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Directions, associations and travelling

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Directions, associations and travelling

Postby Mordinna86 » Wed May 22, 2019 5:16 pm

What do you associate with the directions when you look around in your mind? Without just copying what you've read. Because I always had ideas from a young age which didn't fit what people often told me.

If I attributed elements to them South would be both earth and fire, and North would be spirit, or ether.

In the southwest I see dragons with 3 heads, there are eggs lain around the coast which are all empty now, and large expanses of sand like desert with dark figures wandering on. Sometimes there's a big black snake out there. In the south east near the sunrise I see red earth, and moons often appear there, or cards, or aurora. East is lovely like jangly bells and sunlit tree tops, north is the top of the world, elders, ice, blue and red flames, space travel. West is the ocean, wild, stormy and drear.

I see it in relation to where I live in Cornwall. The sahara is to the south. I often meet some sand or grass seas looking that way. It's a nice place to go lie to recharge. Sometimes African spirits travel up here to wander about, chat, bring dreams for the children. It's where the sandman idea came from I think. When a person dies or is convalescing they get buried under an obelisk with a timer. Sometimes as a kid I'd dream of bubbles floating around the garden and a sweet smell like honeysuckle. They joked it was the 'Russian gas salesmen.' There was a bubble stall outside a church in town. And buildings with colourful domes on the top, quite dragony again. A street in town has colourful masked people hanging from the windows. I had to find my way around a big medieval looking town and couldn't fine my way. I figured out the streets were in alphabetical order though. A, then B. So if you found yourself somewhere really weird looking and panicked you knew C or D must be across the next alleyway.

There is a sea to the south. Sometimes high tide will burst the banks and threaten to flood which I think is a warning. I also see people from the past walking along the shore, old donkey carts, things like that and wandering round old dusty houses to find somewhere to hide.

If you listen to your inner voice and speak intuitively you can invent your own 'catspeak.' I called the 3 dragons for instance Wester (dark blue), Orin(red) and Vespin (green), though someone was claiming the blue one.

There is a cave with a weather map in it, quite like dragonstone in GOT. They talk about which dams to let go, things like that. They send warnings, which noone takes seriously at all. I could see they had big gates around the UK that shut UK airspace apparently. One dam was called Dockley or Doxley I think. Greenland is used to create storms. It's quite muddled often, I mean I end up at the deli section of an old supermarket I knew at the same time as the cave! With stormy palm trees blowing outside.
I think they walk me round the supermarkets to keep me occupied.
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Re: Directions, associations and travelling

Postby SpiritTalker » Thu May 23, 2019 9:18 am

I think most regional concepts depicting the cardinal directions are based on geographic features of the location. The ceremonial magic "standard" may be Egyptian. It seems logical that every indigenous magical system has it's own plan. Working with Spirits of Land is obviously local to the geography. Where I live I'm 2 blocks from a river & 20 miles from a very large lake. I'm water bound & it effects the weather more immediately than it impacts my magical concepts. I feel a noticeable difference between working indoors with mental constructs of elemental forces & being outdoors in direct contact with the pulsing currents. They're like 2 different levels, one symbolic & the other physical.
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