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Bougaivillea's Book of Shadows

Start your own thread named "[Name's] Book of Shadows" and add spells, rituals, correspondences, music, videos, etc. that you would like to keep for future use or share with others. Use as many posts as you'd like. It's not private, but at least your family won't see it. You can also get ideas from other people's Books of Shadows.

Charge of the Goddess

Postby Bougainvillea » Mon May 23, 2011 3:56 pm

Listen to the Words of the Great Mother, Who was of old called among men Artemis, Astarte, Diana, Melusine, Aphrodite, Cerridwen, Dana, Arianrhod, Isis, Bride, and by many other Names.

At My Altars the youth of most distant ages gave love, and made due sacrifice. Whenever ye have need of anything, once in the month, and better it be when the Moon is Full, then shall ye gather in some secret place and adore the Spirit of Me, Who am Queen of All Witcheries. There shall ye gather, ye who are fain to learn all Magick, yet have not yet won its deepest secrets: to these will I teach things that are yet unknown.

And ye shall be free from slavery; and as a sign that ye be really free, ye shall be naked in your rites. And ye shall dance, sing, feast, make music and love, all in My Praise. For Mine is the Ecstasy of the Spirit, and Mine also is Joy on Earth, for My Law is Love unto all beings.

Keep pure your Highest Ideal; strive ever toward it; let naught stop you or turn you aside. For Mine is the Secret Door which opens upon the Land of Youth; and Mine is the Cup of the Wine of Life, and the Cauldron of Cerridwen, which is the Holy Grail of Immortality.

I am the Gracious Goddess, Who gives the Gift of Joy unto the heart of man: on Earth, I give the Knowledge of the Spirit Eternal; and beyond death, I give peace, and freedom, and reunion with those who have gone before. Nor do I demand sacrifice, for behold: I am the Mother of All Living, and My Love is poured out upon the Earth.

Hear ye the Words of the Star Goddess: She in the Dust of Whose Feet are the Hosts of Heaven, Whose Body encircleth the Universe.

I, Who am the Beauty of the Green Earth, and the White Moon amongst the Stars, and the Mystery of the Waters, and the Desire of the heart of man, I call unto thy soul: "Arise! And come unto Me!"

For I am the Soul of Nature, Who giveth Life to the Universe: from Me all things proceed, and unto Me all things must return. And before My Face, which is beloved of gods and men, thine innermost Divine Self shall be enfolded in the Rapture of the Infinite.

Let My Worship be within the heart that rejoiceth, for behold: all acts of love and pleasure are my rituals. And therefore let there be beauty and strength, power and compassion, honor and humility, mirth and reverence within you.

And thou who thinkest to seek for Me, know thy seeking and yearning shall avail thee not, unless thou knowest the Mystery: that if that which thou seekest thou findest not within thee, thou wilt never find it without thee.

For behold, I have been with thee from the beginning; and I am That which is attained at the end of Desire.
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Kitchen Remedies

