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Book of Shadows Raziel

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Book of Shadows Raziel

Postby SL » Sat Apr 13, 2019 11:45 am

Book of Shadows, collection of notable experiences.

Everything written here is just my experience/opinion.

Planetary hours

Concerning planetary hours take care to look at moment the Sun touches the horizon. Astrology software will provide the most accurate results, I believe.

Note that with a change of each hour the atmosphere, mood slightly changes. Hour or day of Mercury might start with a bird’s chirp.
When hour of Saturn comes, everything becomes silent, a crow might also announce that the hour has started.
Hour of Venus might be announced by a dove.


Day of God, Joy, Gold, Jesus, Children, playfulness

Good for staying on sunshine and enjoying our sunlit Earth.

Good for making present spirits visible.

Take care because Sun might reveal hidden things, also those you wish to keep concealed.


Day of The Goddess, Springs, Water, Silver, Tea, nourishment, dreams

Create/buy things that will nourish you

Enjoy Lunar Sensitivity

Charge Crystals if Lunar phase allows

Get spring water from mounts and hills, or well

Bless water


Day of Mars

It is said by Greek Solomonic tradition that Mars and Saturn are the enemies of mankind as they bring war and death. Take care not to overdo things that concern principles that they govern.

Alcohol, tobacco, drive (to succeed), fast rides, adrenaline, hassles, bursts of anger, rage, initiative (to get out of bed and do stuff)

May be used to give extra courage to overcome obstacles/ break resistance

May work out or exercise but take care not to overdo it, if fire of passion gets too bright it might burn you.

Take care not to engage in wrong sexual engagements/infidelity as this day might use its power to tempt you.

Alcohol and tobacco, if you must, taste better this day. Certainly don’t use them on Monday for Luna and Mars are said to be enemies and I find their incompatibility very correct.

Be careful during true hours of Mars and those of Saturn, especially after sunset.


Day of Mercury

Communication, everything by means of air, flight of the spirits, time for metalworking and other crafts.

Be aware of hours of Saturn and Mars as you might say things you would regret. (Also on their days at hours of Mercury).

Use your tongue, encourage unspoken words to take place. Talk to new people at hour of Jupiter for a favorable outcome.

Make pentacles, talismans, especially those that require geometry during the waxing of the Moon.


Day of Jupiter

Optimistic philosopher, healer, benevolence

Take care to not only receive, but also give benevolence and blessings on this day, or during hours of Jupiter

Hours of Saturn and Mars are less dangerous, but they still are, so take care.


Day of Venus

Love, beauty, music, dance and all Venusian arts, nature

Hour of Luna for a magic concerning love (in a positive way).

Hours of Saturn and Mars may lead to jealousy, obstacles of love, false love, infidelity.

Enjoy nature.


Veil between the worlds is thin

Good time if you happen to be surrounded by good folk, terrible if you have to suffer a presence of evil.

Some advise to do nothing in days and hours of Saturn, but if you only rest, some evil might find its way to strike you so you have to defend.

Be extremely careful during the hours of Mars, true hours of Saturn may be bad, but they might also be suitable for “water divination” as Greeks would say.
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Re: Book of Shadows Raziel

Postby SL » Sat Apr 13, 2019 3:30 pm

Zeus/Jupiter was said to rule also by thunder in Greek myths. Mercury is often associated with Hermes, the one that certainly could be called father of Hermetism. Yeah, there's a lot to discover in this field. The Gods ruling over Nordic lands might as well be different by nature. Once I thought that Nordic, Slavic, Greek and other pantheons were all about same spirits but now I wouldn't trust that.

In Hebrew/Greek legacy ruling days stayed in their names in Italian, derived closely from Latin, which followed Greek and Hebrew in many things.
In Italian days are called like this:

Domenica (Day of the Lord) Sunday

They don't even need translation as planetary reference is evident.
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Re: Book of Shadows Raziel

Postby SL » Sat Apr 13, 2019 6:07 pm

It is great to find some diversity on this subject.

What would then be the nature of these days, by the ways of the Norse?
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Re: Book of Shadows Raziel

Postby SL » Thu Aug 08, 2019 10:36 am

Musical correspondences

Earth: Daemonia Nymphe - Thracian Gaia ; Men with deep voices
Moon: Blackmore's night - Under the Violet Moon ; Secret Garden - Nocturne
Mercury: Songs with flutes
Venus: Sinead O‘Connor – Her Mantle so Green ; Blackmore's night - Ghost of a Rose
Mars: Chuno OST Gloomy 30's ; Marching music, War songs
Sun: Pachelbel's Cannon in D ... fills heart with warmth and aligns it with Spirit
Neptune: Camel - Mirage (whole cd)
Pluto: Prince - Joy in repetition ; Daemonia Nymphe - Hades
Black Moon: Layil Schoolwave 2009 (song is called Stop looking at me(without seeing)) ; DDT - Belaja Noch
Daemonia Nymphe - Nocturnal Hecate

Friend called it 70's LSD trip but in fact it's from 2009: The Machine - Moons of Neptune
When Waning Moon's getting thin: Iron Maiden - Reincarnation of Benjamin Breeg (best at Saturday's night)
When you want to say **** *** to commoners but you can't: Bruce Dickinson - The Alchemist

Pisces: Enrico Caruso
Aquarius: Loreena McKennitt - Caravanserai ; Fabrizio de André - Nella mia ora di liberta (english translation available)
Capricorn: Rammstein and other intense death/dark-related music ; Alannah Myles
Taurus/Sagittarius: DDT - Chernyi pes Peterbugh
Libra/Gemini: Florence and the Machine
Libra: Bruce Springsteen ; Luciano Pavarotti
Leo: Bruno Pelletier ; Alison Krauss ; Kate Bush
Taurus: Blackmore’s Night
Aries/Pisces: Celine Dion
Water: Eleni Tsaligopoulou
and so on, just examine the chart of the artist who writes songs in the given band.

