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Daily Tarot: Three of Pentacles (upright)

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Daily Tarot: Three of Pentacles (upright)

Postby Silus7 » Sat Jan 25, 2014 1:23 am

Today my card was the three of pentacles upright, which is giving me some reassurance that am heading in the right direction with my objectives. The intentions I have sent into the universe are beginning to manifest; it is a sign of an early stage of progress and growth. This is fantastic! Its all in correlation with my monthly goddess reading and is precisely what was in store for me. As long as I hold up beyond my own expectations I know I can achieve farther than I could ever imagine. For the first time in many months I have finally been reconnecting with my spiritual elements and I felt the need to share this great accomplishment. Please feel free to share your own ~8~

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