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Bind it to a tree

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Bind it to a tree

Postby L.J.Hex » Mon Dec 03, 2018 8:14 am

I started another topic asking for help for a banishment/bind and I thought to post this simple bind spell for you to try. I have done the freezer bind few times when there has been a troublesome person who I don't want to cause me any trouble and it has worked like a charm. (Pun intended. :mrgreen: ) My own variation to it has been to throw the piece of paper with the bind later to a river or bury it in the forest somewhere and to make it as casual as throwing out the garbage. So far every time I've performed this spell, it has worked, as if by a coincidence. :roll:

I thought out a variation to the same idea as freezer bind, but this one is easier, sort of fire and forget type of spell where nature itself will take care of undoing the bind with time. Depending on how you do it, the bind may last for a long time...

For this spell you need a piece of paper, a pen, small biodegradable pouch or piece of cloth and some rope. Additionally you can also use candle and salt to boost the effect. Perform this spell during waning or dark moon.

1. Write your spell with your will on the paper, I don't give you exact words on how to do this as I tend to improvise and I suggest you to do the same. Or just use your favourite binding words to make it. First you should meditate to clear your mind and strengthen your intent, when you feel concentrated enough, write down who or what you are binding and for what reason, I tend to read the spell out loud three or seven times while writing it and I some times I also write it 3, 5 or 7 times. Use your imagination and previous experience on this.

2. Fold the paper as small as it gets and put it to the pouch or fold it inside the piece of cloth.

3. tie the pouch with the rope you have, as tight as it gets and with a decent knot. Make it as hard to open as possible.

4. Light the candle and place the pouch next to and encircle them with the salt. You can still keep meditating on your will and chant the spell to enforce it as much as you you think is necessary. This part is up to you if you want to do it or not, I suggest going for it.

5. Take the pouch to a forest, preferably to some place far from your favourite spots, more remote the better, maybe in a place where trees rot and fall in place, perhaps to a swampy area. Tie the pouch with rope on a tree as high as you can in a place out of sight of any people. You can either chant the spell once more or do this in very casual manner.

6. Forget about the spell, clear your mind and move on. Time and weather will do the work for you from this point on. The bind will be released when the pouch with your spell falls apart. If you want this bind to be very long lasting, use sturdy, but biodegradable materials which last for ages so the bind is in effect as long as the tree you tied it on keeps standing.

So there you have it, if you go out and try it, I would really like to hear how it has worked for you. :flyingwitch:
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