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I'm a beginner

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I'm a beginner

Postby SkazorOrion » Mon Jun 24, 2013 4:18 pm

Hello witches and wizards, I'm a total beginner to witchcraft and I have some questions... :)
What's the difference between a ritual and casting a spell? Do they work if you whisper?
What do I need to perform a ritual? I saw some videos on youtube and they seem very complicated
Is there any youtube channel that focus more on teaching witchcraft instead of showing off?
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Re: Im a beginner

Postby Xiao Rong » Mon Jun 24, 2013 5:37 pm

My understanding is that spells and rituals primarily differ in purpose. Spells are intended as sort of a one-time thing (such as a spell to banish anger, or to attract love, etc.) Rituals are meant to commemorate or mark some kind of important event; this could mean anything from celebrating winter solstice, or mourning someone's death, or even just making a wish and blowing out candles on your birthday. Both can evoke magical transformation of some kind.

At least in my book, whispering will work fine, if it's a private ritual ... rituals for two or more people might require you to speak up, for more practical reasons (for the same reason you would not want the minister at a wedding to whisper!)

How much you need for a ritual is (generally) a matter of personal preference. Some people like to have a lot of bells and whistles, so to speak (sometimes with literal bells!), but they can be equally powerful if you don't use very much - you'll just need to be creative. One of the most powerful rituals I have ever done involved nothing more than a match, a candle, and a sheet of paper. (I fall more within the latter camp)

I don't do much by way of Youtube channels, but there are tons of people who are absolutely phenomenal and amazing on this forum who can answer any questions you might have ; )
~ Xiao Rong ~ 小蓉 ~ Little Lotus ~
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Re: Im a beginner

Postby scaravich » Fri Jun 28, 2013 4:41 am

Hello :) I pretty much am on the same feeling as Xiao Rong but I'll explain quickly what it means to me :)

Difference between ritual and spell: To me, this is kind of hard to explain. I think they are definitely different things. Spell is the actual intent and the magic that is being cast. Ritual is a performance that may or may not surround a spell... I think part of what makes it a ritual is that there are parts of it that are the same every time... they are not specific to the individual spell. The part that is different is the spell I guess. I don't know, I don't really think what I'm saying is making sense... I mean, it makes sense to me, but I don't think it's coming through lol.

Whispering: Yes, of course! They work if you say absolutely nothing at all. You can also shout if you want. I feel it helps when you speak, but it's not necessary. Try writing, too :)

What you need: A plan, an understnading of the energies around you, and yourself :) That's it. Like was said, you can add all kinds of tools and this and that, and it can help you, but in the end all you need is yourself and your mind.

My favorite youtube "teachers" are this woman: http://www.youtube.com/user/fleurdelacour5787
And this guy: http://www.youtube.com/user/OneWiccanHighPriest

I don't agree with either of them completely. In fact, I disagree with many things they say. But I think that's part of the craft anyway... is that everyone has their own way and belief. But I feel they're both genuine and wanting to help and teach others. The first is an advocate of new ideas and thought systems, and the second is an initiated traditionalist... I think there's a lot to be learned from both.

I really don't do youtube all that much, but I've run across these two and absolutely adore them. I think I've watched almost all of their videos by now haha :)
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Re: Im a beginner

Postby Kassandra » Fri Jun 28, 2013 1:29 pm


Hey SkanzorOrion, welcome to the board.

About Rituals and Spells
Rituals, hmm. Well, there are cyclical ones, like what some call, "sabbats" and "esbats." This is probably your easiest place to start, since they come regularly. When you think about it the civic holidays, and the personal rites of passage that we all undergo, like graduations, marriages, birthdays, funerals, etc....those are actually types of rituals, as well. Pledging allegiance to the flag is a kind of ritual, and some might say reciting the words are a type of spell.

