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Building an alter help

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Building an alter help

Postby Syndica » Mon Oct 19, 2009 5:51 pm

hi there,

I am still quite new to being a witch, I was wondering what do i need to build alter. What color candles do i use?

I thought of using white, green, and purple is that a good combo?
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Postby Greymalkin » Tue Oct 20, 2009 6:26 pm

Why not?

You'll find plenty of 'rules' on all aspects of your craft but as always it's what feels right to you that matters most.

So long as you remember your altar is a working tool - not an ornament.

I've seen some lovely altars over the years but they are hardly used because it would be like destroying a work of art.

There's nothing wrong with making your altar pleasing to the eye but keep it a fuctional altar. It has to be used.
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Postby Twisted_Pixie » Tue Oct 20, 2009 10:17 pm

My altar is always 'made up' to correspond with what i am working on in that time of my life... so i chose the coloured candles, incense, herbs, etc that i need for that particular thing...

So for example at the moment, my altar is made up to correspond with motherhood and pregnancy because i am pregnant with my first kid, so i have a deep pink altar cloth to symbolise the womb, i have a painted egg with appropriate colours, an incense i made for this purpose, corresponding crystals etc etc...

So think of the stage you are in at the moment in your life and set your altar to suit, or just set it up to be an every day altar....

Your candle colours could be any combo, its ur altar afterall =)

White is for pure spirit, stone, all colours in the upperworld..... Green is for sexuality, growth, harmony, fertility, and strong heart emotion..... and purple (or violet) is intellect, the union of the God and Goddess, violet is red and blue in harmony =)

Hope this helped you hun

Blessed be
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Postby Syndica » Wed Oct 21, 2009 4:11 pm

hi there,

I went and did some major shopping for my alter I just about got everything on the list. A witch helped me out but i do need a dagger and a challace. I have a goddess statue of bas my favorite goddess. I also baught gold and silver, white and black, and a few other elemental colors. I have my cauldron, my bell and tile, my alter is purple and black. Purple seems to calm me down. :D I do plan to use my alter daily. :P

I also picked up some books, some spell casting books and the witches bible. :)

blessed be
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Re: Building an alter help

Postby SpiritTalker » Sun Dec 01, 2019 4:04 pm

Altars usually hold symbols of Deity and the 4 Elements - land, sea, sky & fire. All together they symbolize the universe, as does the circle. You’d need working supplies: incense - oil & candles - libations/water - salt & herbs represent air, fire, water & earth. Start-up gear: Heat-safe incense bowl, candle holders, potion cup, offering plate & table cloth. It’s OK to repurpose household dishes. Popular starter herbs are sage, rosemary, lavender & thyme though it varies a lot by personal preference.

The language of color is fun to use. Altar color associations change at different seasons like orange & black at Samhain, red & green for Yule, etc. Or use all purpose white, the most spiritual color. Some people use candle colors symbolic of deity - red for Mother Earth/green for the Lord of the Forest or silver for the Moon Goddess and gold for the Sun God. Some deities have color associations & an altar could use those colors to honor that deity.

As for using white, green & purple candles - consider what the colors mean to you. Notice what they make you think of and if the thoughts support your purpose then use them.
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