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Changing Deities

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Changing Deities

Postby SpiritTalker » Fri Jan 18, 2019 2:45 pm

I've been a devotee of Kwan Yin since my earliest ventures into Paganism & have, er ... several statues & figurines around my house. My corner wall shrine has become a combination over the past 5 years of BV Mary in framed photos on the walls & Kwan Yin statues on the shelf itself.

So .. I just fell in love with an image of BVM &'child as Our Lady of the Candles from the Canary Islands. Just a chance meeting. I ordered what I thought was a small figurine & turned out to be a 9" statue. She wants to be on the shelf but the spread of her cloak will fill the corner shelf already occupied by a 12" ceramic statue of Kwan Yin.


Mary wants to take over the corner, or that within me that personifies Her wants to switch.

So ... I lit a 4-hour tea light candle for Kwan Yin as I do daily, and set it before her, as I've done for 20+ years; then I sat down & put the matter before her as well. About 5 minutes later the candle went out.

Oo-ka-ay. :shock: Um. No breezes in here. The wick is fine. It's still Her candle as my offering. So i simply relighted it without hesitation. It burned fully like usual.

My gut feeling was Kwan Yin is graciously willing to step aside from the shelf. Her soul is evolved & there is only kindness. And this is a real test of if I believe all goddesses are one Goddess or not.

The synchronicity was undeniable. So I will be making a new shrine for Kwan Yin on the hutch amidst my crystals. Some serious logistical rearranging will be called for.

I didn't expect to be so emotionally moved by switching statues. Obviously i've put a lot of emotional angst into the present arrangement & didn't realize the ties I've created. Lesson #1 is recognize the links. I don't want to break them.

I'm wondering what this signifies is occurring in my spiritual self. My inner-eye sees meanings inside meanings in the OL Candelaria statue & she is very Pagan. The grapes & wheat in her dress (not the child's) of course crosses many beliefs of life as the Earth Mother as well as bearing the sacrifice. The statue blends concepts that my eye perceives &'feels immediately at home with. The star-studded blue cloak & crown speaks of the Primordial mother. The child is more than Jesus as life risen from death but is universal of the mythos of the life-in-death & death-in-life balance. They both hold candles as the inner light as shower-of-the-way. I fell deeply in love with this symbolism.

And I love & thank Kwan Yin for Her gracious kindness & blessing.

So why the heck am I sharing this? Well for one thing it's been a disturbing & illuminating little dilemma. The unexpected is so useful. And quite often there are posts from folks feeling called by one god-form and then later by another. And people mix & match freely but I wonder if we have the slightest idea what we are acting out from within our souls by these calling-experiences and what changes signify in our various realms of consciousness. I feel that when we get down to our deity concepts we are hitting close to the bone of who we are, what we stand for & our integrity as immortal beings. They are us at some level. The call is the invitation from within to reach & connect to the level that they occupy. The calling experience is recognized & accepted as valid. So I'll just make this a think piece because a candle went out when I'd asked a question. It's all one.

Edit. Jan 20th full moon & lunar eclipse tonight.

I felt this task needed to be done today as part of the full moon/eclipse energies. I've been happily working like a crazed woman relocating Kwan Yin's shrine with all Her statues, rearranging crystals (yikes!), setting up an ancestor shrine w/Ouija Board, fake skulls (named Scully & Mulder), a toad (named Clyde), a gazing crystal & placing OL o/t Candles in her niche with new candles of course. Everyone seems happy with their new places. Im liking it. Now what to do with the stuff that doesn't fit?!?
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Re: Changing Deities

Postby Lenaleanna » Mon Jan 21, 2019 3:10 am

Absolutely love that you posted this SpiritTalker! I believe everything happens for a reason, and that experiences shared with others whether they are REALLY BIG or itsy bitsy "no biggie"... can be very helpful in many ways!!! smileylove
I had a similar/different experience a few years ago. Hestia has been "my" Goddess since the day I "chose" my name...(2001/2002)... but several years ago when our children started to leave the house and we were on our way to becoming empty nesters- I started feeling a pull in several directions... and I kind of felt "crazy". ... Actually, crazier than I already was... ;) :P :D :lol:

Basically at the same time "life" was happening, I started feeling pulled by other paths... I didn't know why. In late Oct. 2011 an extreme tragedy happened in my life- my mother committed suicide. Of course Hestia provided comfort, security and the unconditional love I needed!!! Of course now as I'm typing this I'm thinking maybe they all were reaching out not to confuse me and make me choose, but to be there and help me when I needed it. (Hind sight...opps...)
In any case- I've stayed with a mixture now of several Deities but Hestia is always primary for me. Ironically ever since June 2018 when my father-in-law passed from congestive heart failure, and July when we had to put my beloved Labrador Retriever to sleep because of her seizures- something has been prompting me... Arggg!!! :surprisedwitch:

So again, it was just a handful of months ago- like what? In October- November I had the whole idea of making this one certain back storage room upstairs in to my altar room... Yay!!! LOL... :P smiley_dance smileylove So it began... and now we are in January 2019... and everything seems the be calming down... and I feel like I'm again being called once again by other paths... Brigid has shown up in a few dreams, (so has Venus/Aphrodite but I think she was telling me something else- lol) But the Celtic path has been showing up EVERYWHERE to me... so I just feel a huge pull towards it than I did ever before. For years in the beginning of me practicing- I often felt "guilty" for even asking a different God or Goddess other than Hestia for anything... lol...

I am glad that you wrote about your experience, it really helped me confirm that Hestia has been getting me ready, but she made me who I am, she will always be there- but she really wants me to explore now, explore myself and fly like a butterfly!!! Or a free witch on her broom... of course spreading happiness ... lol!!!

Blessed Be~
Lena :flyingwitch:
When the ground gives way and your world collapses, maybe you just need to have faith. And trust that you can survive this. Maybe you just need to hold on tight. And no matter what, don't let go.
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