Spells, in general, to me, are specific energy workings designed to create specific results. So, you could incorporate a spell (or several spells) within a ritual. But you don't necessarily have to do a ritual in order to do a spell. Yes, I think you could even whisper a spell under your breath, and it could still be effective. And I agree with scaravich, writing it can be powerful, too. Even a single symbol, like a sigil, can "contain" a spell in it. A crystal can be programmed with a spell ("programming" or "charging" are just terms for "molding" energy according to your will), and objects programmed or charged might be considered "enchanted." People under the influence of a spell might also be considered "enchanted" (it's even become a cliche in mundane terms: "I was enchanted by her beauty," etc.).

A good place for you to start might be by celebra-
ting the seasons
. Fun with like-minded souls, mean-
ingful rituals, good food ...what's there not to love?

A Womb of Spirituality Would Be Nice, But...
I believe the best way to learn more formal ritual is within a safe, nurturing group of experienced people (study group, church, coven, whatever they call themselves) --and good luck finding that. Firebirdflys, the Moderator who commented above, seems to have found a really great group, but such are few and far between, trust me. The good thing about working with a (good) group is that it adds a structure to your practice. There are experienced people you could observe and emulate. If they're a friendly group, you could ask technical and spiritual questions, and grow by leaps and bounds. Plus, there is a synergy that is built up in group activities that is unique and powerful. But, like I said, good luck finding such an environment, "needle in a haystack" and all that. It would be nice, though.

As far as this message board, it is very ecclectic. Everybody is not just Wiccan here (and even within the Wiccan community itself, you will find many differences in approach and belief - see video Different Types of Wicca). So, there are no "set" rituals that "everyone" does...and that's a good thing, because we all learn from and inspire each other! As you see, we are helpful and enthusiastic.

But that also means, ultimately you have to decide for yourself what the "basics" are, based on the path you choose to walk. That path will reveal itself to you over time as you stay true to yourself. If anyone says, "These ARE the basics, period," they are speaking to you from the perspective of THEIR path, not from some ubiquitous, universal spiritual path in the sky somewhere, Wiccan or otherwise ...that just doesn't exist. In the end, I think, it's best not to look for any hand-holding, but to hold your own hand.

First thing that comes in mind when a lot of people
think of covens is this. But no, all witches don't dance
around naked under the moon (unless, they want to...).

I have had many people tell me their coven experiences
were deeply rewarding and unforgettable, where res-
pect and generosity were enjoyed. Others have told me
some horror stories of soap operas and jealousy. Guess
it all depends on the group.

Just Do It!
So, along those lines, I think the second best way to learn is to take Nike's old ad slogan approach: Just Do It! Many people practice "solitary" and are quite happy with that. Don't try to left-brain this thing to death. Don't feel you have to "decide" this early in the game. Work some energy in your life first, i.e., do a few spells, try different approaches, then decide which path is right for you and get more serious from there. Again, an easy place to start is with sabbats and esbats --try different celebration styles.

Then later, to narrow things down more, Examine your life. Ask yourself, "What are my personal needs right now? Base your choice of rituals and spells on what you need to happen in your life, then make it happen! This is actually the fun part! This is the real magic, the alchemy. A lot of people visit this board only looking for a "love spell," or some way to get "vengeance" on someone else, etc., a sadly narrow-minded approach to magic, in my opinion. Isn't there so much more to life than obsessing, or sucking on sour grapes? I think so. :o

Look for areas in your life you would like to improve or otherwise change, for example...

* Is there a relationship you'd like to improve? (this could be a love relationship, or an employment issue with a co-worker, a schism you'd like to heal with a relative, or a better relationship with yourself, etc.)
* Is there a relationship you'd like to end? (sometimes, we need a boost to leave a relationship that we've gotten accustomed to out of habit, or we're fearful to leave it, etc.)
* Is there some goal you have, but are experiencing a block that needs to be removed?
* Is there a habit you'd like to end, or some other personal change you would like to effect?
* Is there insight into a certain topic you'd like to gain, and you desire to open the door of your understanding?
* Is there a death of someone, or some other life transition, that you need to further process mentally and emotionally? (for example, here's a simple ritual for dealing with a death: Samhain Ritual for a Friend's Passing)

There are spells and rituals to address all of the above, and much more.