Postby Bougainvillea » Tue May 24, 2011 3:02 pm

From: lists-kitchen-remedies-and-simple-charms-t2279.html

Apples - In brandy for coughs (mix pureed apples with brandy and use as cough syrup), digestive disorders.
Basil - Stops excessive vomiting, good for poultices for insect bites.
Bay Leaves - Expels gas from intestines and bowels, eliminates cramps.
Caraway - Useful for colic in infants boiled in milk or water, good for digestion, poultice for bruises.
Carrots - Liver, kidneys, expelling worms, poultices for boils and ulcers (external) - eaten raw, made into tea or juiced raw.
Cauliflower - Reduces blood pressure.
Celery - Nervine, neuralgia headaches and rheumatic disorders.
Chamomile Flowers - Teething babies, colic, upset stomach.
Clover Blossoms - Blood cleansing, quieting to the nerves, bronchial problems, whopping cough and cancer.
Coconut - Laxative, Colon Cleanser.
Cranberries - Fevers, kidney disorders, gas.
Dandelion Root - Liver Problems.
Dates - Stimulates nerves, laxative, improves circulation.
Eggs - Builds muscle and bones.
Elderberries - Sore throats, colds and cough.
Figs - Blood circulation, nourishing, laxative, syrup of figs for coughs and sore throats
Garlic - Sore throats, high blood pressure, colon cleanser
Ginger - Sore throat, sugared for nausea.
Graham Flour - Builds muscle.
Grapefruit - Weight loss, fevers, eliminate mucous.
Grapes - Blood builder, upset stomach, fevers and rheumatic disorders, eliminates mucous from body - eat grapes whole or drink juice.
Honey - Take by the tablespoon for asthma, digestion, sore throats, coughs, intestinal mucous, laxative.
Horse Radish - (Eat - not for tea) Nerve stimulant.
Juniper Berries - Urine stimulator.
Lemons - Aids in nausea, blood purifier, rheumatic disorders, laxative, weight loss.
Lettuce - Insomnia, restlessness, upset stomach.
Marjoram - Coughs, sour stomach, spleen problems, insect and snake bites, dropsy, jaundice, toothache, headache, indigestion.
Olive Oil - Skin, anemia, weight gain.
Onions - Mucous, coughs and colds, nervousness and sleeplessness.
Oranges - Upset stomach, fever.
Parsley - Difficult urination, dropsy, jaundice, fevers, obstruction of liver and spleen, expels gallstones, poultice applied to breast will dry up milk.
Peaches - Blood purifying.
Pears - Laxative.
Pineapples - Weight reducer, sore throat, upset stomach
Plums - Liver, laxative.
Prunes - Laxative, mucous eliminator
Red Raspberry Tea - Laxative, removes cankers from mucous membranes, stops diarrhea in infants, allays nausea, helps prevent miscarriage, reduces labor pains.
Rhubarb - (Fruit Only) Laxative and blood cleanser.
Rice - (Brown) Diarrhea, weight gain.
Rosemary - For colds, nervousness, headaches, mouth wash.
Sage - Stomach problems, gargle for sore throat expel worms, stops bleeding gums, good for liver and kidneys, removes dandruff (rinse hair in sage tea), will dry up milk in mothers when drunk cold.
Sauerkraut - Indigestion, weight loss, reduces high blood pressure.
Spinach - Blood cleanser, reduces swelling of piles.
Strawberries - Diuretic, fever reducer.
Thyme - Suppresses menstruation, fevers, good for nightmares, reliable nervine, asthma. With equal parts of sage and rosemary will break the fever of flu.
Tomatoes - Liver remedy
Turnips - Stimulant, blood cleanser
Violet - Headache
Watercress - Rashes, anemia, blood cleanser.
Wintergreen - Kidneys, stomach upsets, headache, rheumatism, colic in the bowels, gargle for sore throat, also good for poultices for inflamed area and boils. The tea can be used as a douche for vaginal discharges.
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50 Simple Charms

Postby Bougainvillea » Tue May 24, 2011 3:03 pm

From: lists-kitchen-remedies-and-simple-charms-t2279.html

Basil at the door, windows or scattered in the home will increase money.
Lay thorny branches on your doorstep to keep evil from your dwelling.
Eat a pinch of Thyme before bed, and you will have sweet dreams.
Place chips of Cedar wood in a box with some coins to draw money to you.
Carry an Anemone Flower with you to ward against illness.
Hang a bit of Seaweed in the kitchen to ward evil spirits.
Keep a jar of Alfalfa in your cubbords to ensure the prosperity of your house.
Burn Allspice as an incense to draw money or luck to you, as well as speed healing.
Cut an Apple in half, and give one half to your love to ensure a prosperous relationship.
Carry an Avocado pitt with you to let your inner beauty shine outwardly.
Avocado is also an aphrodisiac.
Strawberries are an aphrodisiac.
Place a piece of cotton in your sugar bowl to draw good luck to your house.
Celery is an aphrodisiac.
Place Almonds in your pocket when you need to find something.
Scatter Chili Peppers around your house to break a curse.
Carrying a packet of strawberry leaves will help ease the pains of pregnancy.
Scatter some sugar to purify a room.
Throw rice into the air to make rain.
Carry a potato in your pocket or purse all winter to ward against colds.
Eat five almonds before consuming alchohol, to lighten the effects of intoxication.
Place a pine branch above your bed to keep illness away.
Chew celery seeds to help you concentrate.
Carry of chunk of dry pineapple in a bag to draw luck to you.
Ask an orange a yes or no question before you eat it, then count the seeds: if the seeds are an even number, the answer is no. If an odd number, yes.
Eat olives to ensure fertility.
Toss Oats out your back door to ensure that your garden or crop will be bountiful.
Eat mustard seed to ensure fertility.
Place Lilacs around your house to rid yourself of unwanted spirits.
Eat Lettuce to drive lustful thoughts from your mind.
Rub a Lettuce leaf over your forehead to help you sleep.
Add Lemon juice to your bathwater for purification.
Eat grapes to increase psychic powers.
Carry a blade of grass to increase your psychic powers.
Smell Dill to get rid of hiccups.
If you place a Dill sachet over your door, those who wish you ill can not enter your home.
Place cotton on an aching tooth, and the pain will ease.
Burn cotton to cause rain.
Place pepper inside a piece of cotton and sew it shut to make a charm to bring back a lost love.
Carry a small onion to protect against venemous animals.
Eat grapes to increase fertility.
Place a sliced onion in the room of an ill person do draw out the sickness.
Place an onion underneath your pillow to have prophetic dreams.
Place morning glory seeds under your bed to cure nightmares.
Walk through the branches of a maple tree to ensure that you will have a long life.
Mix salt and pepper together and scatter it around your house to dispell evil.
Smell peppermint to help you sleep.
Hang a pea pod containing nine peas above the door to draw your future mate to you.
Eat a peach to assist in making a tough decision.
Carry peach wood to lengthen your lifespan.
Carry a walnut to strengthen your heart muscle
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Oil Meanings

