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Don't Call the Police, Whatever You Do --Not Now--

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Don't Call the Police, Whatever You Do --Not Now--

Postby Kassandra » Mon Dec 07, 2015 6:39 pm


...unless, of course, it is to listen to some oldies.

stewart losing it 1.jpg

A toast to all the UK punk girls and boys from back in the day, who sported their angry, razor-cut, Bowie-inspired mullets with all the appropriate pride and dignity...I remember you, I salute you, we are kin.

Extremely important music insider trivia 1: Fact: they say this is how Stewart Copeland behaved after he'd reduced his daily candy intake from 60 bags to 10. See kids, there's hope...there's always hope. I must say, that is some pretty impressive chair-drum going on, though.

george michael imitating sting --or vice versa-- who knows.jpg

The perennial question that kept the world on pins and needles back when this video came out in the early 80s --from the Pope, to presidents, and even me, for cryin' out loud-- was who copied whose look? Did George Michael ape from Sting, or was Sting aping George's look? Personally, I always suspected their fashion stylist was moonlighting to make ends meet, but what did I know. The world [sigh] may never, really know.

Extremely important music insider trivia 2: Fact: I make a personal friend watch George Michael videos when she gets too serious in life, cracks her up every time (she especially cannot keep a straight face with this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pIgZ7gMze7A, lol).

:fairy: bling ~ Have a magical day, now ~

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