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Deity Identification & Communication Spread

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Deity Identification & Communication Spread

Postby Xiao Rong » Mon Nov 10, 2014 1:12 pm

Credit to the Hellbound Witch for the Deity Communication and Deity Identification spreads. I tried these out recently due to some experiences and dreams I was having about finding feathers and tried to investigate if it was a message from a deity. And WOW were these two spreads effective!


Card One is the deity — this is the equivalent to the first card in the Deity Communication Spread.

Card Two is one of the qualities/traits associated with them. I tend to read this as a more “negative” trait. Something that might seem scary or intimidating.

Card Three is another personality trait, but this one is usually read as being seen as more positive.

Card Four is what this deity rules over, or has power over.

Card Five will be for something that the deity is associated with, like a symbol or animal or something. (In my first test I got a Queen court card and the Queen itself was the answer there)

These things can be pieced together to try to get a fuller picture of who it is you might be dealing with. If you’ve already used the Deity Communication Spread, you can take Card One from that reading and place it here — and if you haven’t, you can put Card One from this reading into the communication spread, once you’ve identified them and want to know what they want.


Card 01 - Who is this deity? You can basically look at this card as doing two things. The first thing is verification, to make sure you know which deity you’re dealing with. I’m especially in love with this position because I have a problem of asking after a particular deity and then getting a different one answering me when I do this spread.

The second part comes into play in figuring out which aspect of a deity you’re dealing with, if it comes to that. I have noticed that a lot of the deities I work with will present a COMPLETELY different side of themselves to others. It’s nice to know who you’re getting.

Card 02 - What will our relationship be like? This card kind of colours how I interpret the other cards in the reading. A friendly, easy going relationship will cause me to look at the cards differently than a distant, business-like relationship. But it also serves the obvious purpose of warning you of what you’re getting into.

Card 03 - What do they want from me? If you’re picturing me asking this question in a sort of desperate and hopeless way then you are correct XD;; But yeah, knowing what’s expected or required of you is always a handy thing to check.

Card 04 - How can I best make this happen? It’s kind of difficult to determine how to actually go about what you need to do, that thing and that’s what this card is for.

The first time I did this reading, it was hijacked by another deity who wanted to go out of their way to make sure I knew things were over between us — and the card I got in position #3 was the Two of Swords and the card I got here was the Ten of Swords. I needed to let go and acknowledge that our goals are too different to really reconcile with each other. And in my case, to do that, I needed to realize that the circumstances had changed irrevocably. (Ten of Swords, for me, is not only a death more final than Death, it’s an end to all pretenses and a revelation of total Truth.)

Card 05 - What may get in my way? Because when is anything ever easy, right?

To continue on my last example, what was getting in my way of moving on was my deeply rooted fear of change, of having to rebuild, and an unwillingness to dismantle what was no longer working so that I could build something better, and a fear that if things went wrong, I would have no safe space to turn to.

Card 06 - Ultimate outcome of the relationship. Straightforward enough, I think.

Some additional observations that I've made when I did these two spreads:

-- These require you to trust your own intuition more than the card meanings; if you get any flashes of intuition about what a card means, even if it seems contradictory to the actual meaning of the card, you should probably pay more attention to those (experienced tarot readers will know what this feels like).
-- It's important to use a deck that you are familiar with and had had experience with, since often the images on the cards will be more important than the traditional meanings on the cards.
-- I found that you may very well keep seeing the same cards if you do both spreads in quick succession (and yes, I shuffled very thoroughly between spreads!).

I'd be interested in developing a weekly/monthly tarot spread to communicate with the deity (the Goddess, in my case) as I'm furthering my personal relationship with her, so I might post back here soon.

Would love to hear others' thoughts and opinions on communicating with deities via the Tarot!

P.S. I imagine you can substitute most any divinatory system, like using runes instead of cards.
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Re: Deity Identification & Communication Spread

Postby North Star » Mon Nov 10, 2014 10:30 pm

Thank you for sharing this, Xiao. I love it!!

I like the idea of a monthly spread. I am thinking of making this part of my new moon activities. This sounds like just the tool I need to gather more information from the Goddess. Thanks again for sharing. :)
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Re: Deity Identification & Communication Spread

Postby Sakura Blossom » Mon Nov 10, 2014 10:32 pm

Tarot is one of the sole ways I communicate with mine. Hehehe. I had some interesting stuff happen while doing this reading, such as the second reading for the second deity reproducing the exact same cards as the first reading just in a different order. The catch? I shuffled the heck out of those cards. Haha.
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Re: Deity Identification & Communication Spread

Postby Yex » Tue Nov 11, 2014 2:12 am

Thanks for sharing! This is really useful, and I'll most likely utilize these spreads.
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Re: Deity Identification & Communication Spread

Postby MsMollimizz » Tue Jan 16, 2018 12:25 am

I'd like to thank you too, Xiao Rong !
I think my Rider deck would be more useful
than my Soul Cards ? thought just hit me...
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