Postby Bougainvillea » Tue May 24, 2011 3:07 pm

From: oils-oils-and-more-oils-t16444.html

Attracting Men-Ambergris, Gardenia, Ginger, Jasmine, Lavender, Musk, Neroli, Tonka
Attracting Women-Bay, Civet, Musk, Patchouli, Stephanotis, Vetivert, Violet
Courage-Cedar, Musk, Rose Geranium
Fertility-Musk, Vervain
Friendship-Stephanotis, Sweet Pea
Harmony -Apple Blossom, Sweet Pea, Tuberose
Healing-Carnation, Eucalyptus, Gardenia, Lotus, Myrrh, Narcissus, Rosemary, Sandalwood, Violet
Hex Breaking-Bergamot, Myrrh, Rose Geranium, Rosemary, Rue, Vetivert
Love-Clove, Gardenia, Jasmine, Orris, Plumeria, Rose, Sweet Pea
Luck-Cinnamon, Cypress, Lotus
Lust-Cinnamon, Clove, Musk, Vanilla, Meditation Acacia, Hyacinth, Jasmine, Magnolia, Myrrh, Nutmeg
Mental Ability-Honeysuckle, Lilac, Rosemary
Money-Almond, Bayberry, Bergamot, Honeysuckle, Mint, Patchouly, Pine, Vervain
Peace-Benzoin, Cumin, Gardenia, hyacinth, Magnolia, Rose, Tuberose
Power-Carnation, Rosemary, Vanilla
Protection-Cypress, Myrrh, Patchouly, Rose Geranium, Rosemary, Rue, Violet, Wisteria
Psychic Ability-Acacia, Anise, Cassia, Heliotrope, Lemongrass, Lilac, Mimosa, Nutmeg, Sandalwood, Tuberose
Purification-Acacia, Cinnamon, Clove, Frankincense, Jasmine, Lavender, Myrrh, Olice, Sandalwood
Sleep-Lavender, Narcissus
Spirituality-Heliotrope, Lotus, Magnolia, Sandalwood
Vitality-Allspice, Carnation, Rosemary, Vanilla

Theres more!

Acacia-Meditation, psychic ability, purification
Almond-Aphrodisiac, mainly used as base for other oils
Bay-Attracting women
Benzoin-Increases personal power and activates the mind
Bergamot-Financial gain and protection
Black Pepper-Courage, strength and protection
Camphor-Purification and abstinence
Cardamon-Love and sexuality
Carnation-Power, vitality and healing
Cedar-Spirituality and purification
Chamomile-Bringing peace, meditation, sleep
Cinnamon-Psychic ability, financial gain
Clove-Courage, sexuality and protection
Coriander-Healing and love
Cypress-Consecration, protection, grief
Eucalyptus-Healing and purification
Frankincense-Spirituality and meditation
Ginger-Sexuality, love, courage and financial gain
Jasmine-Love, peace, psychic abilities
Juniper-Protection, purification and healing
Lavender-Peace, love, sleep and healing
Lilac-Harmony, mental powers, psychic ability
Lemon-Healing and purification
Lemongrass-Purification and psychic ability
Lemon Verbena-Love and sexuality
Lime-Purification and protection
Lotus -Meditation, spirituality and healing
Magnolia-Love, meditation and psychic ability
Musk-Courage, fertility, sexuality
Myrrh-Healing, meditation and spirituality
Narcissus-Harmony, healing, sleep
Neroli (Orange Blossom)-Purification, marriage, happiness
Oakmoss-Financial gain
Patchouli-Sexuality, financial gain
Pine-Purification, protection, financial gain, and healing
Rose-Love, peace, beauty, and sexuality
Rose Geranium-Protection and happiness
Rosemary-Healing and love
Rue-Protection, hex breaking
Sandalwood-Spirituality, meditation and healing
Sweet Pea-Friendship, happiness and love
Tangerine-Strength and power
Tonka-Financial Gain
Tuberose-Love and peace
Vanilla-Sexuality, power, vitality
Vetivert-Financial gain
Violet-Protection, attracting women, healing
Wisteria-Protection and grief
Yarrow-Psychic ability, love and courage
Ylang Ylang-Love, sexuality and peace

To not make this post insanely long, I will be adding segments as replies.
A seasoned Green Witch am I, With plant wisdom and magic to share.
A child of the flowers am I, With blossoms budding from my hair.
A friend of the Fairies am I, A crown of leaves and flowers I wear.
A daughter of the Earth am I, Walking Her ways with feet ever bare.
A sister of the waters am I, Flowing wild and free without a care.
At one with the blowing winds am I, Singing softly through the midnight air.
A keeper of the fire am I, Let me kindle your passions if you dare.
Connected in Spirit with You am I, Fused together as one in prayer.

