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Birds, Lady Bugs, and other Omens

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Birds, Lady Bugs, and other Omens

Postby Kappa Zombie Girl » Sat Mar 20, 2010 10:36 pm

In December, my great grandmother died. Before she did, my mother saw a crow land in front of her car. Later my Grandmother was sick and in the hospital. Crows were all over the parking lot it seemed like, but there were Lady Bugs in my Grandmother's hospital room. Later when I went downstairs I noticed a grieving family in the main waiting room. After going back up to my Grandmother's room I looked out her window to see a woman crying and having to be comforted. Before that though, each time we took my Grandmother out of town to get her radiation I kept seeing a falcon on the power lines. Not always in the same place, but at least one every day and once one in a tree. Her health was becoming worse and worse each time we went to get her radiation treatments. She finally decided to quit going after the before mentioned hospital visit. When my Grandma went to the hospital after breaking her hip, there were no Lady Bugs in her room, but a few in the waiting room. No crows in the parking lot or anything bad like that. Recently when we took my Grandma out of town for her bone doctor visit, I saw a falcon, a crow in a yard, and a turkey. That Saturday my boyfriend and I saw a lot of black birds in my yard. That following Sunday everyone thought she was going to die, even her, but she pulled through. Today I found a dead robin next to my mother's carport. My boyfriend was visiting and got a sudden bad feeling and said he thought that I needed to keep a close eye on Grandma this week end. Then while ago he text me to tell me a black dog passed in front of his car as he was on the way home. I just need some opinions on what may or may not be omens that my Grandmother might not make it through the weekend.
Kappa Zombie Girl

Postby shadowx » Sun Mar 21, 2010 7:07 am

Personally i think you are taking this way, way too far!!

Black birds land in gardens,. black birds land in front of cars. Cats kill robins and leave them near houses, ladybirds (ladybugs for the American perversion of the term) go inside warm places, especially where there may be flowers (hospitals do have flowers a fair bit of the time)

Remember that each animal has its own mind, just like you they can decide to fly somewhere, or not. They arent guided and forced by some higher power so personally i dont think animals can be omens as such. Some can sense when people are ill etc... yes, but not wild animals, and even if they did know they wouldnt care. They are wild animals, even in their souls they are wild animals.

I could be wrong, but thats my personal opinion.
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Postby Kappa Zombie Girl » Sun Mar 21, 2010 1:03 pm

Thank you. That's really what I needed to hear. That I'm just paranoid and reading too much into things. Thank you. ^_^
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