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Candle magick to bring back an ex if its meant to be.

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Candle magick to bring back an ex if its meant to be.

Postby Lover of War » Mon Nov 11, 2013 12:26 am

Type of spell or formula: Candle spell
Astrological phase: Taurus or full moon
date: Friday
time: Dawn
Deities (if any): None
Specific purpose: It will bring back an ex if it is supposed to be.
Supplies needed/ingredients: Red candle, one candle to represent you, another to represent the ex
Step by step instructions for preparation and/or use:
1. Gather supplies
2. Put the red candle in center
3. Put your candle to the side of the red candle
4. Put the ex’s candle to the opposite side
5. Carve into the candles who they represent, and on the red candle carve a heart
6. Light the ex’s candle and say:
“According to free will,
this boy/girl/man/woman has the right to choose.
Our hearts were one,
but now divided.
Help (name) decide,
if he wants to be mine.”
8. Next, light your candle
9. Then the red candle and say:
“If our love is meant to be, then may it be prosperous.”
10. Leave candles burning for two minutes
11. extinguish the flames (don't blow it out)
12. Say: “Harm to none, so mote it be. The magick is complete.”
If there is anything you think would make it better, then please go ahead and say. :D
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