Hoodoo Oil Blends:

All Night Long Oil-Jasmine in Almond oil

Amor Oil-Orange, Cinnamon, Balm of Gilead in Almond

Arabian Nights Oil-Myrrh, Rose, Lilac

Attraction Oil-16 parts Frankincense, 8 parts Sandalwood, 4 parts Myrrh, 8 parts Cinnamon, 4 parts Orris

Caliphs Beloved Oil-Musk, Ambergris, Coriander, Cardamon, Carnation

Cleopatra Love Oil-Balm of Gilead, Musk, Orange, Frankincense

Come to Me Oil-Rose, Jasmine, Gardenia, Lemon

Crucible of Courage Oil-Vanilla, Rose, Lilac, Lavender

Dixie Love Perfume Oil-Patchouli, Cinnamon, Jasmine

Eve Love Oil-Apple Blossom, Rose, Lemon

Fast Luck Oil-Patchouli, Rose, Juniper

French Creole Oil-Used to make your dreams come true. Lilac, Musk, Bay, Lime

House Blessing Oil-Cucumber or Melon, Lavender, Basil, Hyssop

India Bouquet Love Oil-Ginger, Cinnamon, Coriander, Myrrh, Cardamon

Isis Love Oil-Myrrh, Vetivert, Frankincense, Orange, Civit, Myrtle

Joy Oil-Brings happiness and draws opposite sex. Acacia, Carnation, Camellia

King Solomon Oil-Brings wisdom and psychic ability. Solomon Seal, Hyssop, Rose

Lucky Dog Oil-For gambling luck. Vanilla, Cinnamon, Strawberry, Watermelon

Meditation Oil-Sandalwood, Orris, Mastic, Cinnamon

Mint Bouquet Oil-Removes bad spells and attracts positive spirits. Pennyroyal, Mint, Lemon

Nine Mysteries Oil-For overcoming domestic and business troubles or to bless a business. Orange, Violet, Wintergreen

Protection Oil-Vetivert, Galangal, Peppermint, Rue, Cinnamon

Satyr Oil-1/2 part Ambergris, 1/2 part Musk, 1/2 part Civit, part Valerian, 1 drop Cinnamon

Special Favors Oil-For luck and success. Line, Carnation, Gardenia, Wintergreen

Special Perfume Oil-For courage and protection. Gardenia, Jasmine, Orris, Muguet (Lily of the Valley)

Spirits Guide Perfume Oil-Don't wear this one, use it on candles to assist in communicating with the dead. Orange, Lily, Acacia

Three Jacks Oil-For luck while gambling. Galangal, Vetivert, Patchouli, Cardamon

Tiger Perfume Oil-To develop psychic and clairvoyant powers. Wintergreen, Gardenia, Rose, Peppermint, Cinnamon, Bay

Uncrossing Oil-Lemon 1 part, Bay 1/4 part, Rose 1 part, Lily 1 part

Venus Oil-To attract a lover. Jasmine 4 parts, Rose 1 part, Ylang Ylang 3 parts, Civit few drops, Ambergris 1 part, Myrtle or Muguet 1 part

Zorba Perfume Oil-Use to develop psychic powers and clairvoyance. Mastic, Frankincense, Cinnamon, Lavender, Bay

Egyptian Oils
Egyptian Temple Oil

This is an exotic blend especially for use as an anointing oil or as an incense for practitioners of the Egyptian magickal arts.

o Myrrh e.o. (main)
o Frankincense (Main)
o Lotus (Main)
o Mimosa (Minor)
o Ambergris (Minor)

Horus Oil

o Frankincense (Main)
o Myrrh (Main)
o Heliotrope (Main)
o Lotus (Minor)
o Orange (Minor)

Isis Oil

o Myrrh (Main)
o Lemon (Main)
o Frankincense (Minor)
o Muguet (Minor)
o Mimosa( Minor)
o Lotus (Minor)

Nefertiti Oil

o Myrrh (Main)
o Lotus (Main)
o Gardenia (Main)
o Lemon (Minor)
o Muguet (Minor)

Bast Oil

o Ylang Ylang
o Frankincense
o Catnip

Isis Oil

o 5 Drops Camphor
o 7 Drops Hyacinth Oil
o 7 Drops Rose Oil
o 9 Drops Myrrh Oil
o 1 Myrrh Nugget

Isis Oil

o 1/4 Oz. Olive Oil
o 21 Drops Lotus Oil
o 14 Drops Cypress Oil
o 14 Drops Frankincense
o 21 Drops Rose Geranium Oil
o Roses Amethyst

Oil For The Rites Of Isis

o 7 Drops Oil Of Rose
o 2 Drops Oil Of Camphor
o 2 Drops Tincture Of Myrrh
o 3 Drops Oil Of Blue Hyacinth

Blend the oils of rose, camphor, and blue hyacinth during the waxing moon. Bottle and keep till the Moon wanes, and then add the Myrrh.
A seasoned Green Witch am I, With plant wisdom and magic to share.
A child of the flowers am I, With blossoms budding from my hair.
A friend of the Fairies am I, A crown of leaves and flowers I wear.
A daughter of the Earth am I, Walking Her ways with feet ever bare.
A sister of the waters am I, Flowing wild and free without a care.
At one with the blowing winds am I, Singing softly through the midnight air.
A keeper of the fire am I, Let me kindle your passions if you dare.
Connected in Spirit with You am I, Fused together as one in prayer.