The Craft


Grimoire – Derived from „grammar“ so the challenge is to reach beyond correspondence tables and get a grasp on how the language of the hidden works
Books of Shadows – it is considered that whatever magical effect happens in this world is merely a shadow of a being from some other world that it casts upon this (weaker) realm. It is thence recommended to keep good relations with the spirits.

Casting the Circle

With Athame in hand

make a virtual circle starting North, East… if possible make a real circle of chalk, salt, sacred water and whatever you consider suitable.

As you return North I seal double, with elements for the Goddess and Angels for the God.
The elemental correspondences vary upon location on Earth. Observance of winds is a hint. Ours is such: Cold – Earth, North ; Dry – Air, East, Hot – Fire, South ; Rains – water, wet

So to North I start like this. I call upon the Elemental Earth to come forth and empower this circle. (Envision a bull)
I call upon Archangel Uriel to come forth and seal the North and/or to ignite the light of our souls.

East: I call upon the Elemental Air to come forth and enliven this circle. (Imagine an Eagle)
I call upon Archangel Raphael to come forth and seal the East and/or to heal our souls on all possible levels.

South: I call upon the Elemental Fire to come forth and warm up this circle. (Visualize a Lion)
I call upon Archangel Michael to come forth and seal the South and/or to protect us from all psychic attacks.

Water: I call upon the Elemental Water to come forth and cleanse this circle. (Visualize a Dolphin)
I call upon Archangel Gabriel to come forth and seal the West and/or to cleanse our emotions and fluids.

Returning North I look with Athame in hand down below my feet. I call upon Archangel Sandalphon to come forth and seal the Below and/or to connect us with the Earth and to convey our prayers to the Goddess and the God.

To middle I call a personal Angel.

Facing the sky I say: I call upon Archangel Metatron (or is it Mithraton?) to come forth and seal the Above and/or to bring us the Celestial Wisdom.

Then facing North I make a sign of infinity, Goddess sign at her side (triple Moon) God sign at his side (astrological Taurus sign representing the Horned God) and I say “In the presence of the Goddess and The God, we stand between the worlds with love and power all around!”

This being done, there is already a considerable amount of energy in the Athame. It can be transferred to empower a candle, bless a statue and the similar.

If Sunday I might call Jesus to preside over the ritual, if friendly stars on the sky I may call upon them to preside over the ritual.

I you do this outside your house at the right spot, energy is much stronger. Look for suitable places and times to call suitable spirits to raise energy and send it to do whatever you wish to be done.

I dismiss the circle everywhere but I keep it at home to remain protected.
I dismiss going North, West… North And I bid farewell to the invited and send them my blessings.
At the very end I even stomp the ground with my foot and say: “It is done! The circle is cleared.” I touch the ground with Athame while saying this.

I used a lot of info on this from Ann Moura’s Grimoire for the Green Witch. She offers some depth on her magical correspondences so it is a good book.

I am too lazy to decipher the sealings for the cross-quarters of NE, SE, SW, NW from the Solomonic books … do you have any suggestions on how to seal them?

Feng-shuej sectors

Mind the sectors, they make the craft a real hardcore, everything you put in your house affects these areas including litter and ordinary stuff you simply have to put somewhere.

Candle magic

Cast the circle, cleanse the candle with sacred water, anoint with suitable oil.
Engrave into candle with Athame (if your ceremonial dagger isn’t sharp, use another for this purpose).


Red candle – engrave Sigel rune few times and whatever you consider suitable and put it in the middle sector of the house. I rarely do this because as candle burns wax is liquid red and in the grammar of the occult, this associates with blood so then I often get cut and bleed.

Sun God

Yellow, sometimes orange candle.

Engrave into candle signs of Sun, Solar Cross… mere drawing of a Sun, Sigel runes, words like “Solar God”. This offers great protection against many astral harassments for “they are creatures of the night, ashamed during the daylight”.


White candles during Waxing and Full Moon do wonders. Engrave with Moon and Goddess related words and symbols.

Black Candles

If you store them too long unprotected, they absorb negativity and release it into your space in first stages of the burning.


Engrave into candle a serpent wrapped all around it from bottom to the top. Write into Serpent’s body this: “Transforming fire, destroy all evil,” for it is an ancient Germanic serpent that transforms evil as he burns. I write in free space of candle some things for protection to make sure a black candle won’t get corrupted.

Commune with the dead

Engrave name of the dead being to summon her.
Best at Saturdays, Dark Moon, Samhain.
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