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Circles and Grounding.

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Circles and Grounding.

Postby hedge* » Fri May 20, 2005 4:20 am

The Importance of Grounding

When we perform magical workings we are tapping into the universal energy and making it our own personal energy. In so doing this we tend to pick up negative enrgies as well as more energy than we actually need. Grounding enables you too return that energy back into the universal energy that it originally came from. I suggest that people get into the habit of grounding after they have done any form of spellwork and even after meditating.

Now there are various techniques to grounding and I’m sure everyone will have their own preferences, I will state mine.

Lie on the floor on your back with palms facing upwards and index fingers touching thumbs. Take a few moments to steady your breathing and think to yourself your intent of dispelling negative and excess energy. Visualise Roots coming from the base of your spine and extending deep into the earth, you are connected to the the earth through these Roots. Feel the excess energy collect in the pit of your stomach and travel down into the earth via the Roots. Spend as long as you feel necessary doing this. I allways tap the ground with my left palm 3 times when I have finished. Don’t ask me why – it’s just something I’ve allways done.

Anyone else want to share their techniques?

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Postby hedge* » Sun Apr 23, 2006 2:37 pm

Spell casting requires the ability to draw on energy. Witches will raise energy from the universe and focus it on an intent. Drawing on universal energy and directing it to a certain purpose using the witch as a channel and a transmitter. We only need a normal amount of energy to function in every day life and that is the chi that I believe you mention TG - normal amounts of energy flowing throughout the human body. Raising energy to perform a spell is taking energy from the universal source - far more than is needed for anything other than spell work. To not ground yourself and return the excess energy would be foolish and I do know people that have become ill from not doing so. Yes it is viable to store the energy for a certain amount of time but I don't see why anyone would want to.
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Postby Witch13 » Wed Oct 28, 2009 4:49 am

circle casting is something personall, i do it the way it comes to me each time. For example drawing a circle in sand at the beach, laying a special colorfull rope around you as a circle, and why not making a circle out of sea salt, you could simply place a representative of each element to the correct compass point and open the circle with a rhyme of your own creation (thats the traditional way).
You should understand that magic is sympathetic, what you do must appeal to you, speak to your feelings and character. Even if a book or person says to do something their way find your own way. Thats how magic works its best!!
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Postby Syndica » Thu Oct 29, 2009 12:28 am

I used salt to line my windows so no evil spirits can't come throught. I did this soon as i moved there. My mom what are u doing! I am closing the enteries to house to keep evil spirits out. my mom said don't make a mess.

oh goddess,
close these path of entery,
keep my home,
my family and me safe,
close these gates,
this all i ask of you.

my first spell ever I was 14. a friend told me about wicca and i'v been sucked right in, which is a good thing too. :D I think i do have more sea salt some where I have a huge bag of it, it was for my piercings it looks like i have to hunt for it. :lol: there's a spell i want to try but i need some new oils, i think i head out tommrow and pick some up or attempt to do it on my own. I wonder what oil is best with no sent.
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Cleansing Spaces & Objects Without Smoke

Postby Serendipity » Wed Oct 27, 2010 10:23 pm

Some of you have heard me mention that I retired early in life because of health problems; the problem is respiratory. There are times when my asthma flairs up when if I’m just around someone with perfume on I’ll have an attack serious enough to send me to the hospital. It’s a serious condition and would be life threatening if I didn’t do the right things. But, I do the right things so don’t worry about me lol

Anyway, as much as I love my incense, and using aromas and such there are times when I simply can not tolerate them, especially anything that involves smoke. Like the incense and smudging. Mostly I use scents outside now-a-days. So, I’ve developed other ways of cleansing and purifying areas.

a) I will ritually purify water and put it in a fine mister and use that in a room.

b) Bells are a wonderful way to purify a place. This is probably my favorite. I especially like the tiny brass ones that make a very bright, tinkling sound.

c) Light is good. This must be done at night to be effective, at least for me, but what I will do is take a flashlight and set it to a wide focus, so that the light spreads wide. I’ll cover the end of the flashlight with whatever color cloth I want to use for this particular cleansing and let the light play all over the space I am cleansing. I use this a lot if I’m cleansing a space for a specific purpose like healing. Color correspondence is important to me and I really love doing this kind of cleansing work.

d) Sometimes I will put a jar in the middle of a room and call anything negative or unpleasant into the jar and then cap the jar and then throw it away. I don’t see this so much as cleansing; more like a mini exorcism lol. But it’s a great way to go if somebody has dumped a lot of negativity into your personal space. This is also a good time to use your besom as part of the process.

e) Wrapping objects is good too. First I will wrap in black cloth to absorb negative energies and then remove it from the black cloth and put it in another cloth of the proper color correspondence to bring into the object the energies I want it to have.