Altar Oil-Use to anoint and bless Frankincense, Myrrh, Galangal, Vervain, Lavender

Courage Oil-Use to give yourself added courage Musk, Rose Geranium

Domination Oil-Use to give yourself added strength. Clove oil, olive oil

Far Sight Oil-Use to aid divination Acacia, Cassia, Anise

Fast Money Oil-Use in money spells Mint, Patchouli, Pine, Cinnamon

Fast Money Oil #2-Use in money spells Honeysuckle, Mint, Vervain

Healing Oil-Use to aid healing Sandalwood, Carnation, Rosemary

Healing Oil #2-Use to aid healing Myrrh, Rose, Sage, Eucalyptus, Violet

Initiation Oil-Use in Initiations Frankincense, Myrrh, Sandalwood

Interview Oil-Use to make a good first impression 4 parts Lotus, 3 parts Sweet Pea, 1 part Cedar, 1 part Musk

Love Oil-Use in love spells Bergamot, Lavender, Clove, Musk, Ambergris

Lunar Oil-Use in Esbats Gardenia, Jasmine, Lotus

Moon Oil-Use to summon Moon Goddess Sandalwood, Jasmine, Lemon, Rose

Nymph Oil-To attract men. 3 parts Jasmine, 3 parts Rose, 2 parts Ylang Ylang, 2 parts Gardenia, 2 parts Violet, 1 part Musk, 1 part Lavender

Peace Oil-Use in spells for Serenity Gardenia, Rose, Tuberose

Prophetic Dream Oil-Use to have prophetic dreams Cinnamon 1/2 teaspoon, Nutmeg 1/2 teaspoon, Anise seeds 1 teaspoon in 1/2 c base oil warmed on stove till nearly hot then cooled, strained and bottled.

Protection Oil-Use in protection spells Rosemary, Rose Geranium, Cypress

Psychic Oil-Use it increase psychic awareness Sandalwood, Lilac, Cassia

Purification Oil-May be used as bath oil for a purification bath or worn. Frankincense, Myrrh, Sandalwood, base oil.

Satyr Oil-Wear to attract women. 3 parts Musk, 3 parts Patchouli, 3 parts Civet, 2 parts Ambergris, 2 parts Cinnamon, 1 part Allspice, 1/2 part Carnation

Sleepy Time Oil-Use for a good nights sleep Rose, Mace

Wealth Oil-Use in money spells Patchouli, Cinnamon

Full Moon Oil-4 parts Gardenia, 2 parts Lotus, 1 part Jasmine
Anoint the body prior to Esbats to attune with Lunar energies.


Based on a recipe for burning on charcoal. Particularly useful with love rituals; use with red male figure candle.
What you need:

1 dram (5mL) clean amber or cobalt vial
10 drops benzoin e.o.
10 drops clove e.o.
10 drops vetiver e.o.
10 drops bay e.o.

Add the essential oils to the bottle and swirl them gently in order to get them blended. Add any crystals (make sure they are clean too) and then add your base oil to top the bottle off. I don't use crystals in all my blends but some people add crystals to their magical blends to keep them charged with a specific intention. Make sure to keep the oils stored away from light and write on a sticker or piece of paper to be taped on the name of the blend, time, date, moon phase, planetary hour and any other info you wish so that you know what you made and when for use later. As well, be careful as these blends will eventually go off so use your sniffer and be aware of what the blend should smell like. Once it seems off, you can discard it, clean the bottle and start a fresh! Make sure it is completely clean and if it cannot be completely cleaned, discard and use a fresh one.
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PMS Remedies

Postby Bougainvillea » Tue May 24, 2011 3:09 pm

From: for-girls-only-t4413.html

Massage oil for PMS

30 ml / 2 tsp of Almond Oil
6 drops of Rose Geranium Oil
2 Drops Of Lavender Oil
3 drops of Jasmine Oil

- Mix all the ingrediant Together In a small bottle (if you want to use a fairly big bottle make sure you work out the ingrediants!)

