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Different ideas about Satan?

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Re: Different ideas about Satan?

Postby Lady_Lilith » Thu May 11, 2017 11:37 pm

Star_Priestess wrote:The following is my intellectual analysis and does not convey any opinions:

The idea of an ultimate evil has been around since the beginning of Zoroastrianism, arguably the world's oldest monotheistic religion, and supposedly the precursor to Judaism. Lilith, as far as I've learned, is a completely Hebrew story and while she did divorce Adam and embraced her sexuality, she wasn't the "consort of Satan" and just slept around with demons much like a succubus, and was said to kill children in their sleep. "Lullaby" is a word that comes from Lilith's name and was sung to children to ward her off. Judaism doesn't even recognize the existence of Satan or the Devil.

Satan as we have now is a Christian concept. Christians through out the millenniums have seen him as the serpent who tempted Eve or as Lucifer, who was also known as a separate entity such as a fallen angel, Babylonian king and has been recognized as the god of the morning star. The separate entity is the more logical approach.

The image of Satan, with the horns and cloven hooves, comes from the Pagan deity Cernunnos or the Greek Pan the early Christians distorted. They made it like that to create propaganda and convince people to convert to the new religion and make the Pagan ones be construed as evil, either as Satan or as demons aligned with him. In the Old Testament, God had forbade humans from eating animals with cloven hooves such as pigs because they were considered to be unclean. On a related note, Viking helmets are erroneously depicted as being horned to align them with the Devil and make them be considered as barbarian heathens.

Lilith is not completely Hebrew. She was Sumerian then Babylonian, then adopted by the Israelites. "Satan" comes from "Hasatan", the adversary, anonymous angel in the book of Job which is recognized by Judaism. In Jewish mysticism, the identity of this angel is given the name Samael and is paired with Lilith. However, a figure sort of like Satan of Christian myth exists in Jewish folklore named Asmodai. (Asmodeus) In the folkloric traditions, he is paired with Lilith. While the mystic tradition states there is more than one Lilith and matron Lilith of Eden is with Samael, her daughter younger Lilith is with Asmodai.

There is also a Hebrew figure similar to the Christian idea of Satan in the bible and lore. He is an ancient angel named Azazel and rules over "satyrs" of the desert. The Israelites used to sacrifice to him and God. This is all pre-contact with Europe, too.
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Re: Different ideas about Satan?

Postby Mr Crowley » Sun May 14, 2017 9:04 pm

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