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Charms, Spells & Formulas, Ray Malbrough

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Charms, Spells & Formulas, Ray Malbrough

Postby SpiritTalker » Sun Dec 16, 2018 8:29 pm

Charms, Spells & Formulas, by Ray Malbrough.

This is one of those old stand by books of extremely usable information. It's primarily Hoodoo but is useful to all forms of folk magic. 170 pages. Llewellyn publishers. Originally it was copyrighted 1986 & the clean, used copy in my hand cost me $2.45 & lists today on Amazon at $11-$12.

The author's bio says he grew up in Louisianna, was introduced in his teens to Hoodoo & was a 1982 graduate of Raymond Buckland's Seax Wicca Seminary.


1 what it magic:
informal altar set up & diagram
candle colors, blessing & dressing instructions
timing by moon phase & weekday associations
preliminary ritual format

2 charms:
conjure bags, grisgris bags: how to construct
herb uses by 9 different intentions
stones uses & most beneficial zodiac signs
building the bag
supplies, altar layout, full ritual instructions are included for each separate intent:
home protection, protection from harm, maintaining good health, stopping gossip, increase love in your life, to win love, to be more seductive, obtain money
How to use the conjure bag after the ritual

3 dolls & candle magic:
cloth & clay dolls
altar layout, consecration ritual
use the aura for protection
use of herb-sprinkled candles; candle color to use & herbs noted by intent
Supplies, altar candle set up & full ritual instructions are given by topic for encouraging marriage, to stop another's interference, the juvenile delinquent, overcome addictions, win love, develop understanding, obtain desires, uncrossing, new home clearing, domestic violence, successful business

4 the evil eye:
some history
aura cleansing bath
crossbones protection amulet with full charging ritual
discarding old amulet decommissioning ritual

5 folk spells & misc.:
Formulas to control another, bind lover, make enemy leave, gain love
Working with lamps for health, love, justice, success, protection, quick help, peaceful home, self employment, get a job
Sweet bottle, New Years prosperity ritual

6 incense formulas by purpose:love, enchant, money, health, travel, dreams, cool anger, uncrossing, leprechauns good luck, protection

7 anointing oils formulas: attraction, bankrupt, blessing, confusion,controlling, crossing, courage, dream, friendly judge, gamblers, gypsy goodbye bad neighbor, happiness, health, home protection, love, luck, money, peaceful home, peaceful thoughts, power, protection, stray no more, success, uncrossing, van van, all 12 astrological signs, uses for 10 popular essential oils

8 sprinkling powders formulas: crossing, love, money, uncrossing

9 washes formulas: business, court case, 4-thieves, Van-Van, Notre Dame/peace water, Mars/war water

10 lagniappe:
self blessing ritual with Psalm 51:10-12 create in me a clean heart & steadfast spirit
Altar candle layout, full ritual instructions; 7 angelic candles & instructions for candle light service; using Psalms for problem solving; popular saints & powers with prayers

Conclusion: being a practitioner, using your magical practice to help others, ethics

Suggested reading: Scott Cunningham & Raymond Buckland

Index: well done
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Re: Charms, Spells & Formulas, Ray Malbrough

Postby Lenaleanna » Wed Feb 06, 2019 1:24 am

This makes me want to go and purchase the book!!!
Thank you!!! :fairy:
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