Working on Behalf of Others
Also, ask yourself what your loved ones need. Are there people you care about who are struggling and could use your magical help right now, could they use the "boost"? This is a more advanced question to ask yourself, because you haven't gotten grounded in your own path yet. But still, keep it in the back of your mind, because as you learn to master working with energy, your natural sense of caring for other people will kick in and you will want to use your abilities to help them. Note that there is a standing debate among all energy workers as to whether or not one should obtain permission first before doing energy work on behalf of someone else, so that is something else you have to decide for yourself (we have a discussion thread about that here: healings-without-permission-t18658.html).

And if you feel so moved, don't just wait for "Earth Day" to do rituals to help the Earth (hey, at least you don't have to ask her permission to work on her behalf :wink: ). There is so much war and pollution and fear and tragedy here --she could use all the help she could get! Why not tip the balance of the Earth's energetic scale toward love, peace, healing, beauty and enlightenment any chance you get? After all, your children will inherit this planet when you're gone (scary thought, I know). Why not try to make it the best it could be? In Asia there's a saying, "One grain of rice could tip the scale," so your energy work on the Earth's behalf might make a big difference (or did I get that saying from a Mulan cartoon? ...after all, I thought this was a "real" saying, but Holdasown informed me it is just a movie script, hehe).

Places to Look on EUTM
Once you've assessed what you want done in your life, then look for rituals and spells that will meet your needs. As far as Everything Under the Moon (EUTM) goes, here are some places you might look (but don't limit your search by this):

* The main website has a ton of spells
* You could thumb through the "Post a Ritual or Spell" forum
* You could thumb through some of the many Books of Shadows posted here. There are some great rituals people have posted in there.
* Post a question in the forums, and maybe someone will suggest a ritual (but again, first spend some time thinking about what your personal needs are). Remember, everyone speaks from their own path, which might not resonate with you, so be flexible when requesting responses
* Do a keyword search with the search feature
* Some tips: Thirteen Steps for Successful Spellcasting

You can make secular holidays special, as well, by using your imagination to incorporate magical aspects into them. All the so-called "Christian holidays" are excellent for that, since they all have pagan origins anyway (research any of them, and you'll see). This is good if you have to stay on the down-low in your household because they are against paganism or witchcraft of any sort (some people have to stay in the broom closet out of necessity).

Or at your birthday, you could celebrate by doing a ritual of "renewal," or "rebirth"...what do you want to give birth to in your life going forward? etc. Focus the ritual on that theme. Or, on your birthday you could set up an ancestral altar, with pictures of them. flowers, cake and whatnot. You could have a ritual meal with them, then do a reading (if you're handy with divination tools, or naturally mediumistic) and ask them what advice or insight they have for you about your life. Then, close out the ritual and thank them.

These are just a few ideas to get you started and/or inspired.

:fairy: bling ~ Have a magical day, now ~

Ask Kassandra
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Re: Im a beginner

Postby Lillady » Sun Jun 30, 2013 12:27 am

To me, a ritual is something you do on a day of important event. For instance June 23 we observed the Super Moon and I chanted to her thanking her for her beauty and all she does. Gave thanks to the God(s) and Goddess(es) as well. I also charged my crystals. I do this every full and super moon.

Casting a spell is when you chant, to ask for help from the elements to improve a situation. For instance, let's say I am studying for an exam and am nervous that I may not make a good grade. I would hold one of my crystals such as coral because it helps in good luck and meditate, asking my Deity and calling upon the elements that I pass the exam with a good grade. There are various ways to cast spells and depending on how you do so is up to you as that is your choice.

