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Cartomancy Tips Needed

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Cartomancy Tips Needed

Postby Naudia Threng » Sat Aug 29, 2015 9:53 pm

Hey yall! Its me here! I was just wondering if you guys could share some oracle/tarot tips with me? Things like how to shuffle them (because i either just cut them for like 20 minutes or make a huge mess scrambling) and memorizing meanings, etc. Anything is appreciated!
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Cartomancy Tips Needed

Postby mrsdavid1975 » Sat Aug 29, 2015 11:00 pm

I mostly just lay mine out on a table and " wash" shuffle them. I also shuffle them like reg playing cards and bridge them. But I do it face down then face up so they don't bend one way. .. I also just mix them in my hands. Splitting them several times and shuffling top and bottom and between each other.

Ways to memorize .. One card pull a day is best to start. Pull one and study it. Watch what happens throughout the day and keep a journal. .. Look at them as a movie. Look at images. Even down to hair color and weather ... ( an example... A lot of cards with a house or castle could show issues with your home. )

A lot of swords shows mental issues or stress. Wands are about action ... Pents are earthly things and money. .. Cups are emotions. You can use numbers as either a timeline or intensity. 1 is an early stage 10 is an end. 1 is a lesser degree. 10 is overwhelming. So if you have a lot of high numbers a cycle is coming to completion or if you have a lot of cups and a lot of higher numbers. .. You are dealing with a lot of emotions. Just deal with those basics in the early learning stages. Don't worry about a strength card being related to Leo or if that three of hearts and magician means he's cheating. .. Keep it simple. You'd be amazed how accurate the cards are on any level.
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Re: Cartomancy Tips Needed

Postby Becks » Sat Aug 29, 2015 11:14 pm

Oh absolutely. Card of the day gets my vote. Even if you go through systematically. Take it with you for the day...relate to it...absorb it. As Mrs. David says-look at the suits. What do they mean, which element do they relate to? Look at each number and court card. What do aces mean? What do nines mean? There are similarities or themes between the suits.

Shuffling: some decks are way easier. I have the bigger Thith deck and wish I'd bought the smaller deck. It can be tricky. You can do it old school, or like traditional cards. Some of my decks I do not reverse and others I do, so I pay attention to that when sniffling. Let the cards spend time in your hand. Become practiced at moving them and turning them over. If inclined look at magician tricks for how to shipuffle and move cards. The other thing I do when pulling is to open my mind. Sometimes I spend them and pick what draws my eye....so,etimes I feel with my fingers and don't look at the deck. For example when doing the Celtic spread I might get the string impression that the card my fingers touch has to be number seven I'm my layout...even though I have just pulled number three.....I listen. I just did a reading where I was told numbers....1-78 then 77 then 76.. As I pulled I was to shuffle through the deck that number of times and that was this person's card. So for me it can differ, but I go with it, and for each person I read for I just feel 'Guided'.

So fun!
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Re: Cartomancy Tips Needed

Postby Red Ember » Sun Aug 30, 2015 6:19 am

Card of the day is a good way to start learning the meanings. If you do things like path working and guided meditation you could use which ever card you picked as your focus.

I also quite like using the cards to help come up with ideas for stories, in fact I would say story telling is a really good way of helping yourself learn all the different skills needed for giving tarot readings. It not only helps you learn meanings but also helps you learn how to start and relate more then one card together. Plus, because its only a bit of fun you are more likely to more relaxed about coming up with ideas, in other words you would not be worrying so much about having 'got it right'. It can also be a lot of fun when done with friends.
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Re: Cartomancy Tips Needed

Postby Vesca » Sun Aug 30, 2015 11:45 am

I shuffle my deck just like any other deck of playing cards (ok a little more gently, but same maneuvers). If you aren't comfortable doing that just yet, it might be worth picking up a cheap deck of playing cards and practicing until you're more confident doing it.

It's hard to explain the "how" as I was taught visually, but youtube is a good resource for things like that.
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