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Bizarre death museum dream

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Bizarre death museum dream

Postby GroundedDancer » Mon Oct 29, 2018 4:32 pm

I had a really bizarre dream that involved my visiting a sort of death museum? It was really like a cemetery in museum form. I say this because it was like a store/museum of objects that belonged to dead people. I guess it could be considered an antique store, but this felt wayyyyyyyy different from that. The mood was much more serious. I was moving with purpose around the area searching for a specific something that I was going to take home. I was looking for someone in these objects, though I really don't think I knew who. I was going off instinct.

That dream was followed up by one right after of me traveling, and while traveling, I decided that it would be beneficial to peel the skin from my hands. I literally started de-skinning my right hand until it was just a plump mound of tissue and muscle. I was halfway done with the left hand when I realized that it felt unconformable and that having no skin on my hand was making it sting. I tried dousing the stinging and discomfort by putting my hands underwater but it didn't do much.

I heard that right now everyone is getting strange dreams thanks to the thinning of the veil as Samhain comes around, but I seem to get these sorts of dreams often now that I've begun to notice them. The peeled skin one was the one that made me most uncomfortable.
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