Whispering is useful especially if you are in a situation where you cannot speak aloud. Writing works to, it tends to help bring better focus on the goal. I have found that just speaking normally, and sometimes in a sing-song type voice works well depending on what I am needing accomplished.
I hope all of our advice and information has helped you Blessed Be!
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Re: I'm a beginner

Postby pinkpink13 » Sat Jan 25, 2014 3:26 am

I am a beginner to. None of my friends Are Into this . Can anyone message me and talk to me about it ? Would be great thanks
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Re: I'm a beginner

Postby Lillady » Sun Jan 26, 2014 6:15 pm

I sent you a message pink :)
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Re: I'm a beginner

Postby Echo_of_shadows » Sun Jan 26, 2014 11:50 pm

Hi, pinkpink13. Welcome to the forum. If you think of any specific question you want answered, fell free to ask any of us in the appropriate forums. Don't forget to drop by the "Member Profiles & Introductions" to let us know a bit about yourself. :)
Bright Blessings,
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Re: I'm a beginner

Postby loona wynd » Sat Feb 08, 2014 9:35 pm

SkazorOrion wrote:Hello witches and wizards, I'm a total beginner to witchcraft and I have some questions... :)
Ask away. This is the forum to do that.
SkazorOrion wrote:What's the difference between a ritual and casting a spell?
It depends on the practice. In many practices spells are a type of ritual. Here these people worship their Gods and work magic at the same time. This is where spells that are done in the name of or in aid of are done. Typically a full formal circle is cast with an invocation or evocation for the petition and God or Goddess involved in the ritual. Then the magical actions or body of the spell is performed. The deity is thanks and the circle released.

In my own practice spells are not so ritualized. A spell for me is a series of magical actions or statements done in various orders in order to raise, program, and direct energy towards a specific outcome or desire. I don't call on deities in most of my spell work. In this case I may have a chant that I repeat over and over again with candles burned, herbs crushed and other actions performed. I do these actions and direct the energy raised to my desire. That is a spell.

A ritual for me is one where there is much more ceremony involved. Most of my rituals are places where worship is actively engaged. Here there is a creation of sacred space, a calling to the deity a working done. There is an offering given and a closing prayer. The Gods are thanked for coming and the circle is then released. That is a sample ritual with out all the direct instructions.

I have a ritual that I do for Reiki sessions. In this ritual I call upon healing guides and guardians for myself and my client or the person receiving the treatment (only my family and friends at this point in time I only have my first degree attunement so I can't treat anyt one else). Still there is an invocation of power involved. I guess when it gets down to it that would be the difference in my view. The structure and the use of deities and spirit invocations or evocations rather than energy work directly.
SkazorOrion wrote: Do they work if you whisper?
Yes. They can work if you whisper. They can work with out words but with visualization and energy work only. There are as many ways of working spells, magic, and rituals as there are people to perform them. You need to be creative and find your way of doing things.
SkazorOrion wrote:What do I need to perform a ritual? I saw some videos on youtube and they seem very complicated
All you really need to perform ritual is yourself and your body. If you are giving and offering you need a plate for the offering and maybe a glass for the offering depending on what the offering is. Candles, incense, wands,athames, masks, ect these tools while powerful and useful are just tools and aids in spells and rituals. The first circle I ever cast was just my hand and my words. If you can see the circle in your mind and can see the God and Goddess in your mind when you call them then you can perform ritual with no tools.

That being said there are some traditions and styles that have rituals that require specific tolls and uses. If you become a member of those traditions or styles you will learn from them what you need to perform their rituals. They may ask you to gather them slowly over time but they will instruct you on their use. If you stay solitary you can pick and chose which tools you want to use.
SkazorOrion wrote:Is there any youtube channel that focus more on teaching witchcraft instead of showing off?
I think that Witchschool has their own you tube channel. Why are you using you tube? Have you looked at books or websites yet?
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Re: I'm a beginner

Postby Clairsentient_Wolf » Mon Aug 10, 2015 2:47 pm

I love all of your responses, guys. I'm a beginner to this as well. I'm not much of a spell caster I don't think. I have no interest in making people fall in love with me or all of a sudden seeing $3 million in my bank account.

Rituals? I'm all in. I would much rather make the earth an easier place to live for everyone (just an example) than to cast one spell for myself. I feel that I have everything I want and need for right now. I am struggling with money problems but this is the US (for me anyway haha) and our money is worth less than the money that comes with Monopoly board games. That doesn't mean that I would want to cast a spell to earn me more money - I feel that there may be too many factors beyond my control that are in charge of my paycheck.

Please someone tell me if I have that messed up or something.
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