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Color Correspondences

Feel free to copy this information to your Book of Shadows.

Candle Colors

Postby [cherokeewind] » Thu Jul 03, 2008 1:12 pm

Some color associations of candle magic.

Esoteric knowledge, magical studies or putting together a BOS, increasing your magical abilities, exorcism, used for spells of the planet Jupiter, healing.

Dark Blue
Spells with the planet Jupiter for luck or success, healing.

Serenity, spiritual guidance, water energy, healing.

Air elemental, divination, dreams, protection, enlightenment, visions, mental powers, wisdom, joy.

Power candle for spells using colored symbols and charging metal talisman pendants, spirituality, prayers, wishes, cleansing objects, protection, scrying with obsidian.

Water elemental, protection, spirit world.

Used in combination with yellow or violet for psychic work, astral travel.

Earth Brown
Earth elemental energy.

Attraction, wealth spells using gold coins, fire energy, legal matters, harmony.

Money, gardening, fertility, female energy, love, beauty, healing, dowsing, divination.

Friendship, love, fidelity.

Fire elemental (like orange but harsher), spells of the planet Mars for matrimony or warfare, male energy, strength, intellectual energy.

Dark Red
Healing blood conditions.

This ought to give you an idea of how to select your color of candle, for intents and spells which don't specify which one to use. :)
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Postby Witch13 » Wed May 20, 2009 1:43 pm

Alright, so lets talk about colors,
each color has its special meaning. I am sure you know at least one or two of them...come on, who doesn't know that red is for love? And pink for romance?
Now i am also sure that for example purple might ring you a bell for friendship, a memory connected to that color says so right?. Then by all means i don't see why you cant use a purple candle to cast a friendship spell. You see colors help us guide our magic to a specific purpose.
This is the list i have in my book of shadows i hope it helps.

white for purity, sincerity, truth and protection also in some cultures its the color of death and mourning
yellow for memory, vision and creativity
red for health, courage, sexual potency, and passionate love
black for banishing, loss, ending and beginning and protection
purple for magical powers,the spiritual, secrets and the mind
green for fertility, growth, good luck and prosperity
blue for healing, peace, wisdom, inspiration and dreams
orange for attraction and energy
brown for what has to do with animals and familiars
and pink for love and romance[/b]
gold is for the God
silver for the Goddess

Now that you know this when the time comes to do some magic you will know which color is suited for your purposes, and if you cannot decide white is always a good choice (at least for me)
Give a little time and write down this list , in the future you will make changes or keep it like it is, both are fine. [/b]
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Using colour in rituals/spells

Postby Twisted_Pixie » Fri Jan 22, 2010 4:54 pm

I know there is another thread about colour, i'm sure these two posts will correspond, but i thought i would post up my notes here too, there may be a few differences or even additions that may help =)

So when people say they use colour in ritual. They could mean the colour of their altar cloth, the colour of candles, your clothes while you perform the ritual, even colours of crystals sometimes too.

My old altar had a mirror infront of it, and sometimes i would use a certain colour to paint appropriate runes on the mirror. Colour holds alot of symbolism!!

So here are the colours i was trained in:

Peace, Earth, silence, grounding. Black is all colours in the underworld, protection.

White: Pure spirit, stone. All colours in the upperworld.

Birth, mind, blood, passion, desire. Ond travels on the breath. Power. (ond is 'life force', 'chi', 'prana' etc... its just another word for it)

Yellow: Fire, action, energy

Blue: Water, emotion, wisdom, self generated love

intellect, union of the God and Goddess, violet is blue and red in harmony.

Sexuality, growth, harmony, fertility, strong heart emotion.

Pink: Flesh, sexuality, sexual love. Gentle heart emotion.

Magenta: Love

grounding, earth

Orange: fire in the head, vision, power, high psychic states.

As i said, people may have a different opinion about what colours mean... you just use what feels right to you because you are mostly where the power comes from.