Obviously one needs to raise the proper energy and work it when using these techniques, but that is no harder than it is when you’re working with incense and aromas.

Those are some of my favorites and all good alternatives to using smoking/aromatic solutions. Enjoy.
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Re: Circles and Grounding.

Postby JBRaven » Tue May 10, 2011 1:58 pm

What is Grounding?
Also known as “Ground and Center”
Grounding is an exercise focused on rebalancing energies. There are many techniques as to how to ground and cleanse the body of built up (or blocked) energies. Calming and stable energies paths are maintained with Grounding.

When to Ground.
Let it be known that this is a list of many people’s preferred times to ground energy. Pick the one’s that feel right and work for you.

Before ritual, grounding creates a safe conduit for divine energies and unifies you with the others in your Circle.

Before magic or spell-casting, it generates energy to empower your work.

Before divination, solid grounding technique opens your mind to understand what the Divine is trying to say.

Before healings, it protects you from being receptive to taking on harmful energies, and purifies the energy you are using and minimizes the risk of harm to the other.

After all magical workings; a way to bring your spiritual side back to Earth and establish a firm connection with the physical world

After meditation and Astral Projections, this establishes the link between “soul” and body.

Feeling sluggish or “out of gas”; grounding is a great way to tap into the natural resource of magical energies from the Earth.

If you have a problem with too much of any element- ground, bring earth back into your life and bask in the lesson of being silent. ;)
Complex and simple ways to Ground your Energies.

There are varying forms of grounding, each unique to your purpose.

Eating bread. Bread has long been seen as a very earth food. From the grain to the feeling it gives you when you bite into a fresh baked loaf. Eating bread at the end of a ritual is commonly known as Cakes and Ale, cakes not being the sweet dessert that people think of, but just sweetened bread.

Place your hands into a patch of soil.

Tai Chi meditations, Wu Ji posture is great to start with.

Sit with your feet on the ground, with good posture. Visualize a white light coming down from the heavens going directly into the top of your head. See and feel the liquid white light slowly moving down through your body down through your legs, feet. Then visualize roots from your feet going down into the ground, firmly into Mother Earth.

Stand with your knees slightly bent yet keeping your upper body straight. Tap your heels into the ground as frequently as you can for up to 5 minutes while focusing on the vibrations entering the earth.

Carry a stone or crystal in your pocket. When you're feeling over-energized, let the stone absorb your energy.

Create a catchphrase to trigger grounding -- it can be something as simple as "I throw it into the Wind!" This phrase can be used as an energy release when you need it.

Another method is to push the excess energy down, through your legs and feet, and into the ground. Focus on your energy, and feel it draining away, as though someone had pulled a plug out of your feet.

Close your eyes and focus on your energy. Get it under control so that it's manageable -- and then, using your hands, push it into the ground, a bucket of water, a tree, or some other object that can absorb it.
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Re: Circles and Grounding.

Postby Sage50 » Mon May 16, 2011 12:48 am

I I hven't been at this long but I just beath in my nose and out my mouth imaging white light coming from the haevens thought me and connecting me to the earth. I feel very powerful and charged with energy my fingers tingle. I hope this is right.
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Re: Circles and Grounding.

Postby FireQueen » Mon May 16, 2011 3:13 am

I haven't read through the whole thread so hope I'm not repeating anything.....

My favourite healing/energising/grounding meditation is a guided one by Master Choa Kok Sui the Grand Master of Pranic Healing: Twin Hearts

And a really simple way of grounding is to clap your hands or stamp your feet when you have completed the work to return yourself to being fully present. :D

Brightest blessings.
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Re: Circles and Grounding.

Postby Ula » Tue Jun 07, 2011 6:28 pm

I ground and center whenever I sit at my altar whether I am working a spell or just meditating just to increase energy around the spot. I imagine roots coming from my feet into the ground and drawing up energy.
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Re: Circles and Grounding.

Postby illbehere » Sat Jun 11, 2011 2:55 pm

i usually do a quick visualizeation of roots entwining my body to the ground. this to me is being grounded and i picture the roots as a sort of shield to keep out negative, and let in only little amounts of eneergy at required times =)
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Re: Circles and Grounding.

Postby JBRaven » Tue Jul 19, 2011 8:18 am

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