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Alternatives to Casting a Circle

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Alternatives to Casting a Circle

Postby Witchy333 » Sun May 12, 2013 4:08 am

A month ago I left the Wiccan tradition as it is not for me. I finally realised after two years. (If you're wondering, my path right now would be described as: Buddhist Eclectic-Pagan Spiritualist), with the belief of Jesus and Mary). Although I am no longer Wiccan, I still remain a witch. So, my question is: what are the alternatives to casting a circle? The casting circle is a Wiccan rite and I honestly really hated casting a circle when I was a Wiccan.

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Re: Casting a circle alternatives

Postby Xiao Rong » Sun May 12, 2013 10:01 am

My understanding is that the purpose of casting a circle is to separate a space for you to do magical working. Whether this is a literally magic space that is "between the worlds" or just a means to get you into the proper mindset for ritual work is a matter of opinion. If you believe the latter, like I do, then there are a million possible alternatives. Maybe you could sweep the area you're working, or meditate for a few minutes, or light candles.
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RE: Casting a circle alternatives

Postby Helvetica » Mon May 13, 2013 11:17 am

For me (i'm a Pagan witch, no wiccan), meditation or prayers work, also taking a bath with certain sents, taking a long, quiet walk, chanting little phrases, even cooking helps to get in tune with the elements and gods ;)
I have never found a circle necessary, though if you do something large-scale I advise you to do something against negative energies/spirts in your working area as a precaution.
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Re: Casting a circle alternatives

Postby -Dark-Moon- » Mon May 13, 2013 5:28 pm

The more you practice the more it becomes second nature. It can be as simple as just acknowledging the elements. Calling the quarters is probably advised if you want to shift larger amounts of energy and a circle is good for this. Also it can be a method of protection as mentioned above. If your house has been nicely optimised magically you could view it as one giant circle anyway, and the cast circle becomes a focused circle within an already cleared/warded circle. This comes back to containment of positive energy and deflection of negative... However if your magical system doesn't involve too much dualism, principles of polarity become less relevant.

I don't cast circles for all situations. A problem can be that if you are new to magic you can actually manage to raise a fair bit of magical energy and then fail to direct it properly, generating a chaotic situation where the spell completely backfires. Just sayin. So if starting out its best to start small and build up gently, staying focused and directing the energy purposefully, not flinging it wildly into the cosmos. That's when the microwave blows up afterwards, ha.

I agree with Helvetica, part of using magic to influence your life is manifesting change through daily life - the simple things like walking and cooking are all potential opportunities to meditate on the changes you desire.
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Re: Casting a circle alternatives

Postby North Star » Thu Aug 22, 2013 12:18 pm

I am so happy to find this thread. I thought I was alone on this...

I do not cast circles. This was one reason I think I started to move away from Wicca years ago, I was just tired of reading about circles lol. I never felt the need for them, tried once and I really did not care for it.

I do use alternatives, like others mentioned. I cleanse the house monthly and I practice in my home in my bedroom where I feel very protected and magickal in. I consider the 4 elements ( or 5, I light a white candle in the center) on my altar a 'protective means', so I may not work 'in' a circle, but I do use one in some way.

I always light incense first, maybe just habit... but it feels like it 'sets the tone' and cleanses the air... sometimes I smudge with sage or mugwort also.
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Re: Casting a circle alternatives

Postby DPhoenix » Thu Aug 22, 2013 6:40 pm

There are 4 Archangels also called the Guardians of the Watchtower which correspond to the elements.

In the Guardians of the Watchtower spell I posted here you can see how they relate to the elements. Might be a reasonable substitute for you. :)
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Re: Casting a circle alternatives

Postby Lightbringer » Thu Aug 22, 2013 9:37 pm

If you're just sending out your intention and not trying to invoke any spirits, you don't even need to cast a circle.
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Re: Alternatives to Casting a Circle

Postby MaeRose » Mon Jul 21, 2014 8:25 pm

Hi there,
I am a newbie here who has been practicing solitary for the 2 years. I too do not cast circles, though I call on the 4 guardian angels before anything magical.
I am happy to hear this is common among some others too. My question is if I do choose to invoke goddess energy is it commonly considered the same as spirit, and in this circumstance who a circle or other method be advisable? So far I have just requested the assistance of the divine source and mother nature for my spell work.

Thanks. So happy to be here :-)
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