- Use the oils to gently massage your tummy and/or lower back (apparently also effective at relieving breast tenderness or even help growing pains if applied in that area)

- or you can add a few drops into your bath

Remedy For Period Pains

- 10 ml of Indian Brandy (available at pharmacies) in half a glass of hot water and a teaspoonful (not heaped)


- make a mug of peppermint herbal tea (very nice hehe) and add 3 drops of olive bach flower remedy.
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Re: Bougaivillea's Book of Shadows

Postby Bougainvillea » Tue May 24, 2011 3:12 pm

Here are some good affirmations by Janina Renee

"My world is filled with creative opportunities.
I welcome each adventure that comes my way.
I enjoy the day to its fullest.
and meet ever challenge with enthusiasm. I welcome every challenge
as an opportunity to exercise my creativity.
I approach new problems creatively.
and dismiss old guilt with a sense of humor.
I experience the ebb and the flow, I allow life to happen"

Another one:

"My life is suffused with magic.
I live in a world of enchantment.
I am a part of a greater world or wonder.
Every moment carries rewards.
Every moment carries enchantments.
This is a day of magic, a day of wonder,
a day when anything is possible!"


"All channels of good are open to me.
Blessings come to me in unexpected ways,
and unexpected places.
I have the golden touch.
and everything that touches me is golden.
I receive golden gifts,
for I am Lady Fortune's child."

One more:

"I celebrate pleasure,
and open myself to pleasure.
I take pleasure in my body, and in my self.
I take pleasure in being me.
I revel in the flow of life.
I celebrate every life around me.
I am one with the pulse of Creation.
Success is the natural expression
of my enjoyment of life.
My day is filled with pleasurable activity,
and I make my work my pleasure."
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Making Natural Henna Ink

Postby Bougainvillea » Tue May 24, 2011 3:14 pm

From: henna-ink-t15919.html

½ cup of ripe berries (blueberries, cherries, blackberries, strawberries, elderberries, raspberries, etc. it best to pick fresh)
½ teaspoon vinegar
½ teaspoon salt


measuring cups and spoon
wooden spoon
baby food jar


1. Fill the strainer with the berries and hold it over a bowl.

2. Using the rounded back of a wooden spoon, crush the berries against the strainer so that the berry juice strains into the bowl.

3. Keep adding berries until most of their juice has been strained out and only pulp remains.

4. Add the salt and vinegar to the berry juice. The vinegar helps the ink to retain its color and the salt keeps it from getting moldy.

5. If the berry ink is too thick, a tablespoon of water.

6. Store in baby food jar.

7. Only make a small amount of berry ink at a time and when not in use, keep it tightly covered.
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More Chants

Postby Bougainvillea » Wed May 25, 2011 3:34 pm

Morning Prayer to Aphrodite

Hail Mother!
The sun has risen,
Another day has begun.
I wash my face in these new born rays,
And take my first step in the ways of love.

Land Prayer

Grain Goddess,
upon your body I live.
You give to us the gift of life,
and the gift of nourishment.
To you, I offer my love,
my courage and my strength.
So mote it be.

Hail Mother!

Hail Mother,
full of grace,
your people live upon you.
Blessed are all men and women.
And blessed is your womb,
from which all life springs.
Hail Mother!
Goddess of All,
Cradle us within your loving arms,
from birth to death to rebirth.


By the Divinity of Three,
So mote it be!


Faeries of the earthen mounds
Guardians of secrets dear.
By your love commit me here.
To teach the knowledge of the Ancient Ones.
Be ever at my side to light my way.
To guide and teach me both night and day.
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Controlling Little Things

Postby Bougainvillea » Wed May 25, 2011 3:35 pm

Keep a charm or necklace with you at all times. When something is terrible or irritating, rub your charm while commanding in your head for that thing to stop. Rub until you feel its power, while in your head chant what you want until inside you're yelling the command until it stops.
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To Help Others (With Headaches/Pains)

Postby Bougainvillea » Wed May 25, 2011 3:36 pm

Put your hand on the spot where the headache is and generate a powerful feeling of love from your heart, moving it down your arm. Direct it at the spot that aches.
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To Rid of Ghosts

Postby Bougainvillea » Wed May 25, 2011 3:37 pm

Put a saucer of vinegar with pepper in it in the room where you feel its presence.
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Spell to Have No Worries (Written and used by me)

Postby Bougainvillea » Wed May 25, 2011 3:40 pm

You need:
- Paper
- Pen
- Candle (or not. Depends on your preference.)

Before going to bed, write "no worries" in capital letters and underlined on a piece of paper Fold the paper up 3 times. Place the paper to your lips and say, "With this kiss, these words are true. I will be happy rather than blue." Then kiss the folded paper and place it under your pillow.

Personal Results: I've used this several times and it's worked pretty well. This is the first spell I've ever written.
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To Remember A Past Life

Postby Bougainvillea » Wed May 25, 2011 3:44 pm

You need:
- A white candle
- A mirror
- Yourself

Sit in front of the mirror. Turn off all of the lights and light the candle (not necessarily in that order). Set the candle next to the mirror so the light from it can hit your face, but also so you will not see the candle in the mirror. After this is done, look into your eyes and say:

"Oracle of lunar light,
send me now my second sight."

Stare into your eyes and do not blink. Your reflection will dissolve and another will appear. Try to look at the face, body, clothing, and surroundings.

