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Die Cut Burrs Fix On The Sides Of any Deck

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Die Cut Burrs Fix On The Sides Of any Deck

Postby Silent Stream » Sat Sep 05, 2015 7:52 am

A deck I just purchased had pretty rough die cut marks on the sides, working 16 years in a tool factory I understand the problem. Someones let the cutters get dull so it leaves burrs in the center of all four sides of the deck. kind of annoying when we love to feel and connect with are decks. One way I came up with to help the problem is to take a used not new nail emery board stick and remove about 20 cards, stand them up on a flat hard surface and with the emery board gently sand them away on all four sides. this works and will show about a 1'' clean area where you sanded, but after use should dispensary. I wouldn't recommend it for gold or colored edges for obvious reasons. hope this helps those decks out there with this problem. Silent Stream
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