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Re: Color Correspondences

Postby canobiecrazy » Wed Oct 26, 2011 8:02 pm

Oh, something else.
Green or Gold are both equally suitable as God Candles.
White or Silver are both equally suitable as Goddess Candles.
White can be used as a substitute for any color, except black.
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Color Correspondences

Postby wiccawitchgirl » Tue Jan 24, 2012 11:50 am

I hope this helps fellow witches with colors for spells and such!

Black (Jet Black To Dark)-Ebony/Onyx- Secret, Mysterious, Intense, Serious, Excited, Stormy, Energetic, Fierce, Overworked, Stressed, Hurt, Tensed, Enraged, Down/Dread, Moodring Inactive; Nothing/Not Working

Brown (Deep Brown To Golden Tan)-Copper/Bronze- Rethinking, Researching, Anticipation, Heated Emotions, Reactive, Rising Energies, Bold, Feisty, Rebellious, Jitters, Nervous, Troubled, Mad, Gloom/Fear

Red (Red-Brown To Rose)-Ruby- Allured, Aroused, Love/Fiery Passion, Thrilled, Awestruck, Active, Adventurous, Excited, Anxious, Insecure, Fazed, Harassed, Stressed, Tensed, Angered, Alarmed

Orange (Orange-Red To Sun Gold)-Sunstone- Thinking, Searching, Busy, Stimulated Ideas, Excited, Daring Wants, Energized, Edgy, Eerie State, Deja Vu, Disturbed, Worried, Guilt, Impatient, Annoyed, Outraged

Yellow-Orange (Amber To Flame)-Gold- Moods Mixed, Bittersweet, Enflamed Passion, Sincere, Endearing, Concerned, Challenged, Indignant, Confused, Aloof, Cool, Cryptic, A Little Nervous, Anxious, Upset

Yellow (Olive To Golden)-Topaz- Mixed Emotions; Many Thoughts, Ok/Mellow, Fair, Just-So, Vague, Intent, Distracted, Imaginative, Emotional, Cautious, Unsettled, Disquieted, Strained, Foreboding Sense

Green-Yellow (Green Amber To Gas Lamp)-Peridot- Emotions Mixed, Simmering, Enkindled Romance, Hopeful, Expectant, Restless, Contrary, Displeased, Irritated, Troubled, Uneasy, Perturbed, Worried, Distressed

Green (Jade Green To Light Green)-Emerald- Average Reading; Normal, Neutral, Fine, Easily Amused, Good, Alert, No Great Stress, Involved, Sensitive, Guarded, Ambivalent, Inner Disquiet, Envy, Jealousy

Blue-Green (Teal To Cyan)-Aquamarine- Inner Reading; Normal, Receiving, Flow, Inner Emotions Charged, Somewhat Relaxed, Upbeat, Pleased, Enthusiastic, Motivated, Rejuvenated, Flirtatious, Surprised

Blue (Royal Blue To Sky Blue)-Sapphire- Happy, Relaxed, Free, At Ease, Calm, Accepting, Optimistic, Lively, Joyful, Coasting, Peaceful, Contented, Pleasant, Moonstruck, Near Bliss, Warm, Giving, Lovable

Indigo/Dark Blue (Violet-Blue To Lavenflower)-Iolite/Lapis- Ecstasy, Truly Happy, Deeply Relaxed, Inner Harmony, Tranquility, Jubilant, Bliss, Highly Passionate, Lovestruck, Very Romantic, Aglow, In Love, Sublime

Violet (Deep Violet To Lavender)-Sugulite- Love, Romance, Heat, Passion, Sensual, Elated, Revitalized, Happy, Relaxed, Dreamer, Deep Thought, Keen, Intrigue, Mystical, Impulsive, Mischievous, Irked, Moody

