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Crone Spells

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Crone Spells

Postby Ravencry » Thu Oct 07, 2010 4:47 pm

Crones spell against sorrow

When World and fate
Conspire to mark
Your life with lines
And Characters dark
Mold the tablet of Earth and Clay
Write on it all
You would cast away
All Your regret
All that You bear
All that afflicts You
All that You fear
Break and bury it
In the ground
Saying this Charm
To heal the wound

Sorrow be dust
And dust dissolve
Let all my grief
Go into this grave

Crones Spell against evil

Hung an ash bough
Over Your door
Fill Your pockets
With iron nail
Carry always
The mullein leaf
But say these words
Against the worst

I stand
In circles
Of light
That nothing
May cross !

Crones Spell to escape the madness of the moon

Follow these steps
To guard Your wits
When the round Moon rises
The gray Moon gazes
The cold Moon crazes
The Mad Moon amazes
Shroud all mirrors
Curtain all windows
Shut every door
Cover Your hair
With red Yarn
About Your arm
And knot it thrice
Saying this

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