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Broken Rose Quartz = Broken Heart??

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Broken Rose Quartz = Broken Heart??

Postby desertdreamer » Thu Jul 12, 2018 5:10 pm

Hi all. So recently I purchased a rose quartz heart from a crystal shop in Flagstaff while on a roadtrip. Before the trip, this boy I had had my eye on showed very little interest in me, we had hung out once before but nothing happened, but the same night I got home from my trip, he was super flirty at work and even invited me over after work. It was like a switch flipped. As soon as I got there he had his arm around me and twenty minutes later he kissed me and it was honestly just a crazy night. It's been a week and he's still kind of flirty at work and what not but we need to talk about some things because of the past, but yesterday was rough. I had messaged him to see what he was doing so we could talk but there was no response, and two hours later, my niece grabbed my rose quartz and threw it against a wall; it split right down the middle. Is this a sign, or something else?
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Re: Broken Rose Quartz = Broken Heart??

Postby barker » Fri Jul 13, 2018 3:40 am

Sounds like a message in there somewhere. Perhaps you knew at the point it hit the wall what it meant. My memory works like that, at least...
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