Personal Results: I think I may not have done it correctly. I forgot to move the candle so you couldn't see it in the mirror. I kept looking, and my face got rather scary looking! I was afraid of myself. I stared a few more minutes, then just stopped. I've only tried this once.
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How To See An Aura & Aura Color Meanings

Postby Bougainvillea » Wed May 25, 2011 3:47 pm

1. Meditate first. It clears the mind.
2. When you're just starting off practicing, sit in front of a blank black or white wall and then sit in front of a mirror.
3. Focus on staring on the area between your eyes (your third eye). If you start to feel lightheaded, blink a few times but remain focused.
4. You should start to see an outline of a colored halo around your head (most likely a turquiese color).
5. Look further, and you should see it if you can concentrate hard enough.

Aura Color Meanings

RED AURA COLOR: Relates to the physical body, hart or circulation. The densest color, it creates the most friction. Friction attracts or repels; money worries or obsessions; anger or unforgiveness; anxiety or nervousness

Deep Red: Grounded, realistic, active, strong will-power, survival-oriented.

Muddied red: Anger (repelling)

Clear red: Powerful, energetic, competitive, sexual, passionate

Pink-bright and light: Loving, tender, sensitive, sensual, artistic, affection, purity, compassion; new or revieved romantic relationship. Can indicate clairaudience.

Dark and murky pink: Immature and/or dishonest nature

Orange Red: Confidence, creative power

In a good, bright and pure state, red energy can serve as a healthy ego.

ORANGE AURA COLOR: Relates to reproductive organs and emotions. The color of vitality, vigor, good health and excitement. Lots of energy and stamina, creative, productive, adventurous, courageous, outgoing social nature; currently experiencing stress related to apetites and addictions;

Orange-Yellow: Creative, intelligent, detail oriented, perfectionist, scientific.

YELLOW AURA COLOR: Relates to the spleen and life energy. It is the color of awakening, inspiration, intelligence and action shared, creative, playful, optimistic, easy-going.

Light or pale yellow: Emerging psychic and spiritual awareness; optimism and hopefulness; positive excitement about new ideas.

Bright lemon-yellow: Struggling to maintain power and control in a personal or business relationship; fear of losing control, prestige, respect, and/or power.

Clear gold metallic, shiny and bright: Spiritual energy and power activated and awakened; an inspired person.

Dark brownish yellow or gold: A student, or one who is straining at studying; overly analitical to the point of feeling fatigued or stressed; trying to make up for "lost time" by learning everything all at once.

GREEN AURA COLOR: Relates to heart and lungs. It is a very comfortable, healthy color of nature. When seen in the aura this usually represents growth and balance, and most of all, something that leads to change. Love of people, animals, nature; teacher; social

Bright emerald green: A healer, also a love-centered person

Yellow-Green: Creative with heart, communicative

Dark or muddy forest green: Jealousy, resentment, feeling like a victim of the world; blaming self or others; insecurity and low self-esteem; lack of understanding personal responsibility; sensitive to perceived criticism

Turquoise: Relates to the immune system. Sensitive, compassionate, healer, therapist.

BLU AURA COLOR: Relates to the throat, thyroid. Cool, calm, and collected. Caring, loving, love to help others, sensitive, intuitive.

Soft blue: Peacefulness, clarity and communication; truthful; intuitive

Bright royal blue: Clairvoyant; highly spiritual nature; generous; on the right path; new opportunities are coming

Dark or muddy blue: Fear of the future; fear of self-expression; fear of facing or speaking the truth

INDIGO AURA COLOR: Relates to the third eye, visual and pituitary gland. Intuitive, sensitive, deep feeling.

VIOLET AURA COLOR: Relates to crown, pineal gland and nervous system. The most sensitive and wisest of colors. This is the intuitive color in the aura, and reveals psychic power of attunement with self. Intuitive, visionary, futuristic, idealistic, artistic, magical.

LAVENDER AURA COLOR: Imagination, visionary, daydreamer, etheric.

SILVER AURA COLOR: This is the color of abundance, both spiritual and physical. Lots of bright silver can reflect to plenty of money, and/or awakening of the cosmic mind.

Bright metallic silver: Receptive to new ideas; intuitive; nurturing

Dark and muddy gray: Residue of fear is accumulating in the body, with a potential for health problems, especially if gray clusters seen in specific areas of the body

GOLD AURA COLOR: The color of enlightenment and divine protection. When seen within the aura, it says that the person is being guided by their highest good. It is divine guidance. Protection, wisdom, inner knowledge, spiritual mind, intuitive thinker.

BLACK AURA COLOR: Draws or pulls energy to it and in so doing, transforms it. It captures light and consumes it. Usually indicates long-term unforgiveness (toward others or another) collected in a specific area of the body, which can lead to health problems; also, entitities within a person's aura, chakras, or body; past life hurts; unreleased grief from abortions if it appears in the ovaries

WHITE AURA COLOR: Reflects other energy. A pure state of light. Often represents a new, not yet designated energy in the aura. Spiritual, etheric and non-physical qualities, transcendent, higher dimensions. Purity and truth; angelic qualities.