Red-Violet (Bordeaux To Orchid)-Amethyst- Upheaval, Violent Love, Aflame, Romantic, Emotionally Peaking, Moodier Passion, Overwhelmed, Infuriated, Over The Edge, Surging Energies, Ballistic, Unhappy, Despair

Pink (Magenta To Blush)-Rose Quartz- Loving, Affectionate, Warmth, Happy, Resonant, Alright, Calmed, At Rest, Cool, Thoughtful, Reflection, Curious, Uncertain, Mystified, Wonder, Dazed, Enchanted, Infatuated

Glassstone (Ice Blue To Clear)-Quartz- Psychic Sense, Visionary, Latent/Elusive States, Uncanny Feeling, Phobic, Intense Fear, Numb, Emotionless, Unreal, Empty, Undone, Moodstone Not Real; Faux/Frau Meditative, Philosophical, Constant, Temperate, Cooled, Settled, Restrained, Indifferent, Bored, Unenthusiastic, Confused, Frustrated, Strained, Stunned/Shocked

Gray (Dark Gray To Graystone)-Silver/Steel- Little Emotion, Neutral, At Rest, Cool, Unconcerned, Inhibited, Aloof, Sullen, Tired, Forsaken, Sad, Depressed, Pessimistic, Worried, Very Nervous, Paranoid/Afraid

Mist Blue (Moonshadow Blue To Cat Eye Blue)-Celestite- Solitary,Lonely, Wondering, Questioning, Slightly Odd Feelings, Suspicious Of, Wanderlust, Cool, Wistful, Forlorn, Longing, Sorrowful, Mournful, Despair

Green Sky (Green Aurora To Cat Eye Green)-Chrysolite- Calm, Relaxed, Nonchalant Emotions, Pondering, Considering, Interested, Discerning, Inquiring, Searching For, Speculating, Bemused, Surprised

Blue Gold (Blue Amber To Blue Flame)-Blue Topaz- Radiant Love, Enamored, Lambent Glow, Desirable, Reminiscent Passions, Beguiled, Magnetic, Genuine Concerns, Warmed, Intuitive, Suspended Disbelief

Blue/Green/Yellow (Verdigris To Celadon)-Euclase- Deep Heartfelt Contemplation, Sincere/Thoughtful, Sensitive Emotional Serenity, Quite Indecisive, Shifting/Tremulous Moods, Wavering Aura, Spiraling Mode

Violet/Brown (Purple Taupe To Gray-Blue)-Axinite- Mystical Depths Of Feeling, Distant Hope, Haunting Memories, Retrospective, Mysterious Notions, Solemn, Disillusioned, Regret, Cynical, Moody, Nervous

Green/Brown (Umber/Taupe To Green/Red)-Chrysoberyl- So-So, Muted, Pressured, Misguided, Off-Set, Feeling Unpredictable, Weird Moods, Apathetic, Tiresome, Angst, Sad, Stressed, Tensed, Worried
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Re: Colors

Postby RoseRidingHood » Tue Jan 24, 2012 12:26 pm

Love it! Thank you :)
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Re: Colors

Postby wiccawitchgirl » Tue Jan 24, 2012 3:03 pm

No problem!
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Re: Colors

Postby DaRkMoOn » Tue Jan 24, 2012 6:52 pm

Gwen that was really helping.Btw I think I need black the most :P
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Re: Colors

Postby wiccawitchgirl » Tue Jan 24, 2012 7:43 pm

what is that Darkie?
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Re: Colors

Postby DaRkMoOn » Tue Jan 24, 2012 7:46 pm

I need black the most to banish negativity and whatnot.
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Re: Colors

Postby wiccawitchgirl » Tue Jan 24, 2012 8:11 pm

ohh okay! :)
Only the body dies. The soul lives on. - Scott Cunningham
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Re: Colors

Postby Kei Kawazu » Tue Jan 24, 2012 8:28 pm

How did you determine these? Or where did you get the information from?
Also do you think itd apply to dreams or daydreams?
Kei Kawazu
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