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Circle Casting

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Circle Casting

Postby LC » Sun Jan 14, 2018 8:51 am

I read that you don’t need to physically cast a circle. Wouldn’t that let in bad energy in? I’m not going to try it. I don’t think right now that I can keep that visual in my mind the whole time. I’m thinking of working in my room, it’s a small space. Will it be alright if it’s not a circle shape but more like a box area. I know these are silly questions but I’m afraid of messing up and causing problems.
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Re: Circle Casting

Postby SpiritTalker » Sun Jan 14, 2018 3:15 pm

By not casting, do we "let in any bad energy"? What is bad energy? When we work out doors, nature spirits and animals may be attracted just as our pets are when we practice indoors. A circle keeps out contaminants which in our case are those natural vibrations, EMFs & random emotional energies that might conflict with our intention. These things occur in nature and can be counter-productive so get called "bad", but aren't zombie apocalypse bad but more like interferring radio waves on a station. We live with these energies In normal, daily life but don't want them skewing our magical pitch.

Working indoors keeps the rain off and allows privacy from Nosey Neighbors, the bane of city life. A circle is channeled earth energy. It responds to our thoughts. It will conform to small areas & even go right thru the furniture just like it penetrates earth & it naturally forms a sphere. It can't help it - the planet is round & it spins around. Energy follows the path of least resistance so it's going in circles anyway.

We can cast a "simple" circle in which we purify with salt-water (which introduces earth & water elements); then bless with smoky incense (introduces air & fire); then "load, aim & shoot" to project the circle energy. We acknowledge the elements for balance but because we don't summon the elementals or evoke the deity there is no dismissal. The circle dissipates by walking thru it & we ground ourselves to disconnect. It does create a separate space "apart".

In Cunningham's guide for solitaires he suggests an even simpler method of broom sweeping (<~~) widdershins to cleanse sacred space & then projecting energy thru pointing finger while walking deosil (~~>) to form the circle. See it in your mind.

Re: Messing up and causing problems ... Hmm. A few guidelines can help:

. You control what you think about; riding the positive train-of-thought actually reinforces good energy, so kick the scaredey-cat train off the tracks. Don't focus on evil & it won't focus on you.
. You can invite your higher power to oversee, maintain balance & correct any mis-steps.
. Center frequently during any work so you maintain your energy balance.
. Always dismiss what you invite when finishing up. This closes the doors you opened.

One way to get comfortable with energy, suggested by Cunningham is to make psi-balls or balls of energy between your hands. It's safe to do. Push the energy back into your stomach when done to ground it. It sounds simple (well, it is) but it helps us feel the subtle push and motion of energy.
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