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Celebration dates?

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Celebration dates?

Postby CircusWitch » Thu Sep 07, 2017 9:34 am

Does anyone do celebrations slightly off from the correct date when the actual date is inconvenient? For Mabon this year (22nd?) I will be working all day and then driving all evening to go and stay with relatives who really wouldn't be happy with me doing anything pagan. I was going to see about doing a mini celebration and/or ritual in my lunch break but it would be nice to have a more decently sized celebration as well. I wasn't sure if celebrating a day or two earlier or later would be normal and acceptable (like having a Christmas party on a day that isn't Christmas so everyone invited can make it) or weird and kinda missing the point (like choosing to celebrate New Year's Eve on 3rd January). Sorry if this is a very stupid question, I'm new to this.
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Re: Celebration dates?

Postby firebirdflys » Thu Sep 07, 2017 10:45 am

Absolutely not! That is ...no problemo.
Sometimes our group celebrates on the weekend clossest to a holiday. Like this year we will be on the 23rd for Mabon. Work does get in the way for many.
The seasons and holidays change in layers anyway. There is a "peak" to each quarter day or cross quarter day and that would be on a particular date or hour but look at it like many veils one passes through and that can take up to a couple weeks.
Some folks like to get very technical with their astrology and do their working or celebrating during a particular planetary hour, and that's fine. Not completely necessary though.
The Moon also has a cush zone of 3 days meaning it's energy of fullness ia 3 days long, so if you cannot be basking in its glory 4 hours before it crests thats ok because it may reach it's peak in the middle of the afternoon where it is yet to even be visible. The only thing with the moon is perhaps choosing a time that the moon is not Void of Course to do any magic.

New years probably isn't the best example ...while you cannot change the time that that happens, you can party before OR after to celebrate the change.

This can be a difficult conundrum, because for instance one's birthday is on a certain day...That day is the day of power for you. Not the day before or the day after.
So if one can worship in their minds and hearts at a lunch break, then that's enough. You have made your connection and that's all that matters.

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Re: Celebration dates?

Postby Corbin » Thu Sep 07, 2017 11:03 am

I tend to stick to a three days before, three days after "window of opportunity" where I have to.

I tend to see the sabbats much like closing and opening ceremonies - they fulfill the promise of the last and lay the foundations; make a promise of the next, so to a degree, the "whole season" is within the vicissitudes of the observational rites.

For personal observance I can be guided by lunar events dependant on the sabbat (new beginnings, fruition, endings), for "celebration", if a day is closer to a family / friend gathering or weekend it can lean that way.
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