White sparkles or flashes of white light: angels are nearby; can indicate that the person is pregnant or will be soon

EARTH AURA COLORS: Soil, wood, mineral, plant. These colors display a love of the Earth, of being grounded and is seen in those who live and work on the outdoors....construction, farming, etc. These colors are important and are a good sign.

RAINBOWS: Rainbow-colored stripes, sticking out like sunbeams from the hand, head or body: A Reiki healer, or a starperson (someone who is in the first incarnation on Earth)

PASTELS: A sensitive blend of light and color, more so than basic colors. Shows sensitivity and a need for serenity.

DIRTY BROWN OVERLAY: Holding on to energies. Insecurity.

DIRTY GRAY OVERLY: Blocking energies. Guardedness.

(Color meanings from: http://www.reiki-for-holistic-health.co ... nings.html)
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My Gemstones

Postby Bougainvillea » Wed May 25, 2011 8:15 pm

So I have 5 mini jars with corks and I needed to look up their magical meanings and properties.

Blue Topaz: Tissue regeneration. Strengthens thyroid gland, enhances metabolism. Emotional balance. Cooling, soothing, peace, tranquility. Creativity, self-expression. Enhances psychic perception, communication with Higher Self/Spirit Guides.Color: Pink, green, red, gold, yellow, blue, white, reddish yellow, brown, gray and colorless.

Promotes individuality and creativity, while providing self confidence in your own decisions. Helps to remove doubts about your decisions, and promotes the expression of ideas. Been said to inspire and assist in "Lighting the divine light of imagination".

Topaz acts as a catalytic trigger, and activates the laws of attraction and manifestation of your desires. It helps you to have faith in the universes desire to help you, prompting receptivity and willingness to act. It helps one to creatively change ones personal world.

Silver enhances the effects of topaz, acting as an additional conductor for topazes energy.

Topaz is particularly powerful when combined with Amethyst.

As the topaz activates the laws of attraction and manifestation, the amethyst transforms the energies into spiritual vibrations to produce a soothing, clearing and stabilizing effect. This combination of minerals is quite powerful for people in recovery, and who need help to focus and attract healing energy.

Change: Helpful in correcting unwanted, unloving behavior patterns.

Depression: Acts to replace negativity with love and joyfulness

Spiritual: Helps to initiate faith and further the quest for the enlightened state.

Emotional: Enhances relaxation, crates lightness of spirit, and stimulates feelings of peace


restores loss of taste, healing of wounds and skin eruptions. liver disorders, gal bladder, endocrine glands.

Next, I have Turquoise: Turquoise is one of the oldest protection amulets, and was also known as a symbol of wealth in many ancient cultures.

Strength, protection from harm, psychic sensitivity and connection to the spirit world

If given a turquoise by a loving friend, that stone would protect the wearer from negative energy and bring good fortune. The turquoise is the symbol of friendship. It also brings peace to the home.

This stone is a very personal and meaningful stone to one who wears it. Turquoise takes on the characteristics of the owner.

Turquoise carries great wisdom of basic truth within it. It is one of the oldest stones known. This is a stone that a person must learn to attune to instead of the stone attuning to the person. It is important that the owner of a Turquoise give it the proper attention.
Healing properties of Turquoise

Neutralizes overacidity
Alleviates rheumatism, gout, stomach problems, viral infections
Increases growth, muscular strength
Alleviates pain, relaxes cramps
Contains anti-inflammatory and detoxifying effects
Application: should be worn on the solar plexus

Use with copper to increase the power of turquoise.

Next, we have Rose Quartz
: Your marriage can have more sparkle and fire when you keep a rose quartz under your pillow. You will look younger too.

Rose quartz is known as the love stone. It helps the user feel a strong sense of self-worth, therefore being worth love. Rose quartz is the stone of universal love. It is also the stone of love in marriage. When worn in jewelry the wearer feels a sense of self-worth.
Healing properties of Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz has a gentle vibration of love for the owner. It gives inner peace and helps in all matters pertaining to love in all its forms. Rose Quartz opens the heart to love. It also helps as a rejuvenator to the skin. It is a lovely stone for a young person.

It is said washing the face in water charged by rose quartz will help fade wrinkles and keep the skin young.

Next I have a jar of semi-precious gemstones from around the world, so no specifics.

FINALLY, I have Tree Agate: The bottle says, "Offers strength and protection, considered 'strong medicine'".

Place one of these anywhere that you want to encourage abundance and fullness.

Some of the benefits of tree agate include:

Enhances the health of house plants
Creates a peaceful environment
Deepens your connection to the earth

Be patient when using dendritic agate. It works slowly and takes time to be effective. Use it to encourage a more centered viewpoint in life.
Healing with Tree Agate

Healers use tree agate to align and correct anything with branches (such as blood vessels, nerves, skeletal disorders). Place it on a point of pain for relief.
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