxes. Something to pawnder.

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Re: Dowsing with rods

Postby kevin » Wed Mar 18, 2015 3:07 am

The flows on rivers reverse regurally .
The Severn bore here is a surfers delight.

This is My nephew Daniel, We seem to have a thing for water...

Water is not FLOWING, it is reacting to what is called attraction.
Ampihdromic points reveal in oceans the vortex centre locations, where opposite spin vortexs create tides.
Simply imagine every atom been a kind of magnet, and the fluid showing the reactions as field patterns alter.
In mass it shows more in so called Earthquakes, these are not as assumed, this is where TIME is involved, as with tides, but the mass is far more compacted.
Earthquakes reveal tears in TIME.

NO-THING is moving....this planet is not moving, the moon is not moving, the sun is not moving.
All of this thinking is to limit humans conciousness.

All in creation is SWITCHING.
Our whole conciousness has been limited to 3D, with all said to be permanent( big bang garbage)
This is a multi dimensional universe, where 3D is a compression of memory, and all is of universe, thus all the stars and planets are compression points into 3D, and thus end up as spheroids as the compression is from all directions at once.

The lattice structure which all of this SWITCHING is occuring upon is the so called LEYLINES.
They are super high frequency signallings of universe.
Hence what TT Brown picked up with His devices....radio.

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Re: Dowsing with rods

Postby kevin » Fri Mar 20, 2015 2:36 pm

And the equinox to come yet.
The partial eclipse was magic.
I didn't expect to occur what did.
My rods reversed fast at 9.35 after slowly fully reversing for an hour leading uptop the eclipse, then slammed back to normal.
I love that magic moon.
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Re: Dowsing with rods

Postby firebirdflys » Sun Feb 21, 2016 12:54 pm

Hey there kevin, were coming to the Equinox soon but no eclipse this time, the moon will be full shortly after.
I wanted to view your you tube link however the video is gone.

I have some copper rods and was wondering if you have some exercises a novice could practice? We go camping that week to some great open space, seems like there would be a good classroom. So many pipes and what not in town.

Additionally I have difficulty grasping the concept that an earthquake is a tear in time, having lived through 2 very large ones ...though I can say that time was not easily defined in those moments. Trying to determine the seconds spanned in the shaking is what...up to the perceiver? Because most of us felt the shaking to be much longer than it actually was. And if time is tearing, what about those who are not in the midst of the temblor?

Thanks. .. Firebird
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Re: Dowsing with rods

Postby Tiger » Sun Sep 02, 2018 6:29 pm

A fascinating topic.

I have tried dowsing once and the rods appeared to be quite responsive even though they did not find what I wished to find. I did find water and I did find electricity but I was really looking for my denture. It disappeared at about the same time I was gifted with a bell. Perhaps gift and give?
Anywho I was wondering if you had any tips that would help me with my experimenting with the rods